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March Madness Mastery Contest: DO IT!

Once again, you’re invited to join the official DudeYouCrazy March Madness Mastery Contest presented by the DudeYouPodcast.

We’ll be throwing random prizes out after each round, but what really matters is this: The winner gets a 60 minute Podcast appearance and full control over content of the episode.  This could be your big break!  Having 60 minutes of air time could be like The Voice meets Last Comic Standing assuming you are a good singer and/or a comedian.  If not it’s a lot like a podcast!

Join via ESPN here!



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Georgia Bulldogs Football: The Bad News About the Dawgs’ 2014 Signing Class

I wasn’t pulling your leg yesterday when I said this was one of the best recruiting classes of the Mark Richt era (more thoughts on episode 35 of the DudeYouPodcast).  This class has stars, depth, position-fillers and everything one could hope for.  That’s the good news.

The bad news is that may not be enough.

Lost in the hoopla of yet another Top 10 recruiting class is the fact that a Top 10 class is hardly a point of differentiation within the SEC.  Over the past five years, seven SEC teams (Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee and Texas A&M) have pulled in Top 10 classes.  All seven of those teams have done it more than once.

Georgia - the bold red line - does not stand out within the SEC.

Georgia – the bold red line – does not stand out within the SEC.

The data is even more discouraging when those seven teams are analyzed over four-year periods to reflect the entire team’s talent.  In other words, if we measure the classes from 2011-2014 to identify how much talent Georgia should (in theory) have on its roster next season, the results are equally lacking in distinction.  The chart below shows how these seven teams stack up over four-year trailing averages.

In 2014, Georgia will be the SEC’s fourth most talented team for the third straight season.  Each year, Alabama, LSU and Florida have held an edge over the Dawgs.


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College Football Recruiting: Is this the End For The SEC?

The SEC pulled in a ridiculous amount of talent this week.  You can’t argue with that.  No conference signed more Top 10, Top 20, Top 50 or Top 100 players.  The SEC signed more 5-star recruits than the rest of the nation combined, and no conference signed more 4-star prospects.  Seven of the nation’s 10 best recruiting classes hail from the Southeastern Conference.  The SEC notched 10 Top 25 classes.  No SEC class dropped out of the Top 50.

The SEC dominated National Signing Day.  There’s no other way to put it.

Unfortunately, the conference has been building to this level of recruiting success for several years and the lasting impact on the league could be drastic—in a negative way.

Parity is already at an all time high in the SEC, and that parity (as you can read here) is erasing margin for error in the nation’s best football conference.  This combined with both a top-heavy core of talented teams and the rise of bottom-feeders makes perfection hard to achieve.  What does that mean?  The SEC is beating itself.

That’s not a new concept, but the influx of talent in 2014 will worsen its effects.  And while a college football playoff may make it easier for a one (or even two) loss SEC team to continue to contend for national championships, a more alarming trend may reduce the conference’s chance for success: The SEC’s most talented team is rarely winning the conference title.

Read more on the thoughts and the impact of the SEC’s recruiting dominance here (warning: lots of stats).


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SIGNING Days of SEC Dominance, Part 2014

Hey, how’s your Thursday going?

Like SEC football?

Feeling productive today?

How would you like it if you all of a sudden…weren’t so productive today?

Good Bull Hunting has put together an interactive map of all of the SEC commits by hometown, name, and star rating, and it is absolutely fascinating. I meant to post this last night but I got too involved in this thing. DID YOU KNOW ALABAMA AND ARKANSAS BOTH PULLED 4-STAR O-LINEMEN FROM MINNEFRICKINSOTA?

Enjoy, folks. All we have between now and August is Spring Practice. And soul searching on the fact that the SEC pulled zero commits from Canada and Mexico combined.

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Yesterday’s News Today: Dorial Green-Beckham Nails It, Coach O Snubbed at Alabama, Feel Bad for Florida

Dorial Green-Beckham

There may or may not have been one pound of marijuana in the car Dorial Green-Beckham was in this weekend.  That’s already been discussed here.

But whatever you do, don’t try to bring him down.



Alabama’s new DL Coach

Alabama didn’t hire Ed Orgeron (or Chris Wilson for that matter).

In one of my new favorite moves from this year’s coaching carousel, Alabama hired Bo Davis who was at Texas last year, then at Southern Cal for one week this year and is now heading to Alabama.  He’s replacing Chris Rumph who took a job he once had at Texas.  So homeboy left a school (Texas) for another school (USC) and in doing so opened a spot for another guy (Rumph) to fill his old spot (at Texas).  After the other guy filled his old spot and in doing so opened a third spot (Alabama), he filled the third spot.

I feel like Nick Saban just got inception’d.



Good News for Gator Fans Who Love Bad News

Jeff Driskel will be back for spring practice.  The end.



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