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Nick Chubb To Win SEC MVP, Non-Conference Rivalries We All Want To See, And More

MVP For Chubb

Nick Chubb is the best freshman running back in the whole country. Is he the SEC’s MVP? No, not yet. As great as Nick Chubb is, he has yet to play an entire season as the starting running back. Chubb could surpass Gurley as the best running back in the Mark Richt era, but this season the SEC’s MVP is Amari Cooper or Dak Prescott. Here are the chance Chubb gets MVP.


Iron Bowl Friends

It is no secret that there is a lot of hatred in the Iron Bowl, but even amidst all the hate we can find a bright spot. Two women diagnosed with cancer have found a beautiful friendship that gets stronger with each Iron Bowl. If you read anything today, read this touching story. The full story here.

Non Conference Rivalries 

I love the out of conference rivalries that SC, UGA, and Florida have. UGA basically has two with Georgia Tech and Clemson, and those are some of the most hyped up games of the year. I would love for Alabama and Ohio State to play each and every year. Imagine Urban and Saban on opposite sidelines once again. It would be magical. Here are the must have out of conference rivalries.




Georgia Football: Georgia vs. Nerd Herd Hype Video, UGA Continues Ascension Up CFP Rankings, and More! – Daily Dose of Dawg

Alec Ogletree - Photo courtesy of Dawg Post

Alec Ogletree – Photo courtesy of Dawg Post

Georgia vs. Georgia Tech Hype Video


College Football Playoff Rankings Announced

Last night, the fifth installment of the College Football Playoff rankings were announced, and Georgia came in at #9.

Here are the complete rankings:

College Football Playoff Rankings
1 Alabama 10-1
2 Oregon 10-1
3 Florida State 11-0
4 Mississippi State 10-1
5 TCU 9-1
6 Ohio State 10-1
7 Baylor 9-1
8 UCLA 9-2
9 Georgia 9-2
10 Michigan State 9-2
11 Arizona 9-2
12 Kansas State 8-2
13 Arizona State 9-2
14 Wisconsin 9-2
15 Auburn 8-3
16 Georgia Tech 9-2
17 Missouri 9-2
18 Minnesota 8-3
19 Ole Miss 8-3
20 Oklahoma 8-3
21 Clemson 8-3
22 Louisville 8-3
23 Boise State 9-2
24 Marshall 11-0
25 Utah 7-4

Georgia has to love where it sits right now, considering how abysmal its two losses are. UCLA could easily lose another game with Stanford and possibly a Pac-12 Championship still remaining on the schedule. Ohio State will likely win out in the regular season, but there’s a decent chance that Baylor and TCU could still lose another game. Mississippi State is an interesting team, and if you’re a Georgia fan, you’re hoping they lose to Ole Miss, but I still don’t know that they’d make it to the playoffs over Georgia if they’re not even able to represent the West in the SEC Championship game. I don’t think Georgia will move up a ton if they’re able to beat Tech, but if Missouri loses to Arkansas on Friday and Georgia wins out and wins the SEC Championship, they’ll certainly have a strong case to be included in the four-team playoff.


Players’ Thoughts on Tech

Yesterday, a few seniors met with the media, and here’s what they had to say about the North Avenue Trade School:

If you can’t hear the questions, the full article is here.

Videos courtesy of Radi Nabulsi of


If you’re looking for a way to watch past Georgia highlights and get access to some other great content, make sure to check out The UGA Vault!


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The DYC Viewing Guide: Set Your DVR This Week Because Next Week is Terrible.

If, like me, you like to get a decent feel for top teams across the nation as we try to project the first College Football Playoff, then I have some friendly advice for you: clear out your DVR, and set about eight games to record this week.

Next week’s schedule does absolutely nothing, as the contenders based on this weeks rankings play, respectively: Vanderbilt, Colorado, Boston College, bye, Western Carolina and Washington State. Ole Miss at Arkansas is the only game that provides even a modicum of intrigue for top-1o teams, and if there was ever justification for going to 9-game conference schedules…yeah, look ahead to next week.

(And there’s my Viewing Guide for the week of Nov. 22.)

Thursday Throwdown (Singular, and It’s a Stretch)

Technically, there are three games on the national networks on Thursday, but only Cal at USC (9, ESPN) is worth taking time out of your busy schedule to watch. And that’s really only worthwhile if you’re into four and a half hour games where something crazy is bound to happen. #PACtion! Sign me up!



