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SECual Healing, 8/28: Quick Hits and QB Battles

Happy last Friday before football starts!

A few updates from the SEC quarterback races, no real surprises.

South Carolina: Connor Mitch, of six career pass attempts, has been named the starter for next Thursday’s bout with UNC. Also, someone in COLA is pretending to be him at bars.

Texas A&M: Sophomore Kyle Allen, unsurprisingly, has been named the starter. True freshman Kyler Murray will definitely see action, though.

LSU: No real news, but I heard on XM that Brandon Harris is ‘trending slightly ahead’ of Anthony Jennings. Harris looked good in mop-up duty in the near-comeback against Mississippi State last year, but the rest of his freshman season was pretty much a wash.

Florida: No real news, but both Will Grier and Treon Harris will see snaps against New Mexico State.

Alabama, Ole Miss, and Georgia: All quiet on the Western (and Eastern) fronts.

In other news…

Speaking of Florida, who broke spring ball with SIX scholarship offensive linemen, freshman stud tackle Martez Ivey is getting his knee scoped and is expected to miss about half of the season. Definitely hurts their chance to gain early momentum early in SEC play, where their longstanding winning streaks against Kentucky (28 games) and Tennessee (10) are on the line.

And really, that’s it. I’m ready for some damn football.


Georgia Football: The Roundtable: A Preseason Survey with the Crew


Eight. Days. Until. Football.

This survey is an absolute travesty, and WordPress is not being very helpful in the formatting department. Apologies for both in advance. Many thanks to the staff for taking the time to save you from it being just me talking about the season, yet again.

Today is Georgia questions, tomorrow is on the national scale.

Comment with your own answers below!


What defines success for a Georgia season?
Andrew Hall: 10 regular season wins and a winning record vs. 5 biggest rivals (LOL) S.Car, Tenn., Florida, GT and Auburn. If that box is checked, the Dawgs should take the SEC and relative to the amount of talent likely to depart after this season, the weaker division and theoretically less bumps and bruises and the assistant staff payroll…Georgia better be damn competitive in the SECCG.

Chad Floyd: 11 regular season wins and (obviously) win the SEC East. The crossover opponents are tough, but this team is head and shoulders above the rest of the division. Split with the Alabama schools, beat everyone else, and go to Atlanta with a playoff bid on the line.

Daniel Palmer: Success for Georgia to me is less a reflection on wins and losses, and more what we see out of this team week to week. A hallmark of the 2014 season was marked improvement week to week in each phase of the game, but there were monumental setbacks (Florida, GT). What I want this year is consistent growth as a team; they keep from backsliding and making the same mistakes, and wins and losses will take care of themselves.

Jason Smith: Beating Florida.

What defines failure for a Georgia season? 

Andrew Hall: A loss to Bama is all but expected. Beyond that missing out on winning the East is outright failure.Chad Floyd: Anything short of a playoff/’Group of Six’ bowl appearance.

Daniel Palmer: If the narrative for this season devolves into “if they only found a quarterback”, then you’ll know we are in trouble. There’s too much optimism around this team for the man under center to define 2015 in a negative light. Once we fall back to quarterback excuses, then EVERYTHING has fallen off the rails and we’re in full rebuild mode.

Jason Smith: Losing to Tech.

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What will be the Dawgs’ final record? 


Andrew Hall: 10-2 regular season. SECCG Loss, Bowl Win…so 11-3 depending on how you do this.

Chad Floyd: 11-1. Everything postseason is a toss-up.

Daniel Palmer: 10-2

Jason Smith: 10-2

Who is most likely to be ‘inexplicable loss’ of 2015? 

Andrew Hall: Missouri. It always inexplicable to lose to Mizzou. After Tennessee and Bama comes the let down game

Chad Floyd: (I don’t find Tennessee inexplicable). South Carolina. An easy September slate means we have to stub our toe somewhere, right?

Daniel Palmer: God help me, Tennessee.

Jason Smith: The answer to this question is ALWAYS South Carolina.

Unheralded offensive player to emerge? Defensive?

Andrew Hall: On offense let’s look at Jay Rome to have a big year. I love Blaze as much as the next guy (assuming the next guy isn’t Daniel Palmer), but Rome is getting lots of 1st Team reps for a reason and is more athletic. (Editor’s note: There was no pick for the defense.)

Chad Floyd: Offense: Brice Ramsey. Defense: Jake Ganus (the UAB transfer LB).

Daniel Palmer: Offense: Jeb Blaze. Defense: Pick a DB every week.

Jason Smith: Offense: Terry Godwin. Defense: Trenton Thompson.

What’s the stupidest thing Special Teams will do? 

