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2014 Alabama Crimson Tide Preview: Why Not Them?

DudeYouCrazy Preseason SEC Ranking: 1


The 2014 Alabama Crimson Tide in One Question

Why shouldn’t we believe?



There are two things you shouldn’t argue with:

  1. The value of scheduling in SEC football.
  2. Nick Saban in revenge games.


Accordingly, I can’t go against this team.  As far as the schedule is concerned the only teams that even merit a discussion are as follows:

  • A down Florida program at home.
  • An Ole Miss team that is on the rise but still undermatched on the road.
  • A rebuilding Texas A&M team at home.
  • LSU on the road.
  • Auburn at home.

One of those game—Auburn—is a revenge game.  One is against LSU.  The other three should certainly be wins.  I think Alabama is a better team than LSU for a host of reasons (even on the road) and I think Saban will get revenge for the 2013 loss to Auburn.

Speaking of that Auburn game…A freak once-in-a-lifetime play that ruined Alabama’s season in 2013 may be the best thing that happened to the Crimson Tide heading into 2014.

Consider this:  If Alabama doesn’t lose that game in that dramatic fashion and instead wins in overtime, then the Tide rolls back to Atlanta.  You’re a fool if you think Alabama would have had any more trouble with Missouri than Auburn did.  So, Alabama wins the SEC and heads into the BCS National Championship as 1. the nation’s top team and 2. A heavy favorite against Florida State.

I’m not saying Alabama wins that game concretely, but I am saying they don’t do any worse than Auburn did and Auburn damn-near won that sucker.  Frankly, I think Alabama would have been a better matchup with Florida State and would have had a much more capable defense on the field late in the game.  Auburn may have been the better team at the Iron Bowl (at least on the scoreboard), but Bama would have had a better shot against the Seminoles.

So in this alternate ending, let’s say Alabama does hoist the trophy at the end.  With three straight national titles and four in five years, the hype heading into 2014 would be unprecedented.

As is, a very, very talented Alabama team (literally, the most talented team in the nation based on recruiting class rankings and future NFL talent), enters the season on a relatively soft note.  Sure, the Tide’s embarrassing loss to Oklahoma didn’t help their “hype” cause, but all bowl games are blown out of proportion.  This team is in a great spot with a much more favorable schedule than Auburn and a system that lends itself more easily to replication.

What does that mean?

We talked about this on the DudeYouPodcast recently, but no team in the SEC depends more on its QB than Auburn.  If Nick Marshall goes down, the wheels fall off—in my opinion.

At Alabama, it may be fun to talk about QB controversies, or DBs in need of improvement or even a stable of running backs, but I don’t feel like any one component  of the team is more important than another.  Furthermore, I don’t feel like any one component is under-serviced, under-recruited or under-utilized.  Nick Saban preaches “process” for a reason, and that reason is that he enjoys championships.

Alabama is the favorite against Auburn, in the West and in the SEC.  You cannot convince me otherwise.

Is this a done deal?  Certainly not.  But I’m as firm in this belief as I am in any other pre-season prediction.


That’s all I got/



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Auburn: The Australia of College Football? Penal Colonies and More.

Programming note: The DudeYouPodcast preview of the Auburn Tigers is now live.  Check it out on iTunes, Stitcher Radio or Spreaker.  Now, Here’s Chad…


After moving further into the harbour, on 26 January 1788 Phillip raised the British flag at Sydney Cove. 751 convicts and their children disembarked, along with 252 marines and their families.

Two more convict fleets arrived in 1790 and 1791, and the first free settlers arrived in 1793. From 1788 to 1823, the Colony of New South Wales was officially a penal colony comprised mainly of convicts, soldiers and the wives of soldiers.


There are many metaphorical examples of why Auburn is the safe haven of college football. Although their athletic teams are called the Tigers, their official mascot is an eagle, an animal best known for symbolizing freedom from things such as colonization and The Intolerable Acts.

From Cam Newton to Nick Marshall to Tray Matthews, Auburn is a safe haven for those who act a fool at other schools. And, by God, does it work out for their football team.

Last year, Auburn had a season that Disney will totally buy the rights to within 20 years, if they haven’t already done so (not quite sure how that plays out in the SEC’s ESPN contract). Both Andrew and I were very high on War Eagle Kool-Aid when we picked Auburn to finish second in the SEC, mainly because we didn’t want to be blindsided by them (and you can find half of their season on my DVR from ESPN’s top 25 games of 2013). Did they catch the SEC off-guard this year, or is Gus Malzahn’s spread triple option set to be a problem until he leaves the Plains for the Dallas Cowboys next year?

As Hall pointed out, the scheduling the gods did Auburn no favors in scheduling. Road games against Alabama, Georgia, Ole Miss, and Kansas State pit them against four teams ranked in the preseason polls. With South Carolina as the rotating crossover opponent, well, there are seven loseable games on this schedule.

Not to say they can’t exceed our expectations. They’ve done it before, but they tend to overachieve when slept upon and then fall back into the pack when highly-ranked. Like Australia: you see the Sydney Opera House, Melbourne, and crystal clear beaches. Then you realize its about 0.0001% of Australia’s land mass. The rest is dry, uninhabitable wasteland with the world’s deadliest animals waiting to eat you.

Five Players to Watch

*Excluding Nick Marshall, because obviously he’s important.

