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Georgia Football Recruiting: Who Will UGA Land? (BIG Time 5 and 4-Stars), Dawgs to Land 2016 4-Star DL, WR From Florida Puts UGA In Top 3

Photo courtesy of @Tee_Time24

Photo courtesy of @Tee_Time24

Recruiting Quick Hits


Who Will the Dawgs Land?

Jake Rowe of 247 Sports put together a great list of current UGA commits and who he thinks the Dawgs will land. Now I follow recruiting very closely, and I talk to recruits occasionally throughout the week to get some information, but I am certainly not an expert like Jake. When he hays something, you can bet there’s a good chance it will happen. Here is his list. If his projections are correct, Georgia will land one 5-star and seven 4-stars, according to the 247 Sports Composite Rankings.

I agree with everything he’s said, as I had the same predictions two weeks ago. The only difference was that I didn’t have D’Andre Walker or Rico McGraw as locks (now I think they are), and I did have Micah Abernathy as a lock (still think he is). If Georgia lands all of these guys, or even the majority of them, the Dawgs will certainly have the #1 ranked class in the nation (that is, if ESPN doesn’t change the rankings to give it to Alabama).


Mykelle McDaniel (DL) *2016 – ☆☆☆☆

The 2016, 4-star defensive lineman from Grayson High School has named UGA as his leader. In fact, McDaniel would have already committed if not for his mom:

“The very next visit I take, I’ll be going back to Georgia. (The Clemson game) was great. The best part was the food,” McDaniel said. “As good as Georgia’s doing, I would have already committed, but my mom wants me to be a man of my word, so once I commit, I’m already on my way. I’m just going to wait.”

Still, McDaniel seems like a UGA lock, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he committed sometime in the next few months.

The rest of the story on Mykelle can be found here. Quote courtesy of Jake Reuse of

Antonio Callaway (WR) – ☆☆☆

3-Star receiver from Miami, Antonio Callaway, has put the Dawgs in his top-3 along with Florida and LSU. He likes Georgia a lot and has noticed that they play a lot of freshmen. He also says that he likes that UGA runs a spread offense. Considering the Dawgs run a pro-style offense with a few spread wrinkles thrown in, that’s a little strange.

I don’t think we’ll end up signing Antonio, but I really don’t think it’s that big of a deal. He is very talented, and probably deserves a fourth star, but our receiver class for 2015 is already stacked, and I don’t know that he’d want to come in and compete with all those guys. Here are his junior highlights, though, if you’d like to check him out.

Here are his highlights from his game against Oscar Smith (Josh Sweat’s high school) from a couple of weeks ago:


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Georgia Football: UGA Defense Ranked Worse Than Last Year, Suspended Linebacker Returns, Mason’s Timing Is Off, and More – Daily Dose of Dawg

Pretty Much Every Defensive Play - Courtesy of

Pretty Much Every Defensive Play – Courtesy of

Georgia’s Pass Defense: Its Weakest Link

If you’ve watched the Bulldogs at all the last couple years, you know that the pass defense, particularly the secondary, is the worst part of this team. Every year it seems like we’re saying the same thing, “Our secondary will stink, obviously, but if we can get enough pressure on the quarterback, maybe it won’t matter.” Well, the Dawgs got zero pressure this Saturday, and thus made a very average quarterback look like Peyton Manning.

It’s only been two games, and Georgia did open up with two ranked teams, but the Bulldogs are actually ranked worse in pass defense this year, than they were under Grantham in 2013 (2013: 60th in Pass Defense; 84th in Pass Efficiency Defense/2014: 67th in Pass Defense; 97th in Pass Efficiency Defense). What’s even worse is that teams know exactly how to attack the Bulldogs, and it works quite well :

“The coaching staff, we had a game plan,” said South Carolina receiver Nick Jones, who had four catches for 87 yards. “We were working on that all week. We knew the middle of the field would be wide open.”

The Bulldogs certainly need to get things together on defense in a hurry or this is going to be one long season. Story about UGA looking to fix its pass defense here.


Davin Bellamy Set to Return

Davin Bellamy - Photo Courtesy of 247 Sports

Davin Bellamy – Photo Courtesy of 247 Sports

Outside linebacker, Davin Bellamy, is finally set to return after serving a two game suspension for a DUI. Bellamy was redshirted last year, but has looked quite good and drawn a lot of praise from coaches this offseason. I expect big things from Bellamy, and I think he’ll add even more depth which, after Saturday, we seem to need. Who knows, maybe he’ll actually be able to touch the quarterback’s jersey.

