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DudeYouPodcast 136: UGA Week Six Preview

UGA heads to Knoxville this weekend, so we talked about hate, football, and ending coaches jobs. Oh, and because we’re us, there’s an extended discussion on Matt Barnes. Cause. Yanno.

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NFL Football: No Preamble + Week 4 Picks

I don’t have it in me for a ranty start to this week’s picks. I usually write this after the UGA game, but whiskey had other ideas, and I’m still emotionally compromised. Don’t worry, you won’t be hearing sad DPalm on tomorrow’s DudeYouPodcast, and for good reason:

Home teams in bold.

Steelers (+3) over Ravens

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THIS is from last week, when the Ravens lost to the Bengals, but from it you should learn three things: 1. Steve Smith is retiring because he wants to, not because of anything anyone else has done. 2. The undersized professional athlete remains the person you want these problems with least in the world. 3. You CAN sustain a career based solely on hate.

Jets (-2.5) over Dolphins

Yeah, after the events of yesterday, there was no way I was going to get up in time to pick this game early. That said, this is where I annually remind England that us sending sub-par football across the pond is our extended FU for taxation without representation, and play Real American real loud. But, Hulk Hogan ruined that for all of us, and this tweet captures the actuality of the export game better than I could.


Colts (-3.5)  over Jaguars

Yeah, the Colts beat the hell out of the AFC South with Curtis Painter under center, so Hasselbeck should be fine. Remember Curtis Painter? That was a weird year.

Bills (-6) over Giants

I’ll regret this pick. I already know it.

Panthers (-3) over Buccaneers

Look to your left. Now look to your right. Congratulations, the three of you are more talented than the receiving corps on Carolina. And they’re STILL gonna run Tampa Bay out of their own building. Cam’s performance so far has been the most impressive thing to me this young NFL season.

Eagles (-3) over Washington Professional Football Team

I’m not sure how much I believe in Chip Kelly, beause even in the win last week, the offense remained underwhelming. But I know I believe in Kirk Cousins less.

Raiders (-3) over Bears

John Fox can’t win for losing. He got run out of Carolina for losing with Jimmy Clausen under center, endured a year of Tebow only to be rewarded with Peyton Manning, and made his way to coach Chicago, with the aim to rescue Jay Culter’s career. Now Cutler went down, who’s under center? JIMMY. BLEEPING. CLAUSEN.


(I do not care that Cutler is playing today, I’ve had that joke in my head for a week. Chicago is still going to lose, and the joke was fun and funny.)

Falcons (-5) over Texans

BRING IT ON YOU TRY HARD WANNA BE! You can hear more of my completely rational JJ Watt hate HERE.

You can’t be 16-0 without being 4-0.

Bengals (-3.5) over Chiefs

Can we all agree that Kansas City and Detroit don’t need to be on prime time anymore this year? Excellent.

Browns (+6) over Chargers

*whispers* I think Phillip Rivers might be done. Don’t tell anyone.

Green Bay (-9) over Niners

Remember when these two teams were evenly matched, but Kaep would go nuts and end up blowing out Green Bay? Seems like a long time ago right? Not to Rodgers. He’s going to crucify San Fran today.

Cardinals (-8) over Rams

God, I have to keep picking the Cards until Carson Palmer explodes and blows a pick for me, don’t I?

Broncos (-7) over Vikings

IT’S FUNNY BECAUSE BOTH QUARTERBACKS HAVE LAUGHABLE ARM STRENGTH! But, one of them is Peyton Manning, putting in some of the most impressive work of his career with a passing arm weaker than the average seventh grade back up quarterback.

Cowboys (+3) over Saints

Serious advice: Vegas overrating the Saints is an annual tradition, but make money while you can, because soon even Vegas will realize they suck.

Seahawks (-9.5) over Lions


Whatever. I bounced back from a horrific Week 2 to go above .500 for the season. Let’s win some fake money together. Enjoy the games.

Last Week: 12-4-0

This Week: 0-0-1

Season: 24-23-1

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Georgia Football Knee Jerk Reactions: Southern University Edition

My earliest football memories are covered in red and black, but not because of UGA. Before I ever stepped foot in Sanford Stadium, before Steve Spurrier ruined my childhood, before I even knew who Herschel Walker was, my football memories are of the Mighty Panthers of Clark Atlanta University. CAU is a Historically Black College and University just outside of downtown Atlanta, and my Saturdays growing up were punctuated with family trips to the game of the week. Even as I got older, there were two Saturdays that remain sacred: Homecoming Weekend, and the Morehouse game. So, the fact that Southern was the first HBCU to play in Sanford resonated with me on a level deeper than what some considered a throw away game in September.