Andrew Hall: Beyond at least one missed extra point and several chip shot field goals (which will happen), look for Georgia to attempt an onside kick early in a game in an attempt to capitalize on momentum and miss out. Then, a mediocre opponent offense gets the ball at mid-field and scores shortly before the half before receiving a 2nd half kickoff and scoring again.

Chad Floyd: Botched punt snap in the 4th quarter of a close game in one of our SEC on CBS appearances.

Daniel Palmer: Yes.

Jason Smith: Miss a seemingly chip shot field goal that means absolutely nothing at the moment but will end up costing us a game because our offense is having an off night.

What’s the game you will have to be most intoxicated to watch? 


Andrew Hall: South Carolina. That’s always my answer. You can’t not be drunk for Georgia/South Carolina. Win was the last time Georgia won one of these games with any semblance of ease? 2014 was a loss, 2013 was close late, 2012/2011/2010 were losses, 2009 was a 4-pt win, 2008 was 14-7, 2007 was a loss, 2006 was an 18-0 win with unsteady freshman Matt Stafford, 2005 was a 2-point win, 2004 was a 4-point win. We’re talking 2003. Damn.

Chad Floyd: South Carolina/Auburn. I have too much local/social hate invested in both of them.

Daniel Palmer: As has become tradition, I will be watching the Florida game by myself in silence surrounded by whiskey and moonshine.

Jason Smith: The answer to this question is ALWAYS Florida.

Georgia Football: Aggregating the Nation’s 1-128 Rankings

With the aforementioned release of Bill Connelly (USA Today’s dropped this morning, too), there are enough comprehensive college football rankings to do some kind of analysis on them.

Now, let me reiterate: Connelly and Steele are my go-to prognosticators. Why? For one, their factors involve so much more data than the typical returning starters and previous year’s record. Steele has 9 analytical models he uses to produce his rankings, Connelly probably has even more (it doesn’t hurt that they’re both high on the Dawgs for 2015).

Another factor separating them from the national journalists is the fact that they evaluate teams on an “if X played Y” basis, to evaluate team strength. For example, both have Tennessee in their top 20. The thought process follows that the Vols may go 8-4 against this year’s schedule, but put them in the Big Ten or ACC and they may be a 10-2 or 11-1 team.

USA Today and CBSSports, on the other hand? Probably pure clickbait/conversation pieces. CBS especially, as it ranks all of four SEC teams in its top 25. I’m not the world’s foremost SEC apologist, but that’s patently absurd and no objective reader would disagree. Vanderbilt is hot garbage, but are they really only better than seven teams in the country? I highly doubt it.

Here is the chart I put together for the whole SEC, with their average rankings calculated by some furious Excel spreadsheeting:

Team Steele USA Today Connelly CBS Average
Alabama 3 4 2 4 3.25
Auburn 14 6 8 3 3.25
Georgia 7 8 5 16 9
Ole Miss 15 14 7 14 12.5
LSU 10 24 10 27 17.75
Arkansas 18 21 14 31 21
Tennessee 19 27 18 33 24.25
Missouri 31 22 27 23 25.75
Mississippi St. 38 26 23 45 33
Texas A&M 32 29 30 47 34.5
South Carolina 56 35 42 40 43.25
Florida 40 37 37 69 45.75
Kentucky 58 68 50 77 63.25
Vanderbilt 77 90 94 121 95.5
29.85714 29.35714 26.21429 39.28571

So, on average, exactly half of the SEC is ranked in the top 25, and there are really no surprises: Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Ole Miss, LSU, Arkansas, and Tennessee. Arkansas and Tennessee are obviously teams that have to prove it on the field, but their finishes made pundits more bullish on them than another high-potential team in Texas A&M.

I also used the data to see the average ranking of each team by each outlet. The key number here? Again, CBS as an outlier, with the SEC ranked almost 10 full spots below the other outlets, on average. Some real #Haterade there, they throw off what is otherwise a fairly good consensus ranking of each team.

Assuming, as a homer would, that CBS is therefore unreliable:

Team Steele USA Today Connelly Average
Alabama 3 4 2 3
Georgia 7 8 5 6.666667
Auburn 14 6 8 9.333333
Ole Miss 15 14 7 12
LSU 10 24 10 14.66667
Arkansas 18 21 14 17.66667
Tennessee 19 27 18 21.33333
Missouri 31 22 27 26.66667
Mississippi St. 38 26 23 29
Texas A&M 32 29 30 30.33333
Florida 40 37 37 38
South Carolina 56 35 42 44.33333
Kentucky 58 68 50 58.66667
Vanderbilt 77 90 94 87

Of distinct note is two flip-flops in the rankings: Georgia vaults to second in the SEC, from an average ranking of 9th to somewhere in the ether between 6 and 7. And my thoughts on Florida are somewhat validated, as they move up 8 spots and jump South Carolina.

