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DudeYouPodcast: Episode 42 – The One Where Daniel Palmer Impersonates Bane

Podcast 2


Daniel Palmer (@dpalm66) is joined by Jason Smith (@JasonIsASmith) to discuss criticisms of Johnny Manziel, Lebron James’ mask and opening day as a holiday. At the 11:45 mark Palmer does a Bane impression. It’s worth waiting for.

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DudeYouPodcast: Recapping National Signing Day, Remembering the Super Bowl, Talking NBA and Hyping the Olympics

In Episode 36, Andrew Hall @DudeYouCrazy) and Daniel Palmer (@dpalm66) recap the week in sports including:

  • National Signing Day
  • the Super Bowl
  • An NBA Disaster
  • The New NBA Dunk Contest Format
  • The Olympics


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Sports Nirvana + Fantasy Football + Week 16 NFL Picks

I know all my faithful readers (?) were heartbroken about missing my picks last week, but let’s be honest: if you’ve been following my NFL picks this year, me not posting probably saved you money. Well, I’m back now and ready to help us all recognize the most wonderful (sports) time of the year. Annually, we bemoan the dog days of summer as the nadir of the sports calander, but far too rare is it to recognize that December for the high point it is.

Firstly, it’s December, which means gratuitous days off work and holiday parties; the best way I’ve heard it put is that December is the Friday of months, a point with which I could not agree more. Athletically, we get to watch the end of college football which brings the rivalry games, all culminating in Championship weekend, and then we get Bowl Season (requisite DYC Bowl Challenge plug!) which gives match ups we wouldn’t normally get to see. Over in the NFL, the race for the playoffs is in full swing, as teams lobby not only to get in, but compete for favorable seeding. The NBA is off and running, dropping nightly dimes that will continue to ruin nights out planned during the week. College basketball is happening, I guess. Though, this year I have found myself watching these amazing (and they are amazing) freshmen more than I would readily admit. Hell, the MLB even schedules free agency around now, if you’re into that sort of thing. These are truly the best times to be a sports fan, and the fact that it’s cold outside just gives you more of an excuse to park yourself in front of the TV with your drink of choice, and soak it all in.

Monday night, Justin Tucker kicked his team to a victory, and himself into Fantasy Football Valhalla, not only by the amazing number of points he scored, but also by openly acknowledging those who had him on their Fantasy teams after the game.


I know the first rule of blogging about Fantasy Football is that no one cares about your team, but please believe me, if I had this guy on my team, that might have been all I wrote about this week. As such, I weep for anyone who ran into the buzzsaw that was Justin Tucker last week, as we should all be at or near the Championship for your league.

Dude's Note: Who got a win from Justin Tucker in a for-pay fantasy league?  THIS GUY! Trailing by 13.35 points with only Tucker left to play, I needed a big game.  I GOT A MONSTER.

Dude’s Note: Who got a win from Justin Tucker in a for-pay fantasy league? THIS GUY! Trailing by 13.35 points with only Tucker left to play, I needed a big game. I GOT A MONSTER.


A quick note on fair play: when organizing your league and setting up the two-week per round playoffs (single week is for psychopaths), organize it so that Week 17 and teams resting their players won’t swing a championship. It’s easy to organize, and most importantly, it’s the right thing to do.

Last things last, picks. As always, home teams are in bold.

Dolphins (-3) over Bills

Miami continues it’s unlikely run to the playoffs at the expense of a Bills team helmed by the inconsistent EJ Manuel. After turning in the worst performance of his young career against the Bucs, he accounted for 3 touchdowns in last week’s win over the Jags. The Phins just beat the Patriots. Sorry Buffalo/Toronto.

Bengals (-7) over Vikings

Minnesota is getting Peterson back, but they still have Cassel under center this week. Bengals are playing to solidify playoff seeding, so look for them to step up at home. Note to the new Bengals punter: head on a swivel my man. Head on a swivel.

NFL Says Hit On Bengals Punter Was Illegal

Chiefs (-7) over Colts

My crystal ball (not an actual crystal ball) says that while Charles and company don’t do what they done did last week, they still win over an Indianapolis team that has struggled to find a consistent identity since losing Reggie Wayne. Yeah, they are going to win their division, but when the opposition is the Jags, Texans, and Titans, isn’t ‘winning’ the division just a result of being the least worst? That, and not having to start Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Rams (-6) over Buccaneers

So…Greg Schiano could have shut us all up, and probably saved his job with a win, or even a competent showing, against the Niners last week. Unfortunately for him, they got mollywopped, and he’ll be a college coordinator next year. Fortunately for all of us, we get to bet against Tampa Bay on the road twice to end the season. IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!

Browns (+2.5) over Jets

Should the Jets be favored over anyone at this point? Even at home? The saddest part is that this defense has been outstanding, and a lot of fun to watch this year. If you like a tough front four that stifles the run, and destroys quarterbacks, tune in to this one. That is, if you can supersim (Madden!) past the Jets on offense.

Cowboys (-3) over Washington Professional Football Team

They have to win, just so Romo can Romo away the playoffs next week against the Eagles.

Panthers (-3) over Saints

Speaking of terrifying, young defensive fronts, Carolina come on down! What’s that? They’re also in the Falcons division? Fantastic. New Orleans hasn’t been good on the road all year Drew Brees era, and that is especially when they have to go outdoors in December/January.

Jaguars (+5.5) over Titans

Can we flex this game to never?

Broncos (-10.5) over Texans

Wait. Peyton Manning with passing records in sight, indoors, with playoff seeding on the line, and after a week of people second guessing him after a sub-par performance in on one of the League’s classic sloppy Thursday night debacles? The line can’t be high enough.

