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2014 Mississippi State Preview: Walking on Eggshells

To honor Dan Mullen’s 4-1 record in Egg Bowls (and his 2-20 record against top 25 opponents), I am going to make as many references towards our favorite unhatched chicken treat as possible in this preview. Omelet our other writers take a shot at being serious, but I doubt they will be. Sorry in advance, you cowbell-toting Bulldogs. Hope I don’t end up with egg on my face for mailing it in.

Despite an eggcellent record against evenly-matched opponents, Mississippi State has consistently gotten fried by the West division’s powerhouses. A 1-14 record against Alabama, Auburn, and LSU in Mullen’s 5 seasons looks even worse since records don’t indicate Auburn fielded an SEC football team in 2012. Want evidence on how much over easy the East has been than the West? Look no further than Mullen’s 9-4 record against the East (putting him at 7-24 vs. the West). In a rare occurrence of correlation = causation, MSU’s annual East rival is Kentucky. Mullen has not coddled the Wildcats.

If ever there was a year for the Bulldogs to break their 7-8 win plateau, this could be the year. They’re not foo yung anywhere as there are only four underclassmen listed in their starting 22. Looking at the schedule, one is hard boiled not to be kinda optimistic (relative term to previous performance) about their chances against a young LSU team early in the season, or in October home games against Texas A&M and Auburn salad sandwiched between two bye weeks.

Their long-term prospects are bleak, as the Hugh Freeze recruiting machine has poached the high-quality talent that stays in Mississippi the last two years.

Five players to watch: 

1) Benedictardrick McKinney, LB: He had over 100 tackles as a freshman and dropped to 71 last year, but the dude is a 6’5 middle linebacker.
2) Dak Prescott, QB: With Tyler Russell gone, the quarterback situation becomes less pickled. Prescott led the team in rushing last year, but his passing numbers (58% completions, 10 TD, 7 INT) have to improve.
3) Jamerson Love, CB: While the secondary returns three starters from last year, they were often scrambled in SEC play last year.
4) Jameon Lewis, WR: Led an otherwise balanced attack of pass catchers with 64 catches (and zero egg drops), 923 yards, and 5 TD last year.
5) Ran out of notable Mississippi State players and egg puns at about the same time, I think.

Random Betting Tidbit: 

They’ve failed to cover against LSU in each of the past four years. But they have covered against their last three FCS opponents, so if you can find a sportsbook to take a bet on the UT-Martin game, make a deal with the deviled.

Reader Contest:

There are fifteen egg puns in the body of my preview. Comment (below) or tweet (@Chad_Floyd) all 15 to me and I will mail you a DudeYouCrazy bumper sticker.



Weekly Sports Podcast Recap: Davin Bellamy’s Arrest, Ray Rice’s Suspension, Tony Dungy, Steve Spurrier and so Much More!

Daniel Palmer (@dpalm66 on the Tweets) is joined by Jason Smith (@JasonIsASmith), Andrew Hall (@DudeYouCrazy) and briefly Chad Floyd (@Chad_Floyd) to discuss the week’s biggest and worstest sports stories.  The NFL’s less-than-harsh penalty on Ray Rice, Tony Dungy’s comments on Michael Sam, Jose Canseco vs. Mark McGwire, Marshawn Lynch’s hold out and Georgia’s off-the-field troubles are all discussed.


Be sure to download and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here.

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Former Georgia Track Star Killed

Torrin Lawrence, a seven-time All-American at the University of Georgia, was killed in an auto accident early this morning according to the Athens Banner-Herald.

Lawrence was a stud from the moment he stepped on campus in 2009.  A few noteworthy accomplishments:

  • Named SEC Male Freshman Runner of the Year during 2009 indoor track season.
  • Ran everything from 100mm-400mm distance during outdoor track.
  • He ran the world’s three fasted indoor 400mm times in 2010.
  • In 2010 he set the NCAA record for indoor 300mm time.
  • Ran the NCAA’s second-fastest 400mm indoor final as a sophomore in 2010 en route to a national championship in the event.
  • Was the runner up in the 400mm at the 2011 indoor national championships.
  • Added the 60mm sprint to his repertoire in 2012.


Thoughts and prayers are with Torrin’s family.  He was a damn good dawg.


That’s all I got/


Georgia Football: Four Questions the Bulldogs Must Answer During Fall Camp

I wrote on these topics at length over at Bleacher Report, but here are the questions that need to be answered at camp.

