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Georgia Football: Thoughts about the Rival Florida Gators Following Their Media Days Showing

Will Muschamp Doesn’t Feel a Hot Seat Because He Doesn’t Feel and He Sure as Hell Doesn’t Sit.



Not sure if that’s who Florida is in 2014, but I guess we’ll find out.  I do know that’s who the Gators were in 2012, for what it’s worth.  But I know more recently, the Gators were a team with a losing record high (or low) lighted by a loss to Georgia Southern.  So there’s that.

In all seriousness, I think Florida’s due for a huge rise. There’s just too much talent on that team to put up back-to-back losing seasons.  Their last four recruiting classes have posted an average national ranking of 7 (per 247Sports).


“Jeff Driskel is the Best. Period” – Florida Gators Players and Coaches, Also Vandy Player

A few quotes presented without commentary:

  • “I think Jeff’s the best quarterback in college football.” – Florida CB Vernon Hargreaves III
  • “Couldn’t think of a better way to start the SEC schedule than a win at Alabama on the road.” – Florida QB Jeff Driskel
  • ” I think [the most feared QB in the SEC] would probably bee Jeff Driskel.” – Vandy LB Adam Butler
  • “In my opinion, I think he’s the best quarterback in the SEC.” – Florida DL Dante Fowler


I’m all about confidence in your guy, I think that’s crucial in this league.  I’m also all about the changes that Kurt Roper (Florida’s new O.C.) is capable of making.  But I think Driskel hype should probably be non-existent.  A few stats without commentary:

  • Number 1 Pro Style QB in the class of 2011
  • 2011: 47% completion rate, 0 TD, 2 INTs
  • 2012: 137 passing yards and one touchdown pass per game as starter
  • 2013: 477 passing yards, two TDs and three INTs in 2.1 football games


His season was cut extremely short last year, but 2013 was still his best campaign as a passer (as measured by rating).  Last year, his 135.5 passer rating would have ranked 61st in the country among full-time QBs and would have trailed Bo Wallace, James Franklin, Austyn Carta-Samuels, Nick Marshall, Aaron Murray, Connor Shaw, A.J. McCarron, Zach Mettenberger and Johnny Manziel within the SEC.

I’d take a few days off at Driskel Heisman Campaign Headquarters…


That’s all I got/





NCAA: Death By A Thousand Cuts

One of our passion projects here at Dude You Crazy has been chronicling the slow but needed death of the NCAA cartel that runs college sports. I searched our site for ‘NCAA’ and negative qualifiers, and won’t link every one here for brevity’s sake but the total number is staggering.

Today, it was leaked that the University of Oklahoma is looking to increase Bob Stoops’ salary to over $5 million a year. That’s right, the same coach who last year said to The Sporting News, and I quote:

“[Y]ou’re not the first one to spend a hungry Sunday without any money.”

No one called him a liar for saying that, but when Shabazz Napier suggested the same thing this spring, he was said to be exaggerating, and people openly questioned his plight. As mentioned on the soon-to-be award-winning Dude You Podcast, O’Bannon v. NCAA has been raging for almost two weeks now, and while there are places to keep track of the progress of testimony, Charles Pierce of Esquire has been doing a GREAT job recapping the fall of the NCAA in back to back columns.

Here’s part one, “How It Ends” which features the following quote:

“[T]he plaintiffs are asking to be paid some of the ancillary money the NCAA made off of all the work they did playing their sports, a relatively simple idea for any human being who has ever actually earned a living, but, apparently, a concept so alien to the NCAA that just talking about it seems to get that organization concerned that it has contracted a virus from a distant world.”

Here’s part two, “Dispatches From the NCAA’s Deathbed” which features this gem:

“This is very bad news for the NCAA because, with her outsider’s eye, [Judge] Wilken is immune to the threadbare piety in which it wraps its heedless commercialism. All the usual buck-and-wing that works on elements of the kept college press is completely lost on her. In fact, she seems to be quite aware of — and, occasionally, quite amused by — the fundamental absurdity of much of the defense’s case.”

Both are absolute must reads, and if you are still on the side of Emmert and his cronies after this, then you might be a lost cause.

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NBA: LeBron Opts Out

Breaking across the internet: Mr. LeBron James has informed the Heat that he intends to enter free agency. He had until June 30th to inform the team of his free agency intentions, but the news is out now.

