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Georgia Football: Bobo Gone?

Over the last 12 hours, news of Mike Bobo being targeted by Colorado State has gone from speculation to rumor to confirmed by Athletic Director Greg McGarity. This morning, Seth Emerson (among others) reported confirmation, and the reaction from the Bulldog fans I know has been disheartening to say the least.

So many people have come out of the woodworks to say they are hoping he takes the job, that they want Bobo gone. I am also full of hope, but of a much different variety. I hope that he’s using this offer to step his pay up in Athens, and that the architect of the number 1 scoring offense in the SEC gets more properly compensated.

40th in nation pay? COME ON MAN. If he goes, I obviously wish him well, but I hope this is a move to get his pay more in line with newest coordinator Jeremy Pruitt. Bobo is a commodity that is hunted every year, but this is the first time I can recall such envoys getting to the interview stage. Now, I’ll wait for someone to correct me in the comments on that, or just tell me why I’m wrong about Bobo because #FireBobo. Whatever happens, no one should debate that Mike Bobo as both a player and a coach has been a damn good dawg.

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Georgia Football Recruiting: **NO MORE POOCH KICKS** Dawgs Land Another 2015 Army All-American

Rodrigo Blankenship – Photo courtesy of

Rodrigo Blankenship – ☆☆
#2092 Overall; #9 K; #192 in GA
Sprayberry (Marietta, GA) K

The Bulldogs picked up their 26th commitment this morning when Rodrigo Blankenship, the 9th ranked kicker in the country, announced that he would be a Dawg. Blankenship will not take up a scholarship in this class, however, as he is going to come into Georgia as a preferred walk-on and receive a scholarship his sophomore (redshirt freshman) year after Marshall Morgan graduates.

What stands out about Blankenship? Let’s just say Richt will have no excuse for the pooch kicks anymore.


Story on Blankenship here.


***Rankings from 247 Sports Composite


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Georgia Football Recruiting: 5-Star Josh Sweat to Announce Decision Tomorrow

Josh Sweat - Photo courtesy of

Josh Sweat – Photo courtesy of

Josh Sweat – ☆☆☆☆☆
#6 Overall; #1 WDE; #1 in VA
Oscar Smith (Chesapeake, VA) WDE

5-Star defensive end, Josh Sweat, will be committing tomorrow at 10 a.m. at his high school. This one is really too close to call. People close to Georgia say the Bulldogs have the edge. People close to FSU say the Criminoles have the edge. And people close to Virginia Tech say the Hokies have the edge. If I had to guess right now I’d give UGA the slight edge because of Sweat’s mom’s concern with the way Florida State is being run and all the bad press they’ve been getting lately. That being said, she did say it would be Josh’s decision alone.

Sweat would certainly be a HUGE addition to this 2015 class, but Georgia fans shouldn’t be that upset if the Dawgs don’t land him. He’s not as important to this class as Trenton Thompson, Terry Godwin, or even some of the other receivers UGA has landed. Sweat would make the Georgia pass rush even more terrifying, but the Dawgs certainly aren’t lacking when it comes to defensive ends/outside linebacker pass rushers. Regardless of what happens, you have to give the Georgia staff and Kevin Sherrer, in particular, credit for even getting Georgia (the only SEC school he’s considering) into Sweat’s top-3.


***Rankings from 247 Sports Composite


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ICYMI Georgia Football Recruiting: Dawgs Land HUGE 4-Star Receiver – UGA becoming Wide Receiver “U”?

Darius Slayton - Photo courtesy of 247 Sports

Darius Slayton – Photo courtesy of 247 Sports

Darius Slayton – ☆☆☆☆
#144 Overall; #18 WR; #16 in GA
Greater Atlanta Christian (Norcross, GA) WR

Georgia is doing something this year that they’ve had a very hard time doing in the past: Securing the borders. Mark Richt and his staff are going after the elite prospects in the state of Georgia and they are snagging almost all of them. The latest? 4-Star wide receiver, Darius Slayton, out of Greater Atlanta Christian. Slayton made a surprise commitment to the Dawgs Thursday morning at his Army All-American jersey presentation:

I don’t care what the recruiting sites say about Slayton, he is an elite athlete with 4.4 speed who will be a phenomenal player at the college level. I’ve watched the film, I’ve watched him in person, and I can promise you that he is severely underrated. Slayton plays wide receiver, cornerback, running back, kick returner, and punt returner for GAC, but once he arrives in Athens, I expect him to primarily play receiver. He has tremendous speed, great instincts, and excels at going up and catching the ball at its highest point. Earlier I saw that another writer on the site compared him to former Bulldog, Tavarres King, and although their playing styles are quite similar, Slayton is faster, more dangerous, and has, in my opinion, a much higher ceiling.

