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Georgia Football: The DYC Way-Too-Early 2015 Top 10

Thank god we’re clear of Signing Day, the day where players that the football fanatic fawns and stresses over can now disappear into obscurity to re-emerge in 2-3 years. Seriously. 95% of the guys you hemmed and hawed over will not have an impact this upcoming season. Let’s get back to what matters more than February- the games on the field set to happen between August and January.

I’m going to take more than a few passes at this as the year rolls along, as we account for draft departures, suspensions/transfers, and schedules (which I am too lazy to do on this posting). And now…your top 10!

1) Ohio State: Just, duh. They beat Alabama, mollywhopped Oregon, and (I wrote about this already so I’m cheating my own rules) have one regular season game that they could possibly lose. They stand to return a national championship winner AND a Heisman finalist at QB, a Heisman candidate at RB, and an ungodly amount of their two-deep. Ugh.

2) TCU: I think bowl game results are factored way too heavily in preseason rankings (see Oklahoma, 2014, post-Sugar Bowl win over Alabama), but the way TCU did Mr. Hyde Dr. Bo in Atlanta raises some eyebrows. In a Big XII where half the league (Baylor, K-State, Oklahoma, …Texas?) could win any year, the Horned Frogs bringing back Trevone Boykin and Gary Patterson’s 4-2-5 are by far the safest bet.

3) Oregon: Admittedly, the bloom is off the rose a little bit after an inept loss to Ohio State and the departure of Marcus Mariota. But last I checked, you win in the Pac 12 by scoring points, and the Ducks shouldn’t miss too many beats with the return of LT Tyler Johnstone and the sneaky-good commitment of Eastern Washington QB Vernon Adams. Adams was the runner-up for the Walter Payton award each of the past two seasons, and torched Washington for 450 yards and 7 TD this year…while playing for Eastern Washington.

4) Alabama: QB questions? Check. NFL departures? Check. We’ve been doing this song and dance for years, people. They’ll be fine. Carry on.


5) Georgia: HOMER ALERT! I think Brice Ramsey returns the balance and downfield passing ability to the Dawgs offense, the defense shows even more progress in year two of the Pruitt Project, and the UGA Special Teams coach stays the hell out of the way.

6) Baylor: They’ll still score points. And they’ll still have Shawn Oakman to terrify people.


7) Arizona State: They lose QB Taylor Kelly and All-America WR Jaelen Strong, so why ASU? Well, their D took a big step forward after getting destroyed by Brett Hundley and UCLA. They still return a very capable QB, the rest of their skill guys, and I don’t have faith in UCLA/USC/Arizona. Although any of those three could conceivably show up here with no complaints.

8) LSU: They’ve gotten by with bad QB play before, and the combo of Brandon Harris/Anthony Jennings can’t be any worse than it was last year. They also finally have a year where they DON’T have significant early-entry NFL losses– including this guy.

9) Wisconsin: Lost their coach, lost Melvin Gordon…but they play in the B1G’s lesser division, Corey Clement should run for 1,700 yards due strictly to playing behind that Wisky OL. Paul Chryst put together a mean, physical team in two years at Pitt, and that’s perfectly suited to the Badgers’ style.

10) Clemson: A hedge against Florida State taking a rebuilding year (and yes, I’m breaking my bowl game corollary here already). They have to replace 8 starters on D, but DeShaun Watson will be healthy and terrorizing the ACC’s secondarys.

Missing the cut, round 1*: Auburn, Ole Miss, Florida State, Michigan State, USC, UCLA, a sneaky-good Texas A&M team. No, not Georgia Tech.

National Signing Day Important Announcement

As you all know, National Signing Day is upon us. My distaste for recruiting news notwithstanding, I thought it was prudent to pass along very important advice for all our readers on National Signing Day: leave these recruits alone. Our friends over at SB Nation have provided access to a flow chart to help you do just that.

There you have it DYC faithful. Don’t let us down.

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Crootin': The SEC Is DOMINATING Recruiting And Its Not Even Close

Changing Of The Guard? 

