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Keg Stands For Votes, FSU Giving Recruits Crab Legs, And More

Campaign Keg Stands

If I were running for political office, I would probably have a similar strategy if I were running in the state of Louisiana. I mean what are the chances these tailgating men and women are registered voters, probably slim, but I am sure this politician can find a way around it. This lady literally poured gallons of beer into to voters mouth on Saturday. Check out the next Senator of Louisiana here.


Saban Keeping Kiffin In Check

Lane Kiffin has seriously done more than I ever expected at Alabama. I hated this man, and his Daniel Tosh looking face. Alabama’s offense has been more than impressive so far, and you can look at Amari Cooper’s numbers if you do not believe me. Nick Saban does not believe it is all Kiffin though. He believes that the play makers are making the Tide offense look so good, and truthfully I think it might be a nice mixture of both. Check out Saban’s full comments on Kiffin and the Tide offense here.


Crab Legs and Football, That Is What FSU Does 

Florida State served the visiting recruits crab legs for this past weeks game against Clemson. This is brilliant in my opinion because this shows the recruits they do not have to steal to have crab legs, we will just supply them. I am guessing Jameis Squintston only stole his crab legs because they did not give him his weekly supply. Florida State is just a walking talking sideshow right now, and I look forward to them losing to NCSTATE later this year. Here is the full menu of a Florida State recruiting visit.



Weekly Sports Podcast – Video Edition

That’s right, boys and girls.  This week’s edition of the Weekly Hangover DudeYouPodcast is video only.  Maybe this is a result of technological advancement.  Maybe this is a function of technical difficulties.  We’ll never tell…


Note: If video doesn’t play, hit pause then play again.


Looking for Georgia Bulldogs football highlights on your phone?  Download the UGA Vault for free from the iTunes App Store.  Just click here. It’s that easy.

Weekly Sports Podcast Recap: Davin Bellamy’s Arrest, Ray Rice’s Suspension, Tony Dungy, Steve Spurrier and so Much More!

Daniel Palmer (@dpalm66 on the Tweets) is joined by Jason Smith (@JasonIsASmith), Andrew Hall (@DudeYouCrazy) and briefly Chad Floyd (@Chad_Floyd) to discuss the week’s biggest and worstest sports stories.  The NFL’s less-than-harsh penalty on Ray Rice, Tony Dungy’s comments on Michael Sam, Jose Canseco vs. Mark McGwire, Marshawn Lynch’s hold out and Georgia’s off-the-field troubles are all discussed.


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DudeYouPodcast: The Weekly Sports Hangover

Daniel Palmer (@Dpalm66 on Twitter), Chad Floyd (@Chad_Floyd) and Andrew Hall (@DudeYouCrazy) gather to discuss ketchup and the week’s biggest sports stories.  Obviously, LeBron James, his letter and the Cleveland Cavaliers are discussed.  The ending of the World Cup is brought up as is the Major League Baseball All Star Game.


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Stream online via Spreaker, or check it out on Stitcher Radio.

LeBron Memes Break The Internet

You know what I hate most about summer TV? Reruns.

For the past couple of weeks, I was unable to escape the rerun marathon of LeBron’s personal favorite show, “The Decision”. Whether it was on my SportsCenter, the radio, or my social media timelines, I was constantly reminded that LeBron was making a decision. Again.

However, today LeBron made his decision to head back to Cleveland after originally leaving them for his hot mistress, Miami. As neither a Cavs nor a Heat fan, I wasn’t that phased by LeBron’s decision. Twitter, on other hand, had a whole different story and has made these past couple of weeks worth it for me.


photo (3)photo 1

photo 2photo 3 photo 4 photo 5photo 1 photo 2


I can’t.


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