Story on Bellamy here.


Hutson Mason and Receivers Just Not On the Same Page

Hutson Mason - Photo Courtesy of Macon Telegraph

Hutson Mason – Photo Courtesy of Macon Telegraph

Numerous times on Saturday Mason was throwing behind receivers, or he’d throw a ball and the receiver wouldn’t be ready. It was frustrating to watch, and probably even more frustrating for the coaches. Now I’m not sure if it was Mason’s fault, the receiver’s fault, or a little of both, but it certainly needs to be fixed. Something else I’ve noticed is that Hutson puts way too much air under balls and just seems to float them out there (with the exception of that one tough pass to Conley on the sideline). Now this could have been due to the fact that he just doesn’t throw too well in the rain, but it’s still something I worry about.

His receivers have confidence in him, and I sure hope they’re right:

“The one thing I will say about that, is we’ve seen him do it in the past, we’ve seen him do it versus Georgia Tech, he did it against Kentucky and obviously we’ve seen him do it in practice,” he said. “We have no issues with that.” - Chris Conley

Story on Mason and receivers here. All quotes from Anthony Dasher,


Nick Chubb Likely to Miss Troy Game Due to Broken Thumb

Yesterday, Nick Chubb had surgery to repair a broken thumb. Richt said that he could be back practicing by Thursday, and if he feels good on Saturday, he’ll let him play. Chubb seems like a tough kid, so I think regardless of how he feels, he’ll tell the coaches he’s good to go. If I’m Richt, though, I’d hold him out, no question. You don’t need him in this game, but you will need him going forward. Why even risk the chance of him injuring his thumb even further?

Story on Chubb here.


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NFL Football: Week Two GIF Round Up

The NFL’s Week 2 is in the books, and as is new tradition here, I use moving pictures to commemorate some of the games. TECHNOLOGY!

Falcons 10, Bengals 24

That was…not good? Not good covers it.


Saints 24, Browns 26

At least the Saints lost too.

Sean Payton Lets Rob Ryan Know What's What


Rob Ryan

Lions 7, Panthers 24

The Panthers defense is good, but this is not their doing.

Cardinals 25, Giants 10

Eli’s “I just lost to Drew Stanton” face is the same as the rest of his Manning faces.


Jaguars 10, Washington Professional Football Team 41

Vintage Jags.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, In One GIF

Seahawks 21, Chargers 30

The bolo tie magic is scrong with this one.


Chiefs 17, Broncos 24

Peyton Manning cares not for your secondary or your cameramen.

This Is What It Looks Like To Get Run Over By Julius Thomas

Jets 24, Packers 31

They called a timeout right before this play that would have tied the game, which is the most Jets thing ever.

Also, apropos of nothing…

Texans 30, Raiders 14

The Raiders remain a special kind of terrible. Their last few years are best set to this.


Bears 28, Niners 20

Bears waited until the second half to wake up, but when Brandon Marshall is doing THAT (see below), you might only need 30 minutes to win.

That's Quite A Catch, Brandon Marshall

Eagles 30, Colts 27

Hope you didn’t give up on this at the half and just start watching Raw (really weak go-home for Night of Champions), but if you did, you missed Darren Sproles basically winning this game by himself.


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Georgia Football Recruiting: UGA Could Flip Bama Commit, Recruits React to UGA Loss, Josh Sweat Update

Courtesy of

Josh Sweat – Courtesy of

Recruiting Quick Hits

Rico McGraw Still Considering the Bulldogs

This will be a very interesting recruiting battle to keep your eye on as some experts still think the Dawgs have a good shot. Rico McGraw, a once Georgia commit, flipped to Alabama a little over a month ago, but that hasn’t kept the Bulldog coaches from pursuing him. Jeremy Pruitt still wants McGraw very badly, and even some current UGA commits are trying to sway his mind. I still don’t think we’ll be able to flip Rico since we’ll likely be picking up Rashad Roundtree in the next month, but this could still be interesting. Story on McGraw and other recruits here.


