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Sincerest Apologies for More Basketball, Dear Reader: A Sweet 16 Primer

As it always does, the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament gave us some great moments. Great moments, such as R.J. Hunter’s buzzer-beater (and his torn-Achilles’d dad/coach falling out of his stool) will echo in eternity, as the NCAA’s corporate partners use buzzer beaters and catatonic losing players to somehow convince you that Pontiac still exists as a producer of automobiles. These moments also overshadow what can be some pretty shoddy basketball.

N.C. State/Villanova, won in the waning seconds on a tip-in? Preceded by seven minutes of atrocious basketball, with both teams apparently trying to throw the game South Park style. Georgia/Michigan St.? Teased us for a few minutes because Michigan State fouled on multiple layups, missed some key free throws, and won on the strength of Georgia choking just a little worse.

The Sweet 16, at the very least, is where the cream starts to rise to the top. Your top NBA prospects (referenced in last week’s tourney primer) are almost all still in play. Kentucky is still undefeated, Duke is still alive with its 3 lottery picks, and that big white dude from Wisconsin is still set to have that awkward Naismith Award interview during halftime of one of the Final Four games.


Thursday/Saturday Brackets

Midwest: #1 Kentucky vs. #5 West Virginia, #3 Notre Dame vs. #7 Wichita State

By FAR the most intriguing bracket, because 1) Kentucky, duh; 2) their opponents/potential opponents. Bob Huggins’ 2010 West Virginia squad stopped the John Wall/DeMarcus Cousins Wildcats cold with a ruthless, attacking 1-3-1 defense back then, and history has a way of repeati….HAHAHA JK. But, go Mountaineers anyway.

Last year, an eighth-seeded Kentucky squad knocked…guess who?…Wichita State from the ranks of the unbeaten on the way to the finals. STORYLINES! And Notre Dame is the hottest team in the country. Undersized, yes, but their four-out-one-in offense is probably the best recipe to crack Kentucky’s ridiculous defense.

The pick: Calling Kentucky over Notre Dame here.

West: #1 Wisconsin vs. #4 North Carolina, #6 Xavier vs. #2 Arizona

Until today, I didn’t know there was a (decidedly one-sided and petty) beef between Wisconsin and UNC, but hey. My favorite excerpt:

Williams told a throng of national reporters: “Are you going to tell me you don’t like this more than 19-17 at halftime? I’m not a nuclear physicist, but you make the choice. We’re trying to make it a game of basketball skills, not a weight-room contest.”

This was in reference to a 2000 Final Four game in which Wisconsin played, where the halftime score above was correct. The Badgers are still that hateable, playing at the nation’s 346th quickest tempo. They are, as you might expect, a bunch of white guys with bad haircuts, so join me in cheering for UNC. There’s my pitch.

Arizona is still the most dangerous yet unpredictable team in the tourney. All three of their losses came to teams who failed to make it to the final 64 68, and their offense occasionally disappears. If they’re on, though, they’re a match for Kentucky.

The pick: Unfortunately, I have a gut feeling about Xavier (whom I haven’t seen play in YEARS) knocking off ‘Zona. Wisconsin tempos North Carolina to death by not allowing them to get into transition. Wisconsin is the beneficiary and advances, at which point I may actually lean towards supporting Kentucky in the Final Four*.

*- There is a very real, very horrifying chance that both Duke and N.C. State make the Final Four. This is my hell. Go Big Blue, assuming Carolina has been shown the door.

Friday/Sunday Brackets

East Bracket: #8 N.C. State vs. #4 Louisville, #3 Oklahoma vs. #7 Michigan State

The Wolfpack and Spartans, respectively, knocked off #1 Villanova and #2 Virginia in the opening weekend, throwing the East into wide-open chaos. State actually won AT Louisville earlier in the season, but Rick Pitino is the March Mobster (has anyone taken this joke before? Not in those exact words. Fun links anyway. ‘No cuddling on the bathroom floor’ is my new rally cry for UL games).

I know little about Oklahoma, but their Big XII brethren took the GAS in week 1. #3’s Iowa State and Baylor didn’t survive the first four hours of play, #2 Kansas lost to little brother Wichita State, and #5 West Virginia draws Kentucky. Counter that with what I said about Pitino above, take out the mobster part, and demonstrate more success and overachieving in the tourney, and you get Michigan State’s Tom Izzo. Don’t bet against Tom Izzo.

The pick: I choose to believe N.C. State has had its moment and Louisville wins by 8-10 points. And DON’T BET AGAINST TOM IZZO! Sparty beats Louisville, although I honestly didn’t know they were going to qualify for the tournament until I saw them paired with Georgia.

South Bracket: #1 Duke vs. #5 Utah, #2 Gonzaga vs. #11 UCLA

Utah is big, physical, and has athletes at the guard position. Which could beat Duke. Self-delusion over.

Gonzaga/UCLA is a fun matchup, because it means we get to see Adam Morrison crying about 12 times in the minutes leading up to, during, and after the game. The Bobcats drafted him third overall over about 40 guys who had better NBA careers, and I’m still bitter about it.

Let me taste your tears, Scott!”

The pick: Step 5: acceptance. Duke rolls over Utah, rolls over a Gonzaga team that actually reaches the regional final for the first time since 1999, although they’ve been to every tournament since.


Kentucky/Wisco, Michigan State/Duke. And I’m free to do something else next weekend.


The NCAA: Still The Worst

In case you had forgotten, John Oliver helpfully reminded the audience of Last Week Tonight that indeed, the NCAA is still the worst.