The game was what it was; one team got a check, the other team got a tune up. But, we break down the game at hand here on Mondays, and break down the game we shall. Tomorrow starts the business of thinking about that team from out west, but enjoy a 4-0 Georgia team today.

The Good:

– The last two weeks have resulted in just two incompletions by Lambert, and this is the level of confidence you want your quarterback to be displaying headed into the meat of the schedule. Saturday did not require much out of the quarterback position, but the starter delivered at every turn. Decisions were made crisply, the ball was delivered with pace and on time, and it bodes well for the coming weeks.

– I love the anecdote about Chubb wanting to get Herschel’s record because it mattered so much to his linemen. While I don’t value humility as much as the average American, I can appreciate a running back caring about his offensive line. Three touchdowns later, and opportunity lies in front of him.

– This tweet WAS a joke. But I rewatched the game, and Chubb, Sony Michel and Jeb Blaze make this a legitimate question.

– Defense defensed all over the place. Actually looked very strong against the run this week, but it will be interesting to see what happens when a true duel threat rears its head later this season. Make no mistake, Southern has real football players on that team, and the tight end was among the most sure handed we’ll see all year. But Pruitt’s group did a great job bottling up the run, identifying what Southern wanted to do, and forcibly taking it away from them.

The Bad:

– One decent punt. One missed field goal by the back up. Spotty kick coverage at best. Same song, different day. All in all, I still feel horribly uneasy when the special teams unit is on the field. Can’t let this be the phase of the game that hurts us against the team from out west next week.

The Ugly:

– Get well soon Devon Gales.

Here’s where I usually put a bow on the game, and start talking about the next week. But, there isn’t much of a postmortem here, and we’ll be talking about next week all week. So, I’m going to cap this here blog with a video of Southern University’s Human Jukebox doing WORK at halftime in Athens. You’re welcome. Be sure to drop a Dusty Rhodes Bionic Elbow on that subscribe button on the not-yet-award-winning Dude You Podcast so you don’t miss an episode of our audio idiocy.

Go Dawgs.

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NFL Football: Changes + Week 3 Picks

I like to think I’m the type of person who welcomes a degree of change in his life. I went about as far from home as possible for college, I changed majors three times at Columbia, I’ve changed careers twice before 30, and I moved to Philadelphia with my girlfriend two years ago after being together only 10 months. This week’s blog, I find myself continuing that pattern of embracing one change, while taking a deeply principled stance against another. Welcome to the inaugural edition of the NFL picks on Sunday morning instead of Friday afternoon. Both of you who read this weekly (hey mom and dad!), I apologize for the disruption, but it’s a needed move to lighten my work load during the work week and so that the #freemoney doesn’t get lost in the wave of game day posts Friday and Saturday.

This would be me embracing change.What follows is an example of me staunchly resisting change.

Moving the extra point back this season is the picture of needless tampering and I’m tired of it. I’ve heard all the reasoning and all of it is 1000% unadulterated crap. Things you may have heard: “It needed changing.” “The game is more exciting now.” “The kicks were too easy.”

It’s important you recognize that these are lies. They changed this for the sake for change, and there is NO legitimate reason. Look at those specious reasons. LOOK AT THEM. What’s the old axiom? If it ain’t broke, make sure you tinker so that casual passerby thinks that you fixed something.

As always, home teams in bold.

Giants (-4) over Washington Professional Football Team

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FUN WITH STATS: Kirk Cousins has thrown as many interceptions as RG3 (23) in 45.5% as many attempts. Yet Griffin is described as washed, while Cousins is said to have potential. I wonder what the real reason for the difference in perception of these two is. Huh.

Falcons (-2) over Cowboys

Julio and company versus the walking wounded in Jerryworld? To coin a phrase, “GETCHA POPCORN READY!”

Can’t be 16-0 without being 3-0.

Colts (-3.5) over Titans

The Colts have made their bones as a franchise by feasting on the assorted carcasses of the rest of this putrid division. Now, the Colts have a quarterback with a great propensity for turning the ball over,  a lame-duck coach who hates the GM and a GM that is sick of the coach. And they’re STILL gonna win this garbage collection of teams.

Raiders (+3.5) over Browns

Thumbing your nose at young Jonathan Football Cleveland coaching staff? Well, that’s what you get for putting John Defilippo on the payroll. Prepare to get rolled over by the Derek Carr machine (this is not likely, please don’t gamble on this game).

Bengals (+3) over Ravens

Losing Suggs has hurt this defense a lot more than they’re letting on. Something has to give and it will be the Ravens defense, over and over and over again.

