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2014 Texas A&M Aggies Preview Podcast

Chad Floyd (@Chad_Floyd on Twitter) and Andrew Hall (@DudeYouCrazy) talk from what sounds like the flooded Bat Cave about Texas A&M football.  They preview the Aggies’ schedule, take a look at returning personnel and mourn the loss of Johnny Manziel.


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Georgia Recruiting: The Nation’s Best Player Sets Official Visit to Georgia

According to 247Sports’ Evan Watkins, Josh Sweat (the nation’s top overall prospect) will visit Georgia along with Virginia Tech, Florida State, Ohio State and Oregon.

Sweat recently took the top spot in the 247Sports Composite away from fellow-Georgia target Trent Thompson.  He stands 6-4.5, weighs 240 and runs in the 4.5 range as a weak-side DE.


That’s all I got/


Georgia Football: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of ESPN’s Decision Not to Come to Athens for the Bulldogs’ Bout with Clemson

As you’ve most assuredly heard by now, ESPN’s College GameDay will not be broadcasting from Athens, Ga. when the Dawgs host the Tigers on August 30.

A few points of interest organized accordingly:


The Good

GameDay was in Clemson, S.C. last year for the game and the Bulldogs came up short.  I can see why ESPN wouldn’t want to replicate the exact same matchup on the exact same weekend.  And, seeing as it didn’t exactly bring Georgia luck in 2013, I probably shouldn’t complain too much.


The Bad

Oklahoma State might or might not open the season in the Top 25.  Sporting News did not have the Cowboys ranked.  ESPN’s “Power Poll” has them ranked 21st.  Bleacher Report does not have OK State ranked.  Phil Steele doesn’t have them in the Top 25 either.

That’s not to say the Cowboys aren’t good or that they aren’t capable of being good.  It’s just to say that this isn’t exactly a battle between preseason elite.  But at the moment, this is a team that returns just four starters on offense and just four on defense.  Among others, they’ll be breaking in a new QB, three new offensive linemen, two new linebackers and three new defensive backs.

Wisconsin vs. LSU and Georgia/Clemson would have been more compelling football games.


The Ugly

This all could get very ugly.  Obviously, the talent differential will be on full display for 60 minutes, but even before kickoff this could very well turn into “Jameis Winston Lovefest.”

Winston won the Heisman and a National Championship last year, but it wasn’t without controversy.  He didn’t exactly avoid the spotlight or Publix security this offseason.

Kids are kids, as I’ve said.  But with FSU’s overpowering talent taking on Oklahoma State, this could become the Jameis Winston Show from the onset.  I don’t really want to watch that.  But hey, maybe I’m the crotchety old man.



That’s all I got/


Georgia Football: Bulldogs’ Offense Loses Freshman Wide Receiver to Defense: What it All Means

Rico Johnson signed with Georgia as a 3-star wide receiver (per 247Sports).  Practice hasn’t yet begun for the new Dawg, but he’s got a new position.

“It was just kind of a need,” offensive coordinator Mike Bobo told Chip Towers of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution of Johnson’s move to DB.

We’re going to see if he can go over there and contribute. I think we’ll know early on whether he’s going to stay there or come to the offense. Not that it’s easy to play receiver, but if he would’ve started on offense then go to defense I think the adjustment would have been harder on him.


Ultimately, this move says more about Georgia’s personnel than it does about Johnson.  This is a strong indication that Georgia’s secondary concerns are far from addressed.  If Jeremy Pruitt had a somewhat firm rotation of cornerbacks and safeties in place, Johnson might still be a wide receiver.  As it stands, the majority of those spots are still up for grabs.

That could benefit Johnson who was sure to be stuck behind returning stars like Malcolm Mitchell, Chris Conley and Justin Scott-Wesley at the receiver position.  Furthermore, he was unlikely to unseat Reggie Davis or Jonathon Rumph as a reserve.  The new position and the open competition accompanying it may mean more early playing time.


That’s all I got/


NFL Gambling Over/Unders: Gone Camping AFC Edition

It’s FINALLY that time of year again: that hallowed time where I wait out a sea of Bachelorette-related posts so that I can ride the wave of page views into the DYC (semi) official NFL over-under column, where we break down the coming NFL season through the most inclusive lens possible: gambling.