Bloodies on North Campus- Noon Games

There are actually ranked vs. ranked games hitting your TV sets early in the day! One involving a Minnesota program, where the only context I have is the following GIF.

Jerry Kill-in’ it on the dance floor.


2) #19 Clemson at #22 Georgia Tech (noon, ESPN/ABC): Deshaun Watson is back, and Clemson can prove they’re criminally underranked, and that Georgia Tech is criminally overranked, all in one tidy little football game.

3) South Carolina at Florida (noon, SECN): CFI.

4) Virginia Tech at #21 Duke (noon, ESPNU): Playoff implications, kinda. 2014 is a strange world.

Mid-Afternoon Tilts: Chugging Your Favorite Domestic and Saying “F*** Auburn” Every Third Sentence

There’s one big one you can watch on mute due to the announcers, and a bunch if you have a second TV and no radio.

1) #1 CLANGA at #5 Alabama (3:30, CBS): I said it yesterday: Clangabama sounds like an EDM band comprised of handbells.

2-5) Not bothering to post context for any of these games, although all have varying levels of playoff/SEC/hilarity interest: Washington at #14 Arizona (3:30, FOX), #16 Nebraska at #20 Wisconsin (3:30, ABC) — okay, one sidenote: Nebraska had a bye and dropped three spots in the CFP rankings. LOL B1G! — Kentucky at Tennessee (4, SECN), where someone gets to or close to bowl-eligible.

A #5? There was supposed to be a fifth game? Oklahoma at Texas Tech (4, ESPN) may be fun. Northwestern at Notre Dame (3:30, NBC), as always, if you’re into that kind of crap.

Lights On, Sun Down, Bourbon in Flasks- Go Dawgs

1) #9 Auburn at #15 Georgia (7:15, ESPN): If you’re not among the 92,746 at Sanford Stadium, you may miss kickoff for OU/TT…so, yeah. I guess that’s game #2.

2) #3 Florida State at da U (8, ABC): Wherein Miami exceeds its combined attendance for the whole season in one game. People smarter than I think Miami can/should/will win this game.

3) Mizzou at #24 Texas A&M (7:30, SECN): Go Aggies.

4) #17 LSU at Arkansas (8, ESPN2): Overdue Arkansas. Two plodding offenses. Arkansas should’ve won last year. LSU is confusing. Les Miles. Fun.

Enjoy the games, folks!

Georgia Football: Georgia’s College Football Playoff Case, UGA Climbs In The Rankings, and More! – Daily Dose of Dawg

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Georgia’s College Football Playoff Chances

Let me start off by saying that I think Georgia’s chances are slim to none, but crazier things have happened in college football, i.e. 2007. I think you can go ahead and lock in Florida State, the Pac-12 winner, and the Big 12 winner, so for that last spot, I think it will be between the SEC and the Big 10. If you’re a Georgia fan, you’re really just hoping everybody in the top-14 starts losing, but really you need Ohio State and Nebraska to both lose one. Then, I think you’re hoping Alabama wins out, Mississippi State collects two losses, and that you beat a 1-loss Alabama in the SEC Championship (yes I know, Missouri still has to lose a game, but if they’re really able to beat Texas A&M, Tennessee, and Arkansas, I’ll eat my own hand). At this point, all the top SEC teams and all the top Big 10 teams have two losses, and with Georgia having just won the SEC Championship, they’d have a very good case. I know their losses are awful, but it would be hard to leave them out fresh off an SEC Championship win if they had the same amount of losses as all the other top SEC and Big 10 teams.

Campus Insiders believes that if UGA just wins out, they’ll be in. Video here.


College Football Playoff Rankings Announced

Last night, the third ever College Football Playoff rankings were announced, and Georgia came in at #15.

Here are the complete rankings:

1 Mississippi State 9-0
2 Oregon 9-1
3 Florida State 9-0
4 TCU 8-1
5 Alabama 8-1
6 Arizona State 8-1
7 Baylor 8-1
8 Ohio State 8-1
9 Auburn 7-2
10 Ole Miss 8-2
11 UCLA 8-2
12 Michigan State 7-2
13 Kansas State 7-2
14 Arizona 7-2
15 Georgia 7-2
16 Nebraska 8-1
17 LSU 7-3
18 Notre Dame 7-2
19 Clemson 7-2
20 Wisconsin 7-2
21 Duke 8-1
22 Georgia Tech 8-2
23 Utah 6-3
24 Texas A&M 7-3
25 Minnesota 7-2

If you’re a Georgia fan, you are VERY pleased about being at #15. If Georgia is going to make any more significant moves, though, it probably won’t happen until after next week. The farthest they can really move up if they beat Auburn is #13 because not enough 2-loss teams in front of them really have a good shot at losing. If Ohio State loses to Minnesota, and Georgia really looks strong beating Auburn, I could see them jumping the Buckeyes, however.


