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College Football: Social Saturday Live Game DayCoverage – Week 1 – #DYCGameDay


This is a new one for us, so who knows how it will work out, but I think it could be fun.  Over the course of the day we will periodically update what we’re watching, what we’re seeing and what we’re doing.  More importantly, however, we want your thoughts.  Tweet using the hashtag #DYCGameDay and tell us what you’re watching, what you liking, etc. and we’ll throw it up on this live feed.  It’s that easy.


5:08 p.m. – Andrew

This West Virginia performance is stunning.  Ain’t no Mountaineer ever been ‘fraid of no Tide.

Unrelated: go here to get to my live Georgia/Clemson blog.


3:52 p.m. – Andrew

Alas, my upset darlings Navy and Georgia Southern came up short.  Nonetheless, the early games offered plenty of entertainment.  A few final scores of interest:

  • Penn State 26, UCF 24
  • UCLA 28, Virginia 20
  • North Dakota State 34, Iowa State 14
  • Michigan 52, App State 14
  • Ohio State 34, Navy 17
  • Kentucky 59, Tennessee-Martin 14
  • NC State 24, Georgia Southern 23
  • Georgia Tech 38, Wofford 19


Viewing Priorities:

  1. Alabama vs. West Virginia: Tied 3-3 after one possession for each team.  Mountaineers are driving.
  2. Auburn vs. Arkansas – a few minutes away on SEC Network
  3. Missouri vs. South Dakota State – this was my upset alert half-way pick.


I’ll be starting a live blog at Bleacher Report for the Georgia/Auburn game in about 40 minutes. Link forthcoming but I’ll be absent for the most part during that game.


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3:22 p.m. – Andrew

UCLA’s struggles against Virginia should not be overlooked.  I will dwell on that for the remainder of the season.  Trust me.

But on to what matters, can Georgia Southern hold on???


From the Tweets



2:57 p.m. – Andrew

Huge fourth down conversion for Ohio State.  I love the fact that I can say that and mean it and the game is still up for grabs.


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2:45 p.m. – Andrew

Georgia Southern continues to lead by 10 points.  If Southern and Navy pull off these wins Paul Johnson will get a contract extension at Georgia Tech by association to the triple-option offense.  Somehow, Tech fans will claim that the Yellow Jackets are 2-0 with wins over NC State and Ohio State.

Navy gets an FG and trails 20-17.


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2:35 p.m. – Andrew

In theory, Ohio State could be what people think Ohio State is at any time and bust them open.  In practice, Navy has looked ….Damn.  as I typed that a bomb went off.


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2:15 p.m. – Andrew



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1:50 p.m. – Andrew

Them Georgia Southern Eagles, though.  Not that NC State should have been expected to not disappoint, but still.  A 17-3 edge for Georgia Southern really might be insurmountable given the Eagles’ affinity for holding the football.


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1:37 p.m.  – Andrew

I’m not sure that the literal three points left off the board there will cost Navy this game, but the momentum lost certainly hurts.  Some clock management issues and a missed field goal sucked some wind out of what was a stellar first half for the Midshipmen.

Elsewhere, UCLA has really opened things up thanks to a host of huge defensive plays.

New fun game to watch: Georgia Southern leading NC State 10-3.


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1:18 p.m. – Andrew

Jason Smith has breaking Georgia/Clemson news…



1:10 p.m. – Andrew

Just when Ohio State was starting to “look like” Ohio State, Navy came up with a huge interception inside the five-yard line.  Reading that flat route was incredibly impressive.  Instinctive, athletic, well-executed.  That’s Navy football right now.

Virginia continues to keep things interesting.  UCLA holds a 7-3 advantage, but the Bruins certainly aren’t looking like a Top 5 team against a foe that’s won just a handful of games over the past two seasons.


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12:48 p.m. – Andrew

“Navy’s got athletes, too,” as Gary Danielson just pointed out a few moments ago.  And those athletes are doing work.  The Midshipmen currently lead 7-3 early in the second quarter.

Meanwhile, Michigan is comfortably up 14-0 and thus getting bumped out of my viewing rotation.

Quite pleasantly, Virginia is looking tough against UCLA.  The Bruins just went ahead 7-0.