  1. Gabe Wright, DT: He stood out to me in multiple games I’ve reviewed, most importantly the BCS Championship. While he only had 31 tackles, 8.5 were for losses, and he is a solid anchor for a stout defensive line.
  2. Cameron Artis-Payne, RB: I heard in an interview with OL Reese Dismukes (love Sirius XM radio) that Artis-Payne would be the man at tailback this year. Although he was considered the thumper in the backfield last year, he averaged a full yard per carry more than Tre Mason.
  3. Shon Coleman, LT: Coleman is not a household name by any means, but he replaces one in Greg Robinson. Auburn returns the rest of their superb OL from last year, but it’ll be interesting to see how Coleman holds up replacing a superstar.
  4. Kris Frost/Cassanova McKinzy/Robenson Therezie, LB’s: Although their DB’s were beaten deep a fair bit last year, I feel like Auburn had a good bit of difficulty defending underneath. With a stout D-line, these guys should have ample opportunities to be difference-makers.
  5. D’Haquille Williams, WR: Everything I hear about this JuCo (SHOCKER!) transfer is that he is a Cordarrelle Patterson clone (he has the unique name and JC pedigree, for starters). Just another potential weapon in an offense that only lost one.


Random Betting Tidbit

Perhaps another factor of Vegas being slow to adjust their spreads (Georgia after the exploding ACL’s game was another example last year), but Auburn was 12-2 ATS in 2013, only failing to cover against Washington St. and Mississippi St. in the first 3 games of the season. Watch closely in August/September to see if Vegas overcorrects for last year or if the Tigers hit their stride and are an unstoppable force, even against Vegas odds.

Georgia Football: Fall Camp Recap – Reader Poll Dancing

Over at Bleacher Report you can check out my recap of the last week of camp/regular practice.

In the meantime, how did you feel about camp?  Take the good, the bad and the ugly and how would you grade the Bulldogs’ fall preparations?



That’s all I got/




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Georgia Football: SEC East Foe Getting Back to its 2010 Roots, Will Remain at Top of Division

Those expecting a decline to normalcy for the Missouri football program (like me), have another thing coming.  Sure, the team is missing every nameable star from a year ago outside of a quarterback who completed 51.1% of his passes as a 4-game starter.  But that doesn’t matter.

This team is getting back to its 2010 roots in an effort to stay atop the SEC East.  In 2010, Missouri finished the regular season 10-2 (in the Big 12, of course).  Missouri, led by future NFL Draft (but not NFL) star Blaine Gabbert, were very, very cool in 2010.  Also cool in 2010: The Dougie.

So, it should be no surprise that yesterday (some four years later) the team learned how to do The Dougie.


I can’t wait for the Tigers to join the #Obama2012 campaign in two more years!

Needless to say, go ahead and chalk Georgia’s trip to Columbia, Missouri up as a loss.


That’s all I got/



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Hard Knocks with the Atlanta Falcons: Hustle Gang

Watching Hard Knocks cover YOUR team is a strange experience. Due to the schedule, you are aware of how the preseason game goes as you watch. Spoilers: the Falcons get their heads kicked in against Houston. And the knowledge of the #BEATEMDOWN to ensue informed every second of the programming and MAY have colored my experience with this week’s episode. Actually, glancing down at the likes and dislikes, I can confirm that the knowledge that JJ Watt and company were going to abuse the Falcons (even though JJ didn’t play a down in the game!) greatly impacted my attitude. Well, you don’t come here for impartiality, you come for the recap, so let’s get to it!


- Hearing Julio talk, he BLEEDS Alabama. And it is in the good section because it needs to be.

- Someone lost a LOT of money years ago learning the money drop game. I imagine they learn that the same way my dad taught me dominoes: over time and very expensive.

- “I don’t know, I f’d up.” Sometimes, honesty is the best policy.

- I like that my quarterback is bad at telling jokes. As long as he remains good at quarterbacking, I don’t need him to display Peyton Manning level comedic timing. Seriously, go watch Peyton’s SNL. He’s annoyingly talented with the jokes.

- Harry Douglas can bowl. WRs can secret handshake.

- Bryan Cox is a national treasure and he should be forced to be the DL coach for whoever does Hard Knocks every year from now on.


- ACL surgery to open the show in case you were eating.

- Stop reminding me about Stephen Jackson’s first injury of many this year.

- It absolutely kills me that Kroy Bierman is a key member of this defense, once again, GTFOMT.

- Watching quarterback drills, Matt Ryan can’t get hurt.


- I’d be terrified if my kid had to try to block JJ Watt too, Bruce Matthews was there in case any serious medical decisions had to be made on the field. Better safe than sorry.

- Knowing that the Falcons get their asses kicked makes the coaches look smarter than they are. That’s just good editing. Coaches are ALWAYS this negative in film, it’s not just super prescient.

- Sam Baker’s injury resulted directly in me taking out 4 straight jokes about him. Any more questions about Clowney’s motor?

- Watching Ryan Fitzpatrick do well makes me physically ill. I’ll always hate Harvard.

- “C’mon TJ, do your thing baby!” Pick six. Well, he did his thing, I guess. And then he threw another, cause WHY THE HELL NOT? Matt. Ryan. Cannot. Get. Hurt.

Well. That was NOT fun. One the one hand, things can’t get worse. On the other hand, that’s what people say before things invariably get worse. The only thing that could raise my spirits? A little food for my soul.

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Looking for Georgia Bulldogs football highlights on your phone? Download the UGA Vault for free from the iTunes App Store. Just click here. It’s that easy.


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