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Georgia Football Knee Jerk Reactions: Arkansas Edition

Well, that was fun. Going into this game, the SEC West was 26-0 against everyone who isn’t in the SEC West, but Arkansas was also looking to break a 15 game losing streak in conference play.  Something had to give, and it was the home team, over and over and over again. The first half was sublime, the third quarter was not ideal, but the Dawgs stood strong to close out the Razorbacks. Also, I’m not taking the blame for the third quarter slump, but the timestamp on this tweet is much less than good.

I regret nothing.

This is the first Georgia win that I really felt checked all the boxes for a successful football team in 2014. Generated turnovers? Check. Ran the ball effectively? Check. Threatened the opponent downfield? Check. Took the foot off the gas and had to stomp out the simmering embers of a team that still believed in itself? Check and checkmate. Hell, we even blocked an extra point and stopped two conversion attempts. Let’s go to the tape.

The Good:

- Nick Chubb had a DAY. Again working to mitigate the lack of Wally Pip Todd Gurley, he cranked out over a hundred yards, and showed a Todd-esque burst of speed to secure his long touchdown run. It’s ridiculous to think that starting the season, Chubb was 3rd on the depth chart in this backfield, but the steady recruitment of elite running talent has paid dividends through injury and  suspension.

- Speaking on elite talent, I hoped the low YPC numbers against Mizzou were due to the line getting acclimated to the pacing and skill set of a new back. And, for once on this site, it looks like I was right. Big day for me. Hats off to the line which opened up holes, stayed on blocks downfield, and even gave Hutson Mason time to show off the improved vertical passing game.

- On the topic of maligned quarterbacks wearing the Georgia G, Jason Pageviews owes Mr. Mason an apology. Not only did Hutson Mason take most (all?) of the quarterbacking snaps on Saturday, he looked damn good doing it. After Arkansas opened with their long drive to start the game, Mason answered with a 74-yard, 5 play drive that plainly said, “This is not the Georgia team you were looking for.” He finished averaging over 10 yards an attempt and with 2 touchdowns. Not bad for Brice Ramsey’s placeholder.

- Somehow getting Pruitt to leave the reigning national champion to run the defense in Athens is looking more and more like Richt’s best coaching move this year. Watching this defense round into form these last few weeks has been amazing, and if you’re not excited for these kids to get more time in this system, then you’re crazy.

The Bad:

- I’m going to let everyone in on a dirty secret about college football: it’s really, really hard to win football games. I know we all think that’s just coach-speak, but it’s true. Even when the #BEATEMDOWN express has pulled out of the station, keeping a team down is hard work, and failing can prove disastrous. I’m glad Georgia letting Arkansas back in the game didn’t end as poorly as it could have, but I hope the third quarter serves as a teachable moment for players, coaches and fans.

The Ugly:

- This team is plus 9 in the takeaway department in the last two games. What? I never said it had to be ugly about Georgia. Clean it up EVERYONE ELSE.

- Y’all see this FSU defense minus Pruitt? Let’s get him a lifetime contract yesterday.

Another Monday, another fun rewatch of a Georgia game. Things weren’t perfect in Little Rock, but that’ s why we have coaches and bye weeks, to fix the problems. And now it’s on to Florida Hate Week Half Month. We here at Dude You Crazy would like to open our doors to any Florida fan who currently also hates their program. Remember: we’re Florida Hate experts, so follow our lead, and you’ll be fine.

Go Dawgs.

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Georgia Football: Plays of the Week

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Gator Fans Sink Lower Than Team, Johnny Football Sums Up Alabama Game With Tweet, And More

Gator Fans 

I am not a fan of booing your own team. I guess that is why I am not a Florida fan because they rained boos down on the Gators and even started a “Fire Muschamp” chant after another Mizzou score. I understand that Florida is playing terribly and you are unhappy with how the team is playing, but under no circumstance should you ever boo your own team. Leave the game instead! I mean booing 18-21 year olds is just counter-productive. What makes you think that they will actually want to play better for a group of fans that seemingly wants nothing to do with them? They will be so tight that they are going to be afraid to make a mistake. That is something that should happen to the opposing teams when they visit, not the home team itself. Here is the full video.


Never Change Johnny

Johnny Football was not on the field for the Aggies on saturday, and honestly I do not think it would have mattered considering how lights out the Crimson Tide played. Johnny Football did take to Twitter to show his thoughts on the game, and I imagine a lot of Aggie fans felt the same way around halftime. Honestly, I did not expect the complete dominance that Alabama showed on saturday, but my goodness did I love it. Here is Johnny Football’s tweet.


Polls: Mean Nothing 

The new AP poll has come out and 5 SEC teams are in the top 10, while LSU has snuck itself back into the top 25 at number 23. Alabama found its way back into the top 5 at number 4 after dominating Texas A&M, and Georgia is sitting pretty at number 9. This weekend we have a few key match-ups that can shake up the polls yet again with LSU hosting Ole Miss and even South Carolina at Auburn. If there is a game the Ol’ Ball Coach needs to win, it is this game. Here is the full rankings after a great weekend of college football.


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Georgia Football: Arkansas Game Preview – Players to Watch and Keys to the Game

After rewatching some Arkansas games this week, I feel better about today.

Arkansas runs the ball really well and that’s really it. A one trick Pig can be beat, but read more about the players to watch and keys to the game here.

Georgia Football Recruiting: Recruiting Highlights (Receivers: Part 2/2) – A New Breed of Receivers Will Be Ready to Take Over

Terry Godwin - Photo courtesy of

Terry Godwin – Photo courtesy of

This fall, I’ll be going through the different position groups and highlighting the players that we have committed. If you missed “Wide Receivers (Pt 1/2),” check it out here.

**Wide Receivers (Pt 2/2)**

  • Current commits: 5
  • ☆☆☆☆☆: 1
  • ☆☆☆☆: 3
  • ☆☆☆: 1

Wide receiver has been a MAJOR recruiting priority for the class of 2015 as the Bulldogs will likely lose a number of big name targets next year including Michael Bennett and Chris Conley.  UGA has been able to land some big time play-makers to fill their shoes, however, so don’t look for their too be much of a drop off. Here are a few of the guys you’ll see snagging passes next year between the hedges:

Terry Godwin (WR) –  ☆☆☆☆☆ 

Junior Highlights:

Some Senior Highlights:


Van Jefferson (WR) –  ☆☆☆☆

Junior Highlights:

Some Senior Highlights:


*Rankings according to

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