Now, it goes without saying that sports gambling is illegal, and while we here at the Dude (trying site nicknames, don’t feel great about that one) would never advocate activities that put you outside the law, talking about gambling is legal. AND if you happen to make it to a place where you can gamble on sports (Las Vegas, the Internet, Sneaky Pete‘s basement), then this won’t just entertain, it might win you some money. Now, before we kick off my favorite NFL preseason tradition, let’s peek in at my second favorite tradition: Madden ratings.

Quick notes: I love that Clowney is the only one even semi okay with his rating, understanding that players advance in the season and in their careers. Also, Manziel thinking that he should be somewhere between Stafford and Cam last year is classic JFF, and if Blake Bortles thinks ANYONE remembers he was the first quarterback off the board, he needs to take a lap for stupidity. You’re in Jacksonville bro. See you when the franchise is in LA in a two years.

I’m just kidding. The NFL is gonna move the Bills first.

These numbers are pulled off the Bovada Sportsbook, my favorite site for (*ahem*) speculative gambling purposes. We’re going off raw numbers for the blog, but for odds just use the googlebox. As always, these picks are based off the teams as they are at publication, noting that injuries in the money grab by owners preseason games can change a season faster than you can say Vick Ballard’s achilles. We’re gonna start the same way we did last year (hey, the first thing I ever wrote for DYC!), with except this year we’re going AFC today, and we’ll be back with a look at the NFC on Friday.

AFC North

Baltimore: 8.5

Cincinnati: 9

Cleveland: 6.5

Pittsburgh: 8.5

While Roger Goodell has been hiding behind Adolpho Birch (who? EXACTLY) regarding the Ray Rice suspension, the Baltimore Ravens have been in camp, dealing fallout of the MASSIVE contract they gave Joe Flacco, which helped contribute to the 8-8 Super Bowl hangover season of last year. The offense added old Steve Smith, who I’m still convinced would have joined any team playing Carolina this year, and according to Chad Floyd’s ringing endorsement, the offensive line and running game “can’t get any worse than last year.” Even factoring in an improving defense, the schedule and improving division have got me leaning UNDER. But, rest easy Raven faithful; your heroes still love you. Which is nice.

The Bengals do this to me every few years: they suck me in with a good to decent late season push which overshadows playoff shortcomings, and then I start playing fantasy Bengal football in my head, where I imagine every player stays healthy, just how good they could be. For example, my heart loves the idea of Geno Atkins as the best interior defensive lineman in football, and the contract he got last year was indicative of that. On the other hand, he DID blow out his ACL last year and is starting the year on the PUP list. That said, I was irrational about Cincy last year, so let’s keep the party moving. OVER.

Go ahead, believe the Brian Hoyer hype. Buy into the reports that ‘anonymous players’ say that they want Hoyer to start. Listen closely to the GM and coach complain about Manziel’s off the field antics. Do what you want, but me? Cleveland, I don’t believe you, you need more people. I’m giving your front office credit in having functional brains, so nothing we’ve seen from JFF this offseason should be a surprise, and I’m not falling for the rope a dope. Cleveland is going to Cleveland less than it has Clevelanded in the past. OVER. Fact.

I wrote this last year:

The Steelers are alarming to me at 9 wins, because I think that’s the ideal number if you could promise me Ben Roethlisberger would A. play 16 games this year and 2. stay away from coeds. Since neither one is highly likely, that means we’re going to get at least 2 games of Bruce Gradkowski/Landry Jones/John Parker Wilson. His last season playing a full schedule was 2008, and that coupled with a insufficient offensive line and a questionable running game, I have to go under for the Steelers.

The only thing that changes here is the line, the names of the back up QBs, and the fact that Big Ben finally started 16 games. The defense is still old, the OL is still offensive, and Todd Haley is still calling plays. UNDER.


Denver: 11.5

Kansas City: 8

Oakland: 5

San Diego: 8

Denver set offensive record books on fire last year, with Peyton “Cyborg” Manning torching your favorite team, probably on television. Seriously, bask in the glory of old metal neck’s throwing motion.


Hypnotizing. Clearly, out of gambling fear and respect (no one man has simultaneously cost and won me so much money in my life) I’ll be taking the OVER here. It’s not my fault the NFL gave him 5 prime time games and two games against the Raiders.

