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College Football Fans, We’re Taking You Where No Other Fans Have Ever Been – Seriously

first 100

On the evening of August 13, 2014, readers will get to follow along (on Twitter, and maybe on here if we can figure it all out) as I enter the brand new, not-opening-until-ten-days-later College Football Hall of Fame. Oh, and I’ll be shacking up there.  Seriously, I’m sleeping at the CFB HOF.

How did this happen?  Well, this wasn’t given.  Much like LeBron James’ Northeast Ohio, when Chick-fil-A and the College Football Hall of Fame are involved, nothing is given…everything is earned.

I won an essay contest.  I saw a promotion online, I typed the 133 words found below.  I won.  That’s what I do.

A few reasons why this is so great:

  1. The thesis of the essay is simple: College Football = America.  If you know me, you probably expect this type of thing.
  2. In the essay I proudly extol some of college football’s many virtues, like education.
  3. In the essay I use the term “multifaceted love.”
  4. Now I can will call myself an award-winning college football writer.


So when I enter the new Hall of Fame as one of the first 100 entrants, know that I, Andrew Hall, am the Hall of fame.  And follow on Twitter as I give you a behind the scenes look of what sleeping in an un0pened museum is like.

It's going to be just like this, but a lot more fun and with fewer lions.

It’s going to be just like this, but a lot more fun and with fewer lions.


And now, here’s what an award-winning essay looks like:

I love college football because it represents everything good and pure in the United States.  Unbridled competition is crossed with transcendent strategy and multiplied by an environment that encourages sportsmanship, education, passion and excellence.
The ties between fans and their rooting alliances run so deep that lines are blurred.  “They” becomes “We.”  “Team” becomes “Fans.”  There is no out of bounds, only a vast sea of loyalists extending upon the playing field both in the stadium and on couches around the land.
College football is the great American game thanks to its rich history, its colorful tradition and its adaptive future.
Nothing in this life can compare with 100,000 fans uniting in one unified but multifaceted love.  Love of sport.  Love of higher education. Love of victory. And love of loyalty…even in defeat.


That’s all I got/



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Georgia Recruiting Breaking News: Florida Gator DB Commit Flips to the Bulldogs

According to Rusty Mansell of 247Sports, Deontai Williams of Jacksonville is no longer a Gator commit.  To add insult to Will Muschamp and Company’s injury, he’s now verbally committed to Georgia.

Williams is a 6’0″, 175 lb. DB and is considered the nation’s 29th-best safety per 247Sports.  In addition to Georgia and Florida, he holds offers from the likes of Auburn, LSU, Miami, Mississippi State and Louisville.

Undoubtedly, a relatively unestablished secondary and the opportunity to play early factored into his decision.


That’s all I got/


Georgia Football: Thoughts about the Rival Florida Gators Following Their Media Days Showing

Will Muschamp Doesn’t Feel a Hot Seat Because He Doesn’t Feel and He Sure as Hell Doesn’t Sit.



Not sure if that’s who Florida is in 2014, but I guess we’ll find out.  I do know that’s who the Gators were in 2012, for what it’s worth.  But I know more recently, the Gators were a team with a losing record high (or low) lighted by a loss to Georgia Southern.  So there’s that.

In all seriousness, I think Florida’s due for a huge rise. There’s just too much talent on that team to put up back-to-back losing seasons.  Their last four recruiting classes have posted an average national ranking of 7 (per 247Sports).


“Jeff Driskel is the Best. Period” – Florida Gators Players and Coaches, Also Vandy Player

A few quotes presented without commentary:

  • “I think Jeff’s the best quarterback in college football.” – Florida CB Vernon Hargreaves III
  • “Couldn’t think of a better way to start the SEC schedule than a win at Alabama on the road.” – Florida QB Jeff Driskel
  • ” I think [the most feared QB in the SEC] would probably bee Jeff Driskel.” – Vandy LB Adam Butler
  • “In my opinion, I think he’s the best quarterback in the SEC.” – Florida DL Dante Fowler


I’m all about confidence in your guy, I think that’s crucial in this league.  I’m also all about the changes that Kurt Roper (Florida’s new O.C.) is capable of making.  But I think Driskel hype should probably be non-existent.  A few stats without commentary:

  • Number 1 Pro Style QB in the class of 2011
  • 2011: 47% completion rate, 0 TD, 2 INTs
  • 2012: 137 passing yards and one touchdown pass per game as starter
  • 2013: 477 passing yards, two TDs and three INTs in 2.1 football games


His season was cut extremely short last year, but 2013 was still his best campaign as a passer (as measured by rating).  Last year, his 135.5 passer rating would have ranked 61st in the country among full-time QBs and would have trailed Bo Wallace, James Franklin, Austyn Carta-Samuels, Nick Marshall, Aaron Murray, Connor Shaw, A.J. McCarron, Zach Mettenberger and Johnny Manziel within the SEC.

I’d take a few days off at Driskel Heisman Campaign Headquarters…


That’s all I got/





2014 SEC Previews

Every year, the SEC Preview portion of gets more substantial.  This year is no exception.

Beginning tomorrow (July 14th) we will spend three days on each and every Southeastern Conference team.  We’re going to start at the bottom of the conference and work our way to the top with the following elements for each team:

  • Day 1: Big, bad, occasionally-comprehensive preview by the Dude.
  • Day 2: Podcast featuring (at the very least) Chad Floyd and Andrew Hall and a few special guests a long the way.
  • Day 3: Staff preview and predictions.


Accordingly, here is the schedule for the weeks to come:







  • August 1: Andrew’s Tennessee Preview
  • August 2: Tennessee Podcast
  • August 3: Staff Tennessee Preview


  • August 4: Andrew’s Florida Preview
  • August 5: Florida Podcast
  • August 6: Staff Florida Preview


  • August 7: Andrew’s Ole Miss Preview
  • August 8: Ole Miss Podcast
  • August 9: Staff Ole Miss Preview


  • August 10: Andrew’s LSU Preview
  • August 11: LSU Podcast
  • August 12: Staff LSU Preview


  • August 13: Andrew’s “Formal” Georgia Preview (Lots more where this is coming from)
  • August 14: Georgia Podcast (one of many)
  • August 15: Staff Georgia Preview (ditto)


  • August 16: Andrew’s South Carolina Preview
  • August 17: South Carolina Podcast
  • August 18: Staff South Carolina Preview


  • August 19: Andrew’s Auburn Preview
  • August 20: Auburn Podcast
  • August 21: Staff Auburn Preview


  • August 22: Andrew’s Alabama Preview
  • August 23: Alabama Podcast
  • August 24: Staff Alabama Preview


Various pieces will appear related to the teams discussed above, but those will be surprises.  Additionally, we will spend the final few days leading up to the season thusly:

  • August 25: National Top 10 Staff Projections
  • August 26: National Awards Staff Projections
  • August 27: The beginning of weekly previews
  • August 28: Chad and Andrew live from the Georgia Dome for Ole Miss/Boise State
  • August 29: Full-blown Georgia panic
  • August 30: Live gameday coverage from around the country.


Please come back as often as possible.


That’s all I got/




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Preseason SEC Power Rankings – DudeYouCrazy Style

  1. Alabama
  2. Auburn
  3. South Carolina
  4. Georgia
  5. LSU
  6. Ole Miss
  7. Florida
  8. Tennessee
  9. Texas A&M
  10. Mississippi State
  11. Missouri
  12. Vanderbilt
  13. Arkansas
  14. Kentucky


Some of this was reader voting and some of this was just me and Chad drinking and eating ribs. It happens.


That’s all I got/



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