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Florida Embarrasses Themselves Again, UNC Trashes Locker Room After Victory, And More

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy

Will Muschamp got carried off the field this past saturday after his Florida Gator team defeated Eastern Kentucky in his final home game. Listen, I thought he handled being asked to step down with class, but he should have told his players stop before they put him up there. You beat a directional school in Kentucky. I will gladly put you on my shoulders if you beat FSU this weekend. Hell, I will carry you on my shoulders for a week if you beat FSU. That my friends is a guarantee. Here is the video.


Afro For Recruits 

Brett Bielema is pulling out all the stops to get recruits to come to Arkansas, and you best believe it includes putting an afro wig on if the recruit wants it! Honestly, Bret Bielema has done a great job this season, and if all goes according to plan then they will assist the Dawgs to the SEC Title game. We should wear afros if that happens. Here is the picture.


ACC Football

UNC beat Duke in football. I really could careless about the outcome of this game, but because UNC does not know how to handle success I am forced to. UNC trashed the Duke locker room after beating the brakes off of the Blue Devils and ending their hopes for a repeat performance in the ACC Title game. Win with class, lose with class UNC. It is not that hard. Here is the damage they imposed on Duke.



Georgia Football Recruiting: **Tons of Info** Five MUST GET Players for 2015

Five Must Get Players for UGA

Dawgs 247 Sports released the five “must haves” for 2015. Their list here.

These are the five players, who are undecided and considering UGA, who I think the Bulldogs must get for 2015:

Josh Sweat – Photo courtesy of USA Today

Josh Sweat – ☆☆☆☆☆
#5 Overall; #1 WDE; #1 in VA
Oscar Smith (Chesapeake, VA) WDE

I probably would have had 5-Star cornerback, Tarvarus McFadden, in this spot last week, but considering he chose the ‘Noles a few weeks ago, I’ve moved Sweat to #1. If Sweat wasn’t seriously considering UGA, I wouldn’t feel like he was a must get, but the “word on the street” is that this is now a Georgia/Florida State battle. It’s also promising that Georgia is the only SEC school that Sweat is considering. Dawgs 247 reports that Sweat’s decision will really just come down to his official visits. He visited Athens for the Auburn game and loved it. Him and his family were very impressed with the coaching staff and the people in the Georgia program. Sweat said that he was surprised with how nice everything was. He’ll make his decision sometime during the first week of December.

Here are Sweat’s junior highlights:


Chidi Valentine-Okeke – Photo courtesy of 247 Sports

Chidi Valentine-Okeke – ☆☆☆☆
#54 Overall; #2 OT; #8 in GA
Faith Baptist Christian Academy (Ludowici, GA) OT
***Ratings by 247 Sports because Rivals has not yet reclassified him as a 2015 recruit

Offensive linemen are always a major need for the Bulldogs, but Valentine-Okeke is even more important because he is an elite in-state guy, and the Bulldogs have already missed out on one in Chuma Edoga. People close to Chidi say that Georgia is clearly the team to beat right now. He has a great relationship with UGA offensive line coach, Will Friend, and he says that “it feels like home” whenever he is in Athens. Chidi was in Athens for the Auburn game and loved everything he saw. He pointed out that he would love to block for the talented running backs that UGA has. He plans on visiting Georgia again sometime in December before making his decision on Januray 3rd at the Army All-American game.

Chidi is also considering Alabama, Auburn, FSU, and LSU.


Roquan Smith - Photo courtesy of 247 Sports

Roquan Smith – Photo courtesy of 247 Sports

Roquan Smith – ☆☆☆☆
#62 Overall; #7 OLB; #10 in GA
Macon County (Montezuma, GA) OLB

Georgia will likely be losing all four of their linebackers after this season, and they only have two true linebackers committed right now for 2015, so Smith will certainly be a must get. Right now he plays outside linebacker, but Dawgs 247 reports that he will likely move to inside linebacker in college. I don’t know that he would start right away as a true freshman at UGA, but I can promise you he would see A LOT of playing time. Like Rashad Roundtree, Smith is another elite talent that, if you’re Georgia, you can not let leave your state.

Smith’s recruitment seems to have come down to Georgia, Florida, and Ole Miss, and he says that he’ll commit on National Signing Day.

Roquan’s junior highlights:


Donte Jackson - Photo courtesy of

Donte Jackson – Photo courtesy of

Donte Jackson – ☆☆☆☆
#190 Overall; #21 CB; #7 in LA
Riverdale (Jefferson, LA) CB

With 5-Star cornerback target, Tarvarus McFadden, committing to FSU a few weeks ago, Jackson has become even more of a must get for the Bulldogs. Donte is a freak athlete who plays cornerback, safety, wide receiver, running back, punt returner, and kick returner, but Pruitt has made it clear to him that he wants him to play cornerback if he decides to come to Athens. With sub-4.4 speed and insane quickness, however, I would fully expect the Bulldogs to use him on offense and special teams some as well. Jackson has stated that this is a Georgia/LSU battle, but has said at times that the Dawgs are in the lead. Donte will take an official visit to Georgia sometime in December.