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12:10 p.m. – Andrew

My early game priorities are as follow:

  1. Ohio State vs. Navy – Because why not?  Navy’s definitely covering and nothing would be more magical than the Buckeyes following, except maybe…
  2. Michigan vs. App State – It can’t happen again, can it?  Admittedly this won’t be on the radar for long (unless the Mountaineers do work), but it’s still fun.
  3. UCLA vs. Virginia – UCLA is a trendy playoff pick and Virginia is Virginia.  Could get ugly, but I want to see the Bruins play.
  4. Tennessee-Martin vs. Kentucky – Wildcats pickup a rare win here, I expect.


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College Football Is Back

If anyone needs me, I’ll be watching this on a loop until next Saturday.

PS. I had legitimately forgotten they play football outside of the SEC. Pretty good reminder. Enjoy your last weekend with your loved ones and not being alternately heartbroken and overjoyed in the span of a football game. I’m sure these emotional swings are good for the soul.

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Not Quite Georgia Football: Baylor’s New Stadium is Awesome

If you’re a fan of college football, you may be a fan of stadium porn like I am. Ridiculous renovations like those proposed at Oklahoma and overhauls at Texas A&M are a rite of passage for the big boys in college football. Given the hundreds of millions of dollars poured into the cathedrals seemingly at least once a decade, it’s rare that a Power-5 school opens a brand new stadium.

Baylor is opening a new stadium this year, and its as awesome as its name (McLane Stadium, after the generation’s greatest action hero, John McClane) and the following GIF:

But seriously. This place is gorgeous, and actually does bring ‘sailgating’ to life outside of Knoxville and Seattle (where…seriously, who wants to be on a boat in Seattle, ever?)

It’s not overwhelmingly big, but why should it be? Baylor is a small private school a la Wake Forest or Vanderbilt, albeit with more success on the football field in the past four years than either of those places.


Apparently this picture is from the recruits’ lounge. Gotta compete with Texas A&M and UT somehow, I suppose.


And a bad-ass locker room, inexplicably filled with old white people:


Finally, the iconic image of the stadium, the fact that it really is on the water (if you didn’t gather that from the GIF above, which is mesmerizing)



So I said this is ‘not quite’ Georgia football-related, so I’ll bury a little bit of relevance here: Georgia is not getting a new stadium any time soon, but it makes one wonder how long it takes the Dawgs to catch up with the Joneses of the SEC, what with Alabama’s locker room waterfall. Georgia’s 40-yard indoor facility and dated Butts-Mehre complex are pretty underwhelming.

Anyway, that’s your daily dose of stadium porn.


#DeathToTheNCAA – The Train Marches On

Bill Snyder is one of the longest tenured and most respected coaches in NCAA Football. He’s one of only two coaches who started working at his current school before 1990 (with a small break from 2005-2009), and he’s watched what’s happened over the past 30 years of college football closer than anyone.

And Bill also has no chill.

It’s no longer about education. We’ve sold out to the cameras over there, and TV has made its way, and I don’t fault TV. I don’t fault whoever broadcasts games. They have to make a living and that’s what they do, but athletics — that’s it. It’s sold out.

None whatsoever. And who’s gonna tell Bill Snyder to sit down and shut up? No one, that’s who. He’s old, he’s tenured, and more than anything, he’s right:

Everybody is building Taj Mahals, and I think it sends the message — and young people today I think are more susceptible to the downside of that message, and that it’s not about education. We’re saying it is, but it’s really about the glitz and the glitter, and I think sometimes values get distorted that way. I hate to think a young guy would make a decision about where he’s going to get an education based on what a building looks like.

Then again, maybe he’s wrong. Maybe  Texas AD Steve Patterson has the right idea, that the current non-profit model is working…as long as he doesn’t have to share the profit with smaller schools. COGNITIVE DISSONANCE!

AD Patterson continued, because when you’ve said something stupid, it’s best to double down. Here, he cites the alleged financial value of a scholarship – a price set by the school made of money players never actually see.

If you could be paid in “school”, and not “money”, WHY WOULDN’T YOU? I’m gonna go ahead and listen to Mr. Snyder, if it’s all the same to Steve.

Bill’s watched the game unfold, he’s seen what it’s done to education and how the benefits to players have become little more than buzzwords used in defense of the money-making institutions. I’m all for making a dollar, but on the backs of kids who have been lied to? Doesn’t sit right with me. Or Bill.