Patriots (-14) over Jaguars

Welcome to the largest line of the 2015 season. *whispers* And it’s not high enough.

Panthers (-10) over Saints

Damn impressed with how Cam and company have acquitted themselves with the football equivalent of the French Army as their receiving corps. No Brees equals HUGE problems for a Saints team looking for win number one.

FUN WITH STATS PART DEUX: This is the first time both McCown boys have started on an NFL Sunday since 2007. This stat provided by momma McCown.

Jets (-2.5) over Eagles


Hashtag the way we were.

Texans (-7) over Buccaneers


Chargers (+1) over Vikings

Wait, so maybe sitting a year for beating the hell out of your kid ISN’T conducive to still being a top tier back? GO ON… Also, I’m not sure how great AD is running out of the gun, as he’s spent his ENTIRE life running behind a fullback, and this whole experiment might be a bad idea.

Rams (+2) over Steelers

Gurley’s potential first NFL action and a fired up Rams defense means I’m taking the home team. Bell’s return and Antonio Brown being Antonio Brown means I’m probably wrong.

Cardinals (-6.5) over 49ers

I cannot believe I’m buying into the Carson Palmer nonsense. They should just bench him now, and wrap him in bubble wrap until the playoffs. Basically, his knee is a pinata, and someone is getting that sweet, sweet knee candy sooner or later.

Bills (+3) over Dolphins

Rex may not have the offense he wants quite yet, but I bet that his team keeps it close in Miami this week.

Seahawks (-15) over Bears

NEW HIGHEST LINE! Wait, wait, wait, wait. So not only is it Seattle’s home opener, but they’re hosting the Bears. Not only are they hosting the Bears, but Jimmy Clausen is starting. Not only is Jimmy Clausen starting, but Kam Chancellor is back to feast on some horrific quarterbacking.

seahawks animated GIF

Broncos (-3) over Lions

Lego neck and noodle arm notwithstading, I’m not ready to keep picking against Peyton at night. Not yet.

Packers (EVEN) over Chiefs

I think Bovada has this even due to the Eddie Lacy uncertainty. Never one to look #freemoney in the mouth, I’ll take the home team.

I survived Baton Rouge and New Orleans  last week. I’ll survive a horrific week 2 of picks.

Last Week: 4-12-0

This Week: 1-0

Season: 12-19-1

Love this? Hate it? Think I’m an idiot? Don’t just curse at me under your breath, head to theDude You Podcast iTunes page, and leave a 5-star review to make sure I know it, and have your voice heard on the air. EXCLUSIVE! The Georgia vs. Southern Drinking Game

Editor’s note: Meet my friend Josh Thompson. Josh mentioned to me his idea to publish a weekly Georgia drinking game on our site. I thought Andrew had retweeted the South Carolina game edition, but I couldn’t find it on a quick search of his timeline. It’s altogether possible I made that up. Last weekend was hazy. He can be found on twitter at @j_thompson89

Anyway, this is freaking fantastic, and will prompt equal or greater haziness THIS Saturday. 

Take it away, Josh! 

Good morning, DudeYouCrazy readers. After meeting Chad at a tailgate last weekend, I offered my talents to bring you the weekly Georgia football drinking game.  There are two sets of rules here:  weekly rules that differ for each game, and two rules that will repeat every gameday.

To those who choose to partake: I salute you.  Getting up and ready to drink for a noon kickoff against an FCS foe is quite a feat. Considering the Friday night that (Editor edit) alcoholics like you/us assuredly had, I’m sure you’ll be able to use this game as an excuse to day drink.  That said I’ve tried to keep in mind that we will be nursing hangovers while sipping on Bloody Marys, and not throwing back light beer as if this were an SEC game.

Southern @ Georgia drinking rules:

  • Drink when the announcers mention that this is Southern’s first game against an SEC school.
  • Drink every time the announcers discuss the Alabama game next week, since everybody has already mentally moved past this one.
  • 5 drinks when they discuss Lambert’s NCAA record game last week
    • BONUS SHOT if they mention that performance “ending the QB competition”
  • Finish your drink if it’s mentioned that Lambert is now dating Miss Georgia
  • 3 drinks when the “Southern’s band will win halftime” joke is made
  • Shot when Malcolm Mitchell’s children’s book is brought up
  • Drink when it’s mentioned that there’s a new Uga this season
    • Drink again if this ends in a shot of ‘Cue sitting in his doghouse

Weekly Georgia Bulldog drinking rules:

  • Finish your drink on Georgia’s first Special Teams error of the day
    • Shot for each additional Special Teams mistake
  • Keep drinking every time Chubb carries the ball. Henceforth known as the #ChugForChubb




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