Jackson plans on committing in late December or at the Army All-American game on January 3rd.

Check out his insane highlights here.


Darius Slayton - Courtesy of

Darius Slayton – Courtesy of

Darius Slayton – ☆☆☆
Not Rated Overall; #44 CB; #42 in GA
Greater Atlanta Christian (Norcross, GA) CB/WR

Don’t let his 3-star Rivals rating fool you. Slayton is a 4-star on every other recruiting site (#119 Overall on 247 Sports, #187 Overall on ESPN), and I’ve seen many people say he should even be a 5-star.  Like Donte Jackson, Slayton is an insane athlete with 4.4 speed who plays wide receiver, cornerback, running back, kick returner, and punt returner. Georgia is recruiting Slayton, though, as a wide receiver. If Slayton commits to the Dawgs, this will easily be the best class of wide receivers the university has ever signed. Check out the other wide receivers already committed here and here. Slayton’s recruitment has seemed to come down to Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee but I fully expect him to commit to the “G.”

Slayton is now done with his official visits, and he says that he will commit soon.

Check out his junior highlights here.


***Ratings according to


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Georgia Footall: Mark Richt Calls for a Red Out, Who’s Georgia’s Biggest Rival, and More! – Daily Dose of Dawg

Your Average Group of Tech Fans -

Your Average Group of Tech Fans –

Richt Calls for Red Out

This morning, Mark Richt asked the Bulldog Nation to wear red on Saturday, because, you know, most fans don’t normally do that already or anything. In all seriousness, I get what he’s doing because it does look really cool when almost everyone is wearing red, but it’s still funny when you have to ask Georgia fans to wear red.


Who Is Georgia’s Biggest Rival?

This question is really an easy one for me: Florida. No team has been as much of a thorn in the side as the Gators, and they always beat Georgia at the worst times. If you asked me my most hated teams in college football, I’d be quick to say Auburn and Florida State, but Florida certainly Auburns (steals) the cake for biggest rival.

I know some people probably think the nerds are Georgia’s biggest rival, but I’d have to disagree. For there to be a rivalry, the other team has to win at least once every few years. I view Georgia Tech as a little puny brother. You don’t really ever think about them or consume yourself with hating them, but losing to them in a fight would be absolutely embarrassing. If they started beating the Dawgs, my view might change, but for now the only thing that really bothers me about the North Avenue Trade School are there obnoxious, cocky (who knows why), disgusting fans.

Vote here on who you think is Georgia’s biggest rival.


Richt’s Thoughts on Georgia Tech

Yesterday, Mark Richt held his weekly media teleconference, and here’s what he had to say.


A Good Laugh

Tech is ready to “shock the world:”


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Georgia Football: If The Dawgs Win The SEC Title, Should They Have A Spot In The Playoff?

Do They Have A Case? 

Georgia could make a very interesting case for the fourth playoff spot if they were to win the SEC Title. The real question is, would the Playoff committee put the Dawgs in there? I will be the first to tell you that Georgia has two of the worst losses in the SEC this year, but that does not excuse the fact that they will have to beat either Alabama or Miss State to have a shot at a playoff spot.


Bring Back The BCS

My biggest issue with the playoff committee is how they use the “eye test”. Just because Baylor didn’t play particularly well one week, they put TCU (who lost to Baylor) ahead of them in the polls. With all else equal I believe that head to head should matter the most. If South Carolina had one loss and Georgia had one loss, then South Carolina should have the nod over Georgia because they own the head to head win. If you are really trying to prove who is best, isn’t the most simple way to judge by seeing who wins on the field?


Georgia is sitting pretty at number 10 right now, and for the Dawgs to have a shot in Atlanta they will need Mizzou to lose one of their next two games. It is very possible that Georgia will head to Atlanta, but even if they win the Title I do not see the committee putting a two loss Georgia over any one-loss power five team. It would be one thing if Georgia lost to a couple of teams who were not so bad this season, but instead they decided to play their worst two games against teams they should have beaten with ease.

Should They Have A Shot?

Do I think Georgia should be in the playoff if they win the SEC Title? Yes. There is not a tougher conference than the SEC, and you can tell that to a one loss Ohio State who lost to a middle of the road ACC team. Georgia will still need some help, but a victory over a ranked Tech should help their case for the committee. Just think: We would not have to ask this question if it weren’t for a bad holding call, and the team not showing up in Jacksonville.



SEC Football: Florida Coaching Search

Will Muschamp is going to be enjoying that sweet buyout life in a mere two weeks, but the question on everyone’s mind is who will be replacing him in the Swamp. Names have been floated, but nothing concrete has leaked yet.

(If they hire Shanahan, I don’t need any Christmas gifts from anyone ever again)

After the Muschamp patented “Rock Fight” offense, it’s safe to assume that the next hire will possess a prodigious offensive mind, but Foley’s search has to be more considered than that. They need a name that will energize a dilapidated fan base, loosen the purse strings of boosters, and make a splash in recruiting to return the program to prominence. But, the problem is who fits the profile?

Who could?

Who would?

Who else?



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