If you were curious, Georgia’s nonconference opponents rank as follows:

Team Steele USA Today Connelly CBS Average
UL-Monroe 110 96 104 116 106.5
Georgia Southern 96 54 55 49 63.5
Georgia Tech 24 18 19 15 19

Tech, as they earned last year and with the return of Justin Thomas and a good bit of its defense, sits somewhere between LSU and Arkansas. Given wins over very strong Georgia and Mississippi State teams last year, that sounds about right to me. Georgia Southern had a GREAT season last year, and is seen, nationally, as Kentucky’s equal. Hopefully the opener against Monroe provides an opportunity to see all three quarterbacks, since that battle ain’t getting settled before September 5.

All told, the rankings of Georgia’s opponents go as follows:

UL-Monroe: 106.5
Vandy: 96.5
South Carolina: 43.25
Southern: N/A

Georgia HAS to get out of September 4-0.

Alabama: 3.25
Tennessee: 24.25
Missouri: 25.75
Florida: 45.75

Again, note that Tennessee and Missouri are top-25 teams without CBS. Florida is a top-40 team, and well…they’re Florida.

Kentucky: 63.25
Auburn: 3.25
Georgia Southern: 63.5
Tech: 19

Given the difficulty of October and my bias towards two things: that we should never lose to Tech and I don’t think Auburn is THAT good, November needs to be another 4-0 month. The playoff committee loves them some teams on hot streaks.

Anyway, this is a lot of data to tackle, but a good place to continue your thoughts on the 2015 season. Any more numbers y’all want crunched? Any further takeaways that I missed in this skim? Shoot me a comment or a tweet @Chad_Floyd and I’ll get on it.

DudeYouCrazy College Football Previews: A One-Stop Archive

To you dear readers who abandoned us because we had nothing to write about:

Welcome back! In case you missed it (going out on a limb here: you probably did), I wrote a WHOLE LOT of College Football Previews this summer. Some good, some bad, some destined to be woefully inaccurate.

Interested in the Big XII? Vanderbilt? The ACC COASTAL!?!?!?! Get a quick overview of all of them below:

SEC East

7/27: Vanderbilt
7/28: Missouri
7/28: Kentucky
7/29: South Carolina
7/30: Tennessee
8/5 Florida
8/5: Georgia (condensed)

SEC West

7/14: Mississippi State
7/15: Arkansas
7/16: LSU
7/17: Texas A&M
7/21: Auburn
7/22: Ole Miss
7/23: Alabama


7/9: ACC Atlantic
7/10: ACC Coastal


7/7: Pac-12 North
7/8: Pac-12 South


7/1: B1G West
7/2: B1G East


6/30: The whole damn thing.

Tweet a link, and tag @Chad_Floyd, and I’ll give you a shoutout during next Monday’s DudeYouPodcast. Or tell me why I’m wrong in the comments section (HINT: I picked Stanford to win the Pac-12 North).

Dude’s Top 10: No. 1 – An Oral History of the SEC Network

This series focuses on my favorite posts of all time. Lest I be labeled as overly arrogant, please note: 1. This was new DYC Editor-in-Chief Chad Floyd’s idea. 2. These are my “favorite” posts not my “best” posts. I don’t have “best” posts, because that would imply that I had better posts and good posts to begin with. For the rest of the Dude’s Top 10 Countdown, click here.

Running this site has been a blast. When Chad asked me to do a “Top 10” list of my favorite posts I spent an embarrassing amount of time researching myself and my own writing. The posts that made the initial cut all fit the same bill: they were light-hearted and fun.

In some ways, that’s not surprising. As I said in my farewell address last month, I created the site to entertain and to inform. I’m not all that great at informing folks. So hopefully I’m better at entertaining.

This post, which went up last August, was barely even read by anyone. Seriously, from August through November last year this piece was read a total of 240 times. For comparison’s sake, the site picked up 498,694 reads over that time period. So how did a post that accounted for .048% of the site’s readership (at its peak) earn the top spot on my Top 10 list? It’s simple. The post was wildly entertaining to write.

I planned this post weeks in advance by Tweeting at DirecTV about the SEC Network. I got into the falsified headspace of my co-writers at DudeYouCrazy., and I went to town. I crack myself up reading this post—even today. And I was in tears writing it.

So do me one last favor and go read it now. Or don’t. Whatever.


That’s all I got/



For the rest of the Dude’s Top 10 Countdown, click here.


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