I’ve said for months that Slayton was a must get for the Bulldogs, and it seems like I’m not the only one who realizes how huge his commitment is:

The pickup of Slayton now gives the Bulldogs their 25th overall commitment and 6th commitment at wide receiver (One 5-star, Four 4-stars, and One 3-star), a position of great need. Georgia’s recruiting class now sits at #3 on Rivals, #3 on 247 Sports, and #2 on ESPN. This is shaping up to be the best class UGA has ever put together, and there are still a lot of other big names out there that the Dawgs have a great shot of landing.

Check out his Slayton’s junior highlights here.

Stories on his commitment here, here, here.


***Rankings from 247 Sports Composite


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NFL Football: Death to Fantasy + Week 14 Picks

You see that? Week 14, that’s NUTS. We’ve got one more month of regular season football, some playoffs, then it’s all over. Then, I get basketball drunk until June, ignore sports all summer (GO AWAY BASEBALL), and after what feels like 50 years, I FINALLY get football again. Knowing this, you’d assume that I’d be soaking in every precious drop of life sustaining football before being cast out into the sports desert that is the offseason. You’d be wrong. Why am I actively cheering for the end of the regular season?

Fantasy football.

The rule of thumb is that no one ever cares about your fantasy team, mostly because discussing it is selfish, and this is the second time this season I’ve whined about this voluntary activity. But this is it. I’m going to wave goodbye to my League fees this year and walk away for at least a year. Why you ask? I spent last Sunday cheering specifically AGAINST the Broncos defense which is a ridiculous thing to say, and maybe a year off will make me care more about games, and less about how many yards Frank Gore is going to get this week (the answer is a million now because I missed the playoffs and it doesn’t matter). When I am bitching about my fantasy team next year because I get roped into playing because I’m an idiot, feel free to throw this blog in my face.

Let’s get to picks before I get sad(der).

Home team in bold.

Cowboys (-???) over Bears

Clearly, I’m not counting this one after the fact, but man oh man, the Cowboys won 9 games. I bet they still find a way to go 8-8.

Bengals (+3) over Steelers

Gibe me the team with the better defense playing at home. The Benagls have flirted with the stupid elusive ‘elite’ tag all year, teasing their fans with the prospect of back to back division titles, but this might be another year where Marvin Lewis coaches well until the playoffs.

Rams (-3) over Washington Professional Football Team

Be a bigger dumpster fire Washington. You can’t . You can’t.

Giants (-1) over Titans

When the season ends, do you think they just change the locks on the facility, and let Coughlin slowly figure out he’s fired, or what? Maybe he can stay on like the last 10 years of Bobby Bowden, standing around as a monument to past greatness without actually doing anything.

Panthers (+10) over Saints

*WARNING* Repeated gambling exposure to NFC South football can result in abject hatred of self and lack of money.

Vikings (-6) over Jets

The upside to having no more bye weeks is more football. The downside is this entire early slate of games. Go to the park or something.

Ravens (+2.5) over Dolphins

That’s from last week’s game, where time ran out because the receiver didn’t get out of bounds. Try not to stupid away this week Ravens.

Colts (-3.5) over Browns



Lions (-10) over Buccaneers


Texans (-6) over Jaguars

I was cheering for Clowney to be good, so his slow start has been disappointing. But then I watched everything JJ Watt is doing this season, and realized that Clowney being great would ruin the league. Good god, Watt is TERRIFYING.

Broncos (-10) over Bills

This week, the new Bills ownership got them out of that colossally stupid Toronto deal. Only one piece of good news a week Bills fans. That’s the deal you made with Ymir the Frost Giant.

Chiefs (-1) over Cardinals

I bet Patrick Peterson learned the dangers of chirping at Julio. It’s funny to slowly watch the entire Cardinals fanbase re-learn the dangers of hope.

Seahawks (+1) over Eagles

Mr. Sherman, this is Mark Sanchez. He’ll be throwing you the ball Sunday.

Niners (-8) over Raiders

Winner gets Harbaugh. Just kidding, he’s going to Michigan while the Raiders continue to Raider.

Patriots (-3.5) over Chargers

Tom Brady at night? Tom Brady at night.

Falcons (+13) over Packers

I need this. Sure, Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback int he NFL, but 13 points is a lot and…sigh. I guess I hate real football almost as much as fantasy.

Enjoy the games.

Last Week: 9-5

Season: 70-58-4

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