Lions (-9) over Giants

Detroit proves week in and week out that they are just not mature enough of a football team to be trusted not to shoot themselves in the foot. But, the masters of self-sabatoge are coming to the D, and they’re bringing Eli Manning’s astonishing 25 interceptions with them. Crazy enough that the Lions had a stranglehold on the division a few weeks ago, but now they’ve got to close out against the Giants and at the Vikings next week to get a shot at the playoffs.

Seahawks (-10.5) over Cardinals

The road to the Super Bowl in the NFC runs through Seattle, which means bad news for other teams. G’night Zona.

Steelers (+7) over Packers

Is Rodgers playing or not? Nick Foles has been doing just fine for my fantasy team so far in the playoffs, but if I can get a hungry, returning Mr. Discount Double Check back for this last week…it’d be worth a second look.

Raiders (+10) over Chargers

Ah, it’s the “These are the AFC West Teams missing the playoffs” Bowl. To be fair, San Diego can still mathematically make the playoffs, but it doesn’t look likely. Looking back at their close losses (which have been all of them), it’s easy to imagine a world where this team is a contender in January. Just might be January, 2015.

Ravens (-2.5) over Patriots

Okay, so when do things stop working out for the Pats? By my estimation, they have lost the services of four of their five most important players this year (Haron Aernandez, Gronk, Vince Wilfork, and Jerod Mayo) and they headed into last weekend with a firm grip on the 1-seed in the AFC. Even with that loss, they’re slipping no lower than the 2-seed, and they’re facing a lucky as hell desperate Baltimore team that has an outside shot at the 3-seed. Lots of numbers in that there paragraph…

Bears (+3) over Eagles

If the Cowboys win, it won’t matter what happens in this game, as next week’s Dallas/Philadelphia game will decide the NFC East, and Tony Romo will hand the division to the Eagles on a silver platter. People don’t forget, Tony.

Falcons (+12) over Niners

We’re gonna need more power ups.

Steven Jackson Bowls Over Josh Wilson Thanks To Secret Powerup

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Tested Resolve

Since we started (sporadically) covering the NBA, I have been adamant about not paying for NBA League Pass this season. I just don’t have enough time to get my money’s worth out of it. That said, if you DO have free time, or know someone who does, there is SO MUCH talent in the Association right now that I am seriously reconsidering my position. Sure, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant and other big name talent carry the league as a whole, but that second tier of young talent can turn a lazy Tuesday night in December into must see TV. Check out the duel between Damien Lillard and Kyrie Irving below.

That said, if anyone wants to buy me League Pass, feel free. Until then, I’ll just be the old guy wishing I had seen this kind of thing live.

Love this? Hate it? Think I’m an idiot? Don’t just curse at me under your breath, head to the Dude You Podcast iTunes page, and leave a 5-star review to make sure I know it, and have your voice heard on the air. Follow me at

Wednesday Shootarounds: Celebrating Boogie and Rookie Talk

So, Chad and I had such a good time debating (arguing) about the Association last week, we’re going to try to make it a feature here. I can’t promise that it’ll happen every week, and I can’t promise it’ll be in the same format (our podcast domination continues) but I can promise it will be very real discourse between friends (?) who love the NBA more than is reasonable. These are actual lightly edited emails from yesterday:

Chad: Two things I am happy about one week after posting our Over/Unders:
1) I banged the over on Philly, which they may cover before 2014;
2) I took the under on the New York Knickerbocker dumpster fire that is already brewing.

Me: 1. I can’t believe the Sixers are tanking TANKING. They weren’t even tanking right, until last night when Evan Turner texted Igodala “You’re next,” and then proceeded to watch the Warriors run them out of their own gym.

2. Congratulations on having eyes, and recognizing that James Dolan’s team was going to be terrible.

While I don’t want to belabor the local basketball team, um, how good is Michael Carter Williams? And how does the number 1 overall pick have as many NBA baskets as me?

Did you catch the CP3 virtuoso performance against the Warriors Halloween night? Who else is going to score for the Bulls, because this is going to be a problem for your picks? And will someone break up the Pacers?

Chad: MCW is a problem, and I feel weird for typing that because I didn’t really even like his game at Syracuse. I think this team is perfect for Evan Turner to realize his potential as a two-way player, facilitator, and primary ball handler. Why are we talking about the Sixers so much?!?! OTOH starters last night against GSW? -150. Sweet heavenly mercy.

All I’m saying is you took the over on the Knicks if I remember correctly.

I haven’t caught an NBA game since last Wednesday, because St. Simons and Jacksonville for Georgia/Florida do horrible things to priorities, memories, and productivity. May have to find the Hawks/Kings game to get my #BOOGIEFIX tonight.

Me: I support your support of Boogie.

I stand by my over on the Knicks just because the Sixers and Celtics are going to bottom out as predicted by us (and everyone else) and someone has to win those games. It’s a schedule pick more than a “holy moly, the Knicks are good” pick.

Last night’s Clippers/Rockets game reminded me just how dangerous the Clips can be when the jumper is falling, and CP3 hands out 17 assists. That said, I think Houston is going to surprise some people, as they nearly paced the record pace of the Clips, while getting a subpar night from both Harden and Dwight. Mark my words, this will be a good basketball team as they gel. Oh, and as a lot of the West establishes themselves as horrific. That helps too.

It’s super early in a very long season to start calling things, but I will say this: the Clippers might be the team we hoped they could be under Del Negro. Chris Paul is revitalized, and a mid-season move for another big and development out of Jordan and Griffin on the defensive end, and Doc might prove prophetic in calling for Clippers-centric rafter space at Staples.
Poor Jeremy Lin.

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