Now, that’s only my opinion. I’m not upset with the people that promote some of that stuff because they’re trying to do their thing. That’s what they do. But I think we’ve lost sight of what college athletics is all about.

The NCAA needs serious reform at a minimum, no one denies this at this point. But man, when someone who watched it grow from what it was to what it is openly questions the validity of the institution, you have to feel a tipping point is near.

Cook Bill.

All quotes via.

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Georgia Football: Dawgs Ranked Too Low? That’s A-polling.

Yesterday, the year’s first Coaches’ Poll was made public, and our very own Andrew Hall was not thrilled. Are the Dawgs actually underranked? Let’s take a look.

I have no problem with any of the 11 teams ahead of the Dawgs being ranked where they are. Florida State and Alabama are the two best teams in the country, Oklahoma is riding the “they beat Alabama in a meaningless January exhibition the Sugar Bowl” wave at 3, Oregon returns basically everyone, Auburn does likewise and is in year two of Gusball.

Ohio State is the most objectionable pick of any of the first 11, but that’s because I hate Ohio State, I hate Urban Meyer, and I hate the state of Ohio. But the Buckeyes have won 24 of 26 games with limited scholarships. My opinion, if enforceable, would still lack validity. UCLA has to take on Stanford/Oregon/USC as well as an out-of-conference game with Texas, and I get the “I’m high on them but they’ll implode” vibe. Sparty at 8? Too low. Should be 5 or 6.

The Cocks. They were Hall’s main point of objection, and I will counterpoint (mostly because I think they woodshed the Dawgs on Sept. 13 and win the East). Dylan Thompson could bring some fun’n’gun back to Hatin’ Ass Spurrier’s team, their young receivers are all talented, and the lack of Clowney hype is likely a welcome relief to an always-stout defense. And Hatin’ Ass Spurrier has been hatin’ super hard this summer, which leads me to believe his team is a new brand of evil.

Pardon me.

Baylor is probably the scariest team in the XII so them at 10 is reasonable, because I don’t find the XII that scary this year. This GIF ensures them of top-10 status in my heart forever, either way.

Stanford is brute force and redwood trees, and more BCS appearances in the past 4 years than Georgia in the entire BCS era.

When you look at it that way, I think 12 is a logical starting spot for the Dawgs. Previous year’s performance should have very little bearing on a preseason ranking, but let’s be real: the Dawgs were 8-5 last year. The next-highest ranked team with 5 losses in 2013 is Ole Miss at 19. Kansas State, UNC, and Texas are the only other squads with 5 or more losses in the top 25. The SEC’s all-time leading passer departs, and is replaced by a guy who led a very stagnant offense for at least two of the five halves of football he played as QB1.

Below the Dawgs? More evidence that they’re right where they should be.

13 is LSU, who has to replace ERYONE. 14, Wisconsin, who…I don’t know. They win 9-11 every year, and apparently Madison is a helluva party town. I’ll take it. Real USC gets the real USC bump because they’re real USC, and I could argue Clemson at 16 is better than all three of the teams ahead of them. I bet the media poll has Clemson higher because IT’LL BE GREAT FOR RATINGS IF GEORGIA AND CLEMSON ARE RANKED RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER! #embracedebate #TebowonClemsonGeorgia #hotsportstakes

At this point lies the next significant dropoff. Notre Dame comes in at 17 because…Notre Dame was good when these coaches were kids and deep-seated childhood memories are tough to shake (tee’d that one up for you). Arizona State is a ‘sure, why not?’ pick as far as I know, but Tempe has the best Hooters in the world. Ole Miss and A&M get the SEC bump to round out the top 20, and now I feel we have A&M (and their ridiculous amount of young talent) ranked too low in the conference? Maybe?

Kansas St. at 21 is fun because it feels like it’s about that time for another Bill Snyder surprise, and they host Auburn in September. Nebraska makes it two consecutive ‘Chad has ridden through them horizontally and would only wish that upon Justin Beiber’ states at 22. My Tar Heels check in at 23, where they are probably considerably overrated. That hurt to say. Tejas and Washington round it out.

Nobody ranked below Georgia scares me as a Georgia fan.  On the flipside, Georgia homers say 12 is too low for this year’s team. The 11 teams ahead of them, however? Each one (excepting UCLA) has performed better in the past 4 years and…oh, THEY ALL POSSESS A SECONDARY.





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