Thanks John.

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Hats Off to You, Mike Slive, Or #12YearsOfSECDominance

Apparently Mike Slive is out as the SEC Commissioner, as he will be replaced by Greg Sankey. Here at DudeYouCrazy, we have in the past counted down to the start of football season with ‘100 days of SEC dominance’.

Slive was the driving force behind that well-earned arrogance.

Since taking the post as Commish in 2002, Slive has overseen the signing of the most lucrative TV deal in college athletics history– twice. He got the SEC on ESPN for $2.25 billion over 15 years in 2008, and with the launch of the SEC Network each team stands to make more than Notre Dame on Texas on their INDIVIDUAL TV deals.

Meanwhile, Jim Delany’s B1G network, six years the SECN’s senior, just broke $19 million per school last year. (Late add: speaking of Delany, this is hilarious.) ACC Commish John Swofford is still ‘monitoring’ the progress of conference networks. And the Big XII has the Longhorn Network, which…well, serves one team.

While he was on post, S-E-C-! chants became prevalent at bowl games. We all know that the league just finished an unprecedented seven year run of national championships. The league won more national titles than the rest of the country world UNIVERSE (!) in that time.

And finally, on expansion: the only league that was NEVER rumored to be losing a team in all of this realignment mess was the SEC. Its solidarity and revenue make it untouchable. Swofford went all ninja to incorporate the whole Big East into the new, messy ACC. Slive moved even MORE quietly and poached the Big XII to get into two new markets with Texas A&M and Missouri, and the league is still poised to pick apart the ACC in the future.

Let’s sum this up: Mike Slive, you’re a G.


Georgia Football: The DYC Way-Too-Early 2015 Top 10

Thank god we’re clear of Signing Day, the day where players that the football fanatic fawns and stresses over can now disappear into obscurity to re-emerge in 2-3 years. Seriously. 95% of the guys you hemmed and hawed over will not have an impact this upcoming season. Let’s get back to what matters more than February- the games on the field set to happen between August and January.

I’m going to take more than a few passes at this as the year rolls along, as we account for draft departures, suspensions/transfers, and schedules (which I am too lazy to do on this posting). And now…your top 10!

1) Ohio State: Just, duh. They beat Alabama, mollywhopped Oregon, and (I wrote about this already so I’m cheating my own rules) have one regular season game that they could possibly lose. They stand to return a national championship winner AND a Heisman finalist at QB, a Heisman candidate at RB, and an ungodly amount of their two-deep. Ugh.

2) TCU: I think bowl game results are factored way too heavily in preseason rankings (see Oklahoma, 2014, post-Sugar Bowl win over Alabama), but the way TCU did Mr. Hyde Dr. Bo in Atlanta raises some eyebrows. In a Big XII where half the league (Baylor, K-State, Oklahoma, …Texas?) could win any year, the Horned Frogs bringing back Trevone Boykin and Gary Patterson’s 4-2-5 are by far the safest bet.

3) Oregon: Admittedly, the bloom is off the rose a little bit after an inept loss to Ohio State and the departure of Marcus Mariota. But last I checked, you win in the Pac 12 by scoring points, and the Ducks shouldn’t miss too many beats with the return of LT Tyler Johnstone and the sneaky-good commitment of Eastern Washington QB Vernon Adams. Adams was the runner-up for the Walter Payton award each of the past two seasons, and torched Washington for 450 yards and 7 TD this year…while playing for Eastern Washington.

4) Alabama: QB questions? Check. NFL departures? Check. We’ve been doing this song and dance for years, people. They’ll be fine. Carry on.


5) Georgia: HOMER ALERT! I think Brice Ramsey returns the balance and downfield passing ability to the Dawgs offense, the defense shows even more progress in year two of the Pruitt Project, and the UGA Special Teams coach stays the hell out of the way.

6) Baylor: They’ll still score points. And they’ll still have Shawn Oakman to terrify people.


7) Arizona State: They lose QB Taylor Kelly and All-America WR Jaelen Strong, so why ASU? Well, their D took a big step forward after getting destroyed by Brett Hundley and UCLA. They still return a very capable QB, the rest of their skill guys, and I don’t have faith in UCLA/USC/Arizona. Although any of those three could conceivably show up here with no complaints.

8) LSU: They’ve gotten by with bad QB play before, and the combo of Brandon Harris/Anthony Jennings can’t be any worse than it was last year. They also finally have a year where they DON’T have significant early-entry NFL losses– including this guy.

9) Wisconsin: Lost their coach, lost Melvin Gordon…but they play in the B1G’s lesser division, Corey Clement should run for 1,700 yards due strictly to playing behind that Wisky OL. Paul Chryst put together a mean, physical team in two years at Pitt, and that’s perfectly suited to the Badgers’ style.

10) Clemson: A hedge against Florida State taking a rebuilding year (and yes, I’m breaking my bowl game corollary here already). They have to replace 8 starters on D, but DeShaun Watson will be healthy and terrorizing the ACC’s secondarys.

Missing the cut, round 1*: Auburn, Ole Miss, Florida State, Michigan State, USC, UCLA, a sneaky-good Texas A&M team. No, not Georgia Tech.

National Signing Day Important Announcement

As you all know, National Signing Day is upon us. My distaste for recruiting news notwithstanding, I thought it was prudent to pass along very important advice for all our readers on National Signing Day: leave these recruits alone. Our friends over at SB Nation have provided access to a flow chart to help you do just that.

There you have it DYC faithful. Don’t let us down.

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