Kansas City CLEARLY overachieved last year, but the interesting part is how they did it. And THAT was a boatload of Jamaal Charles all in other teams face area. Clearly, not an Andy Reid-esque blueprint that we are used to watching. But, he got it done. What’s interesting this off-season (beyond the Alex Smith-man contract madness), has been the lack of addition on the outside. I thought that Andy would be moving back to his usual West Coast-inspired attack, especially after he grabbed the perfect quarterback for it in the draft. Hint: his brother just won the Bachelorette. OVER.

No thank you Oakland. UNDER.

I’ve found that the Chargers are the litmus test of the new NFL. If you like them, you are a Sunday Ticket guy, and actually got to watch this team play last year, and found this second life of Philip Rivers fun to watch. If you hate them, you probably drafted Antonio Gates and don’t understand why three Chargers had more touchdown receptions than him. If you’re me, you just hate Rivers’ stupid face. UNDER.


Buffalo: 6.5

Miami: 7.5

New England: 11

New York Jets: 7

Did you know Buffalo won 6 games last year? I KNOW RIGHT? With the announcement that CJ Spiller will (at least nominally) be the feature back, I think this is a team ready for an offensive breakout year. Sammy Watkins is an upgrade over anyone who caught footballs in Toronto Buffalo last year, give me the Bills trending upward. OVER. At least until this guy buys the team and moves them.

Miami, you are entering year three of the Ryan Tannehill experience and I’m doing a quick informal poll: How would you say it’s going so far? A) Well, we brought in Mike Sherman to bring out the best in him, and he got fired, so it can’t get worse? B) WE COULD HAVE HAD RUSSELL WILSON! C) At least he’s not Brandon Weedon, complete with shoulder shrug. This team won 8 games last year amid all the turmoil, and less Mike Sherman might be just what the doctor ordered. But probably not. UNDER.

My jealousy of the institutional greatness that is the New England Patriots has waned over the years, especially as the under-reported nature of Brady’s decline continues. But seriously: who is the brain surgeon who let Belichick get his hands on Darrel Revis? You gave a defensive mastermind the singular lock down corner he’s been salivating for over these past few years. WE CAN’T AFFORD AS A LEAGUE TO GIVE THIS TEAM NICE THINGS. OVER. Whatever. Ugh.

So, as an Atlanta native who came of age between the Chris Chandler and Michael Vick eras, I have a baseless affinity for ol’ number 7. Or should I say, the old number 7. See, Geno’s refusal to relinquish his number strikes a disrespectful chord with me, and the football gods (copyright Gregggggg Easterbrook) shall smite his team. Also, their offense is still pretty bad, and it’s a shame this defense will get wasted again. UNDER.


Houston: 7.5

Indianapolis: 9.5

Jacksonville: 5

Tennessee: 7

So, I like to joke on twitter, and when a game gets out of hand (what up Brazil), I like to use the hashtag #thegamecheatin. We’ve all been there; nothing you do is working, unforced errors, outright getting embarrassed by a younger sibling, when we swallow that pride, and are at least tempted to hit the reset button. Doesn’t it feel like Houston management did that this offseason? The Kubiak/Schaub pairing had gone so poorly that everyone punted, handed the team to Bill O’Brien and Ryan Fitzpatrick, and roll the dice with Arian Foster’s surgically repaired back, and only Andre Johnson seems to be worried. He is right to be. UNDER. Someone get Andre out of there before he get’s Larry Fitzgerald’d.

It looks like Indy is going to walk away from this division fairly easily, even with the loss of Vick Ballard this week. That’s one of the wholly underrated aspects of training camp and preseason football; the number of injuries incurred during this period. For a lot of young guys, these few weeks are their best shot at an NFL future, and a misstep here or an over-extension there, and these dreams can be dashed, with only some team gear, and a few weeks per diem to show for it. At least the humanizing of players might increase a chance for guaranteed contracts. Just kidding. OVER.

Jacksonville. Gradient helmets. No local support. On the express train to LA. How did this squad win 4 games last year? UNDER.

Some bloggers wouldn’t let collegiate hatred carry over into a somewhat respectable format. Some would say that moving past the hatred of youth would display a certain maturity. No one who agrees with this writes for this site. FACT: Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard. FACT: Harvard is a safety school. FACT: If your season last year was dependent on a Harvard quarterback, you are living the UNDER. Especially if you got rid of Chris Johnson, and you’re counting on Jake Locker this year. The Harvard stink remains.

No one likes Harvard.


No one.

See you here Friday for the NFC.

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