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#SECPreviews- East: #3 Tennessee Volunteers

I watched “SEC Coaches’ Corner” over Cinnamon Toast Crunch this morning. This is what I learned from Maria Taylor’s one-on-one time with Butch Jones: he thinks Tennessee is back. There were a lot of program building-oriented questions, and Jones kept using a phrase very familiar to SEC fans– “the process.”

Kill me.

What Happened Last Year?

Tennessee did what I expect Kentucky to do this year: win enough games to play an extra game! The Vols opened 0-4 in the SEC, which is fairly misleading. They may have been a Justin Worley injury away from pulling a massive upset at Georgia, then the following week lost a 10th straight to Florida in a 10-9 barnburner. They proceeded then to get blown out by Mississippi and (though the scoreboard won’t indicate it) Alabama.

Then, at South Carolina, a funny thing happened: they won! Then they beat Kentucky! Perfect, they’re going to save Georgia’s season by beating Mizzou at home! Well…nope. Effing Vols. They then beat Vanderbilt and are generating hype from beating a sad Iowa team in the TaxSlayer (erstwhile Gator, I think?) Bowl.

So now, they’re the East’s ‘sexy’ pick. For comparison’s sake, the West’s sexy pick is Arkansas.

There is nothing sexy about Butch Jones or Bret Bieleima.

Three Key Games

Sept. 26, at Florida: They’ve somehow lost 10 in a row to Florida. That’s crazy. They may get them early enough (as they always do) to take advantage of a new coaching staff/scheme/QB, but the same could’ve theoretically been said last year. By not having listed Florida yet, I hereby implicitly expect the streak to go to 11.

Oct. 10, Georgia: Though I don’t think Tennessee is going to win the division (West opponents: Arky and Bama), this game scares the living bejeezus out of me. 2010 was the last time Georgia won by more than one possession, and ‘exploding ACL day‘ as its known on this website still lingers in my mind.

Nov. 21, at Missouri: IF they’re in position to win the division, the Vols are going to have to end another streak. They’ve yet to beat an SEC Mizzou team.

Five Players to Watch

It should be noted that they bring back their entire offense, including the offensive line and a patently absurd group of skill players who have yet to fulfill their high school rankings. If they come into their own, they may very will win the division.

– QB Josh Dobbs: In addition to somehow being the most-accomplished returning SEC QB, he’s responsible for keeping all of these guys happy. Included among them are top 9 returning receivers from last year– names to know: Marquez North, Pig Howard, Josh Malone, Von Pearson, Jason Croom. Those are just the receivers.
– RB Alvin Kamara: Kicked out of Alabama, hit the junior college ranks, and should be a more svelte fit for the offense than incumbent monster Jalen Hurd.
– DE Derek Barnett: This is a new name to me, honestly. All he did as a true freshman was 10 sacks, 10.5 tackles for loss, and an absurd-for-a-DE 72 tackles. I’d say he’s a primary reason that they doubled their sack total from 2013.
– DT’s Kahlil McKenzie/Shy Tuttle: The only spot on the DL two-deep vacated was the rush tackle spot, and they brought in two five-star replacements.
– CB Cameron Sutton: The anchor of the secondary has made an All-SEC team in each of his first two seasons.


The more I wrote here, the more I realized that Tennessee has the POTENTIAL to be great this year. I may pick them #1 next year.

Dude’s Top 10: No. 3 – The Injury Bug in Knoxville

This series focuses on my favorite posts of all time. Lest I be labeled as overly arrogant, please note: 1. This was new DYC Editor-in-Chief Chad Floyd’s idea. 2. These are my “favorite” posts not my “best” posts. I don’t have “best” posts, because that would imply that I had better posts and good posts to begin with. For the rest of the Dude’s Top 10 Countdown, click here.

Georgia’s 2013 overtime victory at Tennessee was the single-most dumbfounding sporting event I’ve ever witnessed. Injury after injury after injury derailed the Bulldogs on an otherwise normal day and all I could do was sit helplessly by and wonder why bad things happen to good football teams.

After the game I ate cold pizza in the press box of Neyland Stadium and wondered what the meaning of life was. After that, I walked by the Volunteer Navy as orange-clad fans celebrated a near victory and blasted “Royals” by Lorde. I boarded a ferry across the Tennessee River to the condo my sister and brother-in-law lived in and drank rum for the first time since college. As I type this (some 21 months later), memories of that night could not be more vivid. That game wrecked me to my core. I tore an emotional ACL that day.

A few days later I managed to put my fingers on the keys and brain-fart this article. This article makes the Top 10 not for its content (that game still hurts) or its penmanship, but because it captures the agony of being a fanatic—even after a victory.


That’s all I got/



For the rest of the Dude’s Top 10 Countdown, click here.