Loss to USC Won’t Have a Huge Impact

The awful loss to the Game Chickens in Columbia certainly didn’t help things on the recruiting trail for the Bulldogs, but I also don’t believe it really hurt them. Yes, it did show that this team is not the invincible juggernaut that many believed (NOT ME), and defensive commits did see that Jeremy Pruitt doesn’t have some magic scheme that can destroy any offense, but teams lose tough games, and recruits know that. I mean, this game was one bad holding call from being a UGA win, and some recruits understood that Georgia really should’ve won that game.

“They got cheated, but offensively it was a good game!” – Emanuel McGirt

247 Sports has the quotes from UGA commits/targets about the game here.

Interview With Josh Sweat and Coach was able to get an exclusive interview with the 5-star defensive end and #1 player in the nation, Josh Sweat. Now, there wasn’t a ton of Bulldog news to come out of the interview, but Sweat never talks to the media so this was a really big deal. He has no leader at this point, and the fact that UGA has one of his five official visits means the Bulldogs have just as good a shot as anyone. We are the only SEC team he is considering, and I think Jeremy Pruitt is very attractive (not looks-wise) to elite defensive players. Sweat will be an early enrollee, so his decision will have to come sometime in the next couple of months, and his coach says that it might even come during the first week of November before the high school playoffs start.

Interview with Josh Sweat here.

Interview with Sweat’s coach here.

If you haven’t seen his junior highlights, take a look:


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Georgia Football: 1st and Bobo, Richt Sending in Complaints, J.J. Green to Play, and More – Daily Dose of Dawg

Photo courtesy of Bleacher Report

Photo courtesy of Bleacher Report

I’ll preface this Daily Dose of Dawg by letting you know that everything will have a twinge of negativity in it, as it very well should.

What Was Bobo Thinking?

If you’re anything like me, the meltdown of this Georgia team in crucial situations is still affecting your mood. You want to try to get over the loss, but you just can’t believe (or maybe you can) the Dawgs gave that game away like they did. Well, over the many years of being a Bulldog fan and the many, many letdowns I’ve had to endure, I have learned that the best way to cope with this type of loss is to get all your emotions out in one big rant rather than let them fester insde.

Mark Bradley of the AJC wrote an interesting piece that kind of defends Mike Bobo’s actions. Now, if you agree with Bradley, feel free to read here, but I certainly do not. Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that stupid quote about hindsight being 20/20, but this is just common sense. You have the BEST running back in the SEC since Herschel Walker, and you choose to put the ball in the hands of your average quarterback? You cannot throw one reason out there that will actually justify Bobo’s cute play calling. You run the ball 3, 4 times, and you come out of Columbia with a win. Instead, we see the same meltdown we’ve seen for years. It also really bugs me that Bobo is wasting one of the greatest running backs of all time and won’t even stick around after the game to own up to his actions.

Now I will say this about Mike Bobo. I DO NOT think he is an awful coach by any means. The man still put up 35 points on the road in a hostile environment on Saturday and has had one of the best offenses in the SEC for the last couple of years. If he can eliminate all that cutesy play calling in crucial situations and just go with his bread and butter, Todd Gurley, the man will be just about perfect in my eyes.

Chip Towers of the AJC wrote on article on 1st and Bobo here.


Richt Unhappy With Some Calls

To the Bulldog’s defense, this was quite possibly the worst officiated Georgia game I have ever seen. Momentum was on Georgia’s side, and everything was going great until the phantom holding penalty was called on the Human Holding Machine, Bradon Kublanow. Even ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, with no UGA affiliation, thought it was a horrible call:

Although the play never should’ve been run in the first place, Hutson’s tipped pass on the four yard line was certainly not intentional grounding. The ball clearly bounced off the USC defender’s leg and changed trajectory.

Also, as I’m sure you’ve seen before, the ball clearly did not touch the first down marker at the end of the game.


















Oh, and for all you people with two brain cells that say the ball only has to be past the last link:











Mark Richt with comments here.


Mark Richt Sunday Teleconference

On Sunday, Richt did his weekly teleconference and had some interesting things to say. Quotes here. One of which is that some other guys like J.J. Green are going to get an opportunity to play in the upcoming games and show what they are able to do. Richt also discusses why the South Carolina receivers were running wide open the entire game.


Tennessee Game Set

The Tennessee game will be at 12:00 on ESPN.


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