Tuesday Player Interviews

Yesterday, a few players met with the media, and here’s what they had to say:

***Videos courtesy of Logan Booker of Bulldawg Illustrated


If you’re looking for a way to watch past Georgia highlights and get access to some other great content, make sure to check out The UGA Vault!


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November football is neat, and you’ve already missed two nights of #MACtion when this goes live.

Thursday Night Snuff Films

#21 Clemson at Wake Forest (7:30, ESPN): It’s a damn shame that Wake and Vanderbilt’s six-year series picked THIS year to end, because man it would be comical. The Deacs average 1.1 yards per rush for the season. Clemson, on the other hand, is vastly underranked at #21. One loss to Georgia, one overtime loss AT Florida State, and that’s it?

Georgia, More XII Fun, and Easy-to-Avoid B1G? Good Noon Slate.

1) #20 Georgia at Kentucky: (noon, ESPN) I said on Tuesday’s #DudeYouPodcast that I felt Georgia’s history consisted of looking a gift horse in the mouth and getting its head bitten off. That leads me to believe this will be a blowout in the Dawgs’ favor, and that feels like a weird tune to be singing.
2) #12 Baylor at #15 Oklahoma: (noon, FS1) Regardless of whether I’m 100% right or 100% wrong about Georgia/UK, this game should be on your radar. In reasonable scenarios, Baylor is still very much in the national title hunt. In apocalypse scenarios, Oklahoma is. OFFENSE! POINTS! STOPPAGES OF PLAY!
3) Presbyterian at #11 Ole Miss (noon, SECN): If you’re in the area, tickets on StubHub are starting at $8! Go enjoy The Grove on a budget!
3b-t4) Whatever floats your boat, although the first two should really be the only things on your radar. #22 Duke/Syracuse is better suited as a basketball game, but Duke is officially interesting. Minnesota was leading the B1G West until losing to Illinois, but Iowa/Minnesota is on the Deuce if that’s your bag.

3:30: Wherein Option Four Involves Michigan.

1) #10 Notre Dame ‘at’ #9 Arizona State (3:30, ABC): You know the deal. We can’t comfortably live in a world where Notre Dame is a contender, and Arizona State has a chance to put all that away. Impressively, their D won them a game against a solid Utah team last weekend, so perhaps the days of giving up 62 to UCLA are behind them?
2) Texas A&M at #3 Auburn (3:30, CBS): Actually, a decent week to get your break from curse doctor Uncle Verne. Seriously, he carries a Marshall Morgan voodoo doll, and you won’t convince me otherwise.
3) #23 West Virginia at Texas  (3:30, FS1): Any chance to watch West Virginia WR Kevin White is worth it, as is a chance to watch the Charlie Strong transformation-in-progress.

Shoutout to Tennessee Martin at #1 Mississippi State as well, because I’m genuinely interested to see if Dak Prescott’s turnovers become a real storyline.

Dude, Holy S**t.

What a nightcap slate. If you’re picking a time to do anything besides football, its before dark.

1a) #7 Kansas State at #6 TCU (FOX, 7:30): I’ve said it before: If TCU wins this game, they’ll be in the playoffs. K-State still has a tough road to hoe. This is going to be a fun one.
1b) #5 Alabama at #16 LSU (CBS, 8): “Death Valley under the lights is where dreams go to die.” – Les Miles “LSU is going to be playing like a top-1o team by November.” – Chad Floyd “F*** y’all.” – Nick Saban
1c) #14 Ohio State at #8 Michigan State (ABC, 8): I’ve been hard on the B1G this year, but let’s give them credit where credit is due: they have a game on the schedule with very real implications! It’s a 50/50 proposition that the winner of this game makes the CFP, which is nuts.
4) Virginia at #2 Florida State (6:30, ESPN): It’s Florida State 2014, so this’ll be close until Florida State makes it…not so.

Jimbo be like

Jimbo be like

And then, the beauty of the Pac-12 exhibits itself in all its radiant glory, as #4 Oregon visits #17 Utah (10, ESPN) in a very real threat for the Ducks. Good Utah DL vs. mediocre Oregon OL? I smell an upset.

Enjoy the games, folks!


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