#SECPreviews- East: #6 Missouri Tigers

If I’m claiming to be a prognosticator (I’m not) then this would have to be considered a risky and potentially Georgia-jinxing pick (it is). But let’s take a deeper look into the numbers.

What Happened Last Year (And For Comparison’s Sake, the Year Before)?

2013: 491 yards per game on offense, with receivers L’Damian Washington and Dorial Green-Beckham. Henry Josey led the team with over 1100 yards of offense. James Franklin’s injury at Georgia gave way to Maty Mauk, who looked decent with those weapons around him. On D, Michael Sam and Kony Ealy provided the best pass rush in the nation, leading the Tigers to 41 sacks and the 12-2 record that many saw as a fluke. I’m not so sure it was.

2014: Offense dips to 367 a game, with Bud Sasser and Jimmie Hunt competently leading the receiving corps. Markus Golden and Shane Ray led another ridiculous pass rush to 44 sacks, and the defense actually improved by 70 yards and two points a game. But, given the numbers cited, the offense took a major dip, and their last 5 SEC wins were less and less inspiring. 10-point home wins against Vandy and Kentucky, single-digit wins against Texas A&M and Tennessee, and the painful-to-watch Black Friday 21-14 win over Arkansas.

They got by, but it wasn’t pretty. Gone are all of the players listed above not named Mauk, who languished around the 50% completion mark for the second straight season.

They do return most of their offensive line, as well as a linebacking corps that put up ridiculous numbers behind the stalwart D-line.

But when your most impressive win is a game against Florida where your defense nets a +5 in turnovers and your offense accounts for 119 yards, one doesn’t have to squint too much to see a dropoff.

Three Key Games

Sept. 26, at Kentucky: Their SEC opener is a tricky one, and one that will tell us a LOT about both teams playing. My early inclination is to call this a toss-up at best for the Tigers. Toss-up = key game in my book.

Oct. 17, at Georgia: Well, let’s say this for Mizzou fans/players favorite SEC rivalry: the home team has yet to win a game in this series. Wins in this one and Kentucky (sandwiching home games against South Carolina and Florida) put Mizzou in the driver’s seat for the East, yet again. I think this is more likely the merciful burial of their fluky two-year run atop the division.

Nov. 21, Tennessee: If neither of these teams are eliminated by now, we know Georgia slipped up somewhere and this becomes a de facto SEC East elimination game. Let’s not let it come to that.

Five Players to Watch

Maty Mauk, QB: Quite honestly, this whole low prediction is contingent on Mauk failing, for a second straight year, to improve on his numbers as his supporting cast gets much weaker. If Mauk takes ‘the leap’, my prediction is way off.
Evan Boehm, C: Boehm anchors the senior-heavy O-line with 50 career starts, and its success in creating running lanes for Russell Hansbrough and short passing lanes for their tunnel screen game will largely dictate what this offense can do.
Charles Harris, DE: With two sacks last year, the third-year sophomore is apparently being tabbed as the ‘next in line’ behind Sam/Ealy/Ray/Golden. If he emerges and Mizzou has another 40-sack campaign, I’ll believe it.
Kentrell Brothers, LB: Sure tackling at the LB spot has been the underrated staple of Mizzou’s last two D’s. Brothers accounted for 122 last year.
Michael Scherer, MLB: See above, but give him 114 tackles.


So, yeah. I’m pretty confident in this pick. Outside of the two linebackers, all of the things that need to go right for Mizzou to contend for a third straight SEC East title are very speculative in nature.

That, or I just can’t shake this image and I’m extremely wrong.

Dude You Podcast: Football Comin’

And it can’t get here quick enough. Until it gets here, the Dude You Podcast will be here to rescue you from America’s zombie pastime, one podcast at a time.

We take a look at Georgia coming out of Media Days, and get warmed up for the season. We’re damn excited. How excited?

That excited.

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Dude’s Top 10: No. 4 – Mark Richt’s Legacy

This series focuses on my favorite posts of all time. Lest I be labeled as overly arrogant, please note: 1. This was new DYC Editor-in-Chief Chad Floyd’s idea. 2. These are my “favorite” posts not my “best” posts. I don’t have “best” posts, because that would imply that I had better posts and good posts to begin with. For the rest of the Dude’s Top 10 Countdown, click here.

Mark Richt gets dumped on by a lot of idiots who think he’s average but do not know the definition of average. I’m a Richt apologist in as much as I recognize that he is a damn good coach (though not the best in the country) and that being damn good is fitting for a program that has not always been damn good.

In this post I take a look at Richt’s legacy.

Is he mediocre? Is he average? How does he stack up to coaches and programs nationally? Read it, fools.


That’s all I got/



For the rest of the Dude’s Top 10 Countdown, click here.




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