There are two distinct ways to look at this: LeBron took a hard look at the landscape around him in Miami, saw how ardently management would fight against incurring the new cap tax this coming year (if you are over the cap 4 out of 5 years, the penalty for going over more than doubles), and realized that there was no short or long-term fix on the horizon for the Heat, and is looking for a new place to play.


The Big Three (you go to four straight NBA Finals, you get capitalized) have decided to independently take pay cuts AGAIN to come back and rebuild on the fly with vested veterans, sacrificing personal money for the betterment of the team and the best chance at making a fifth straight run at a title.

Either way, your TV will be filled with talking heads debating this decision until the next Decision, and I continue not to have to pretend about baseball. That said, you can argue about LeBron’s attitude and what not, but numbers never lie.

Yeah, I’d take that on my basketball team. I mean, Coach Bud and Danny Ferry are building Spurs East in Atlanta, and I think he’d be a great fit. But there is one place we know he ISN’T going.


Sorry Chad.

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The Hornets Are Dead. Long Live The Hornets

In 2002, Charlotte lost their basketball team due to lots of contributing factors (George Shinn), and the most natural hotbed of basketball in America was left without an NBA representative. Just two years later, the city would be back in the NBA, but not as the beloved Hornets (moved to New Orleans), or even as the fan voted upon Flight (playing on the whole Wright Brothers thing), but as a megalomaniacal, ego driven play on owner Robert Johnson’s name Bobcats.

Seriously. There was a fan vote that was ignored, and the jackass decided to name the team after himself. And then he started his own television network that was to be only carried by Time Warner to show the games, in hopes to entice locals to switch to Time Warner JUST to watch the Bobcats. Which no one did. Which meant that the aforementioned natural basketball hotbed would remained untapped by the new local team. It would appear that Charlotte area NBA teams were doomed to poor ownership.

In 2010, Charlotte sold their basketball team due to lots of contributing factors (Robert bleeping Johnson), and if you’re noticing a pattern, you’ve been paying attention. Anyway, the team did better under Jordan, but something was still missing. Something teal and purple. Until now.

2013 saw New Orleans become the Pelicans, complete with new nightmare fuel mascot and everything, ignoring the most obvious of nickname switches in sports. (Seriously, the New Orleans Jazz is such an easy name, it is staggering that the NBA continues to screw this up.) All of this meant that the Hornets were coming home.

This week, they unveiled the jerseys the nu-Hornets will be wearing next year, and though I miss the pinstripes, I’ve got to say I’m aesthetically all in.

But don’t take my word for it! We’ve got a Carolinian and life-long Hornets fan on staff, so take it away Chad!

The buzz is BACK, baby! And the buzz is glorious. While I miss the pinstripes (the only major shortcoming IMO), I’m impressed at how good the primary typeface looks on a jersey. A little surprised to see the text “Charlotte” on the teals and not the purples, as it seems that the teals would make for a decent home alternate in this era.

But let’s cease to bury the lede. Gone is the ridiculous name ‘Bobcats’, which as you know was a self-tribute to former owner Bob Johnson. WHO DOES THAT? We have finally purged the evil that comes with such tomfoolery, including a decade of suck totaling 2 playoff appearances and zero wins.

It’s a new era in Charlotte basketball, and it no longer feels like an obligation to cheer for the team that calls North Carolina home. GO HORNETS!

There you have it. Check us out tomorrow at noon eastern for more hot takes on sports during our weekly Offseason Hangover Podcast, where we take a lighter look at a sports landscape that can sometimes take itself too seriously.

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It’s A Hard Knock Life

So, the Atlanta Falcons have been named the team for this year’s HBO Hard Knocks season. Related: this season is over. Not because of Sean Weatherspoon’s torn Achilles in OTAs, but because no one has ever had a good season after appearing on the show. I was already disappointed when the Browns turned down HBO, because JohnnyFootball, but now that the cameras are going to be on my favorite team, I’m downright apoplectic.

There were only 8 teams thet the NFL could have made do Hard Knocks, but apparently, the Birds jumped at this chance. Either they know something I don’t, or management realizes there’s no point in competing while I live in the north. I appreciate the respect Falcons management, but damn. Internet, reaction gif me!

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