A recent conference power poll had the Big-12 ranked ahead of the SEC for the first time in 7 years. The only reason I think this happened, is because the ACC went 4-0 against the SEC East this past weekend, and that is the first time that has happened in a long time. There is no reason to panic however, because the SEC currently has 10 of the top 25 recruiting classes (


  • Alabama (1st overall class)

  • Georgia (3rd overall class)

  • Tennessee (5th overall class)

  • Texas A&M (6th overall class)

  • South Carolina (8th overall class)

  • Auburn (12th overall class)

  • Mississippi State (14th overall class)

  • LSU (17th overall class)

  • Arkansas (20th overall class)

  • Ole Miss (23rd overall class)

Still Dominant

The SEC makes up half of the top 10, and 45% of the top 20. The SEC haters out there will have to endure a lot of pain in the coming years due to the SEC just reloading, but if there is a year for another conference to win the playoff, it might be this year. There is a possibility that the Big12 get two teams in the playoff is all hell breaks loose in front of them, and that would almost guarantee them a spot in the National Championship (depending on seeding).

I fully expect the SEC (aka: Alabama) to win the National Title, not only on the field, but the recruiting National Title as well. The other conferences just need to cope with the fact that high school kids want to come and play in the best conference, with the best coaches, and the most national exposure in the NCAA.




SEC Football: Music City Bowl For Dawgs, Auburn To The Outback?


Music City Or Bust 

I will be the first to tell you that Georgia had a disappointing year, but we can still win 10 games with a big bowl game win. 10 wins is a good year for most teams, and Georgia being projected  to go to the Music City Bowl is a complete insult.


Bowl Projections: 

  • College Football Playoff Semifinal (Sugar Bowl): Alabama vs Ohio State
  • Orange: Mississippi State vs Georgia Tech
  • Cotton: Ole Miss vs Baylor
  • Citrus: Mizzou vs Minnesota
  • Outback: Auburn vs Wisconsin
  • Music City: Georgia vs Maryland
  • TaxSlayer: LSU vs Boston College
  • Belk: Florida vs Notre Dame
  • Liberty: Tennessee vs Texas
  • Texas: Texas A&M vs West Virginia
  • Independence: Arkansas vs N.C. State
  • Birmingham: South Carolina vs Cincinnati

Biggest Issues: 

  1. Auburn should not be in the Outback Bowl over UGA. This is a four loss Auburn team who LOST TO UGA! Excuse me, DESTROYED by UGA. I will say Nashville is a much better city than Tampa Bay, but it is a little bit of an insult for UGA to play Maryland after beating Auburn.
  2. If there is anyway Texas and Texas A&M can play one another, it needs to happen. I am tired of this little cat fight between the schools, you are rivals, play each other.
  3. South Carolina does not deserve to go to a bowl over Georgia Southern. At All. South Carolina was picked by most (not me) to win the East, but instead they are barely bowl eligible. I just want to watch the world burn.


I understand UGA lost to SC and Florida, but they should still be rewarded for having a shot at another 10 win season. If there is a way for Auburn to not receive a bowl invite, that would be the only thing that could make me happy after receiving a Music City Bowl bid.




Mark Richt The Favorite For Nebraska Job, Preseason Polls Looking Pretty Good Right Now, And More

Evil Richt To Nebraska?

Don’t count on it. Mark Richt is listed as one of the favorites for the Nebraska job according to Vegas, but Richt was asked in his weekly press conference about it and he demolished all doubts about his future at UGA. For those wanting Richt gone, looks like you will have to hope he retires soon because he is not going anywhere anytime soon. Here are the full odds for the Nebraska head coaching position.


Preseason Poll Spot On

After all the criticism of the preseason polls (mainly by me), it looks as if I will have to eat my words. It seems as if the “experts” have almost got it spot on from the first preseason, to week 15. The most laughable part of the preseason is Auburn and Oklahoma. Just wait till you see how high they had these two teams before the season, you will be rolling with laughter. Here is the comparison.

Freeze Not Going Anywhere

You can take Hugh Freeze off the list of possible head coaches for the Florida vacancy, because Ole Miss has just offered him a nice extension. I personally thought that Freeze would be a disaster hire for the Gators, so I am a little disappointed they did not try to counter offer Ole Miss. This off season will be very interesting with how the new coaching vacancies will be filled. Here are the details of the new Hugh Freeze contract.




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