  1. What can Pruitt’s defense actually do?  We all know what we want Pruitt to do, but what can he actually get out of this unit in 2014.  Who’s playing? Where are they lining up? Those questions will be answered along the way.  But let’s stop talking and start seeing.
  2. How healthy are Marshall, Mitchell and Scott-Wesley?  We know they’re going to be back.  But will they be baaaack?
  3. Is Lorenzo Carter ready?  He better be.  Especially with the pending suspension of Davin Bellamy.
  4. How soon can both units be ready?  A slow start means 0-2 with Clemson and South Carolina on the slate.


That’s all I got/


Georgia Football: Another Dismissal and More Arrests – What to Make of the Last Week

You can’t fix stupid, they say.  Tangentially true: You can’t fix college kids.  Further, you can’t fix college males.  You just can’t.  You can only try.

While the “lost control” jokes will never, ever get old, there’s just not much more we can expect out of Mark Richt and his staff.  And that’s not said sarcastically or as an indictment of his character or leadership.  He’s served as a role model, brought in mentors, offered support, handed out punishment and done everything within reason.  But college kids are still stupid.

This isn’t new.

I might have known a few knuckleheads when I enrolled at the University of Georgia in 2006.  You probably knew some whenever and wherever you went to school.  Some of them likely got away with stupidity.  Others probably got caught.  Some probably learned, matured or at least moved on.  Others probably didn’t.

I can’t condemn Mark Richt or his coaching staff or the university or the athletic department or even local police for this.  If ever there was a time for “it is what it is,” surely this is it.  College kids are what college kids are.  You hope, pray and wish for the best.  You educate them, offer help and reinforce rules.  But you can’t fix it.

Davin Bellamy, who was arrested in the wee hours of Saturday morning for driving under the influence, took to Twitter on Saturday to apologize.

Get this: I buy his apology.

I’m confident that Bellamy knew (thanks to some form of education, formal or informal) that driving under the influence is both dangerous and illegal.  I’m quite sure, he could have gotten a ride from someone else.  I imagine he knew consequences for alcohol-related arrests carry a 20% of season suspension for student-athletes.  He did something stupid.  I don’t know how someone other than Davin Bellamy could have prevented that.

What matters as this point is he seems genuinely remorseful.  Already he is looking to make amends for a mishap that he called immature and embarrassing.

While Jonathan Taylor’s week was a bit more macabre, it’s equally difficult to pass the blame for his behavior on to anyone other than him.  He did something stupid (and illegal).  No one gave Jonathan Taylor permission to assault someone except Jonathan Taylor.

So, what gives?  Why am I rehashing these events?

The point is this: let’s let it go.

Any arrest is one too many for Georgia fans, but not always for the right reasons.

The Georgia fans who are so quick to criticize the number of arrests, dismissals, transfers and general personnel turnover aren’t concerned about the players involved.  They’re concerned about the coach involved.  Namely, they use these events to throw dirt, rocks and their own B.S. at Mark Richt.

I hear from these fans, read their blogs or otherwise am subjected to their “insights,” all too often.  The great irony with these perpetually dissatisfied fans is that they’re the same ones who take no solace in Mark Richt being a good man, a good leader and a damn good football coach.  The folks crucifying Richt for the transgressions of his players are the same people who think wins and losses are all that matter in college athletics.

Well I’ve got a surprise for those people.  Georgia didn’t lose a football game last week.  Davin Bellamy made a mistake and apologized and learned, but he didn’t lose a football game.  Jonathan Taylor made his second major mistake of the offseason and got dismissed.  But Richt didn’t lose a ball game.  Tray Matthews and Josh Harvey-Clemons ran out of second chances this spring/summer.  But Georgia remains undefeated since the 2013 season ended.

I’m not equating legal troubles, moral sortcomings and life-altering mistakes to something as trivial as football games.  I just find it incredibly befuddling that the win-at-all-cost Richt-haters are doing that.  The same people who don’t give a damn about Richt’s merits away from the field and care only about winning are the ones obsessing over arrests and passing the blame to him.

There are no mistakes for those fans.  There are no wins.  There are no losses.  There are just days in which Mark Richt continues to have a job as the head coach at the University of Georgia, despite their own broken logic to the contrary.

I hope those days never end.


That’s all I got/



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