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Georgia Special Teams: It’s not ALL Bad News

I’m a bad news first kind of guy. So let’s get this bad boy out of the way.

Bad news: I analyzed every special teams play from last week, and Georgia sucked.

Time Play Type Result Grade Explanation
Q1 15:00 Kick Return Touchback C I’m not giving points for no action, but it could have been worse.
Q1 13:17 Punt 49 Yard Punt, 14 Yard Return C- Kicking from the 34, a net punt of just 46 yards pins Bama inside 20. Instead, Bama gets out to the 31.
Q1 11:53 Punt 24 Yard Punt puts Bama on the 14 D Know when the good time is for a 24-yard punt? Yeah me neither.
Q1 9:36 Punt Return Muffed Punt Recovered D Only way this is worse is if we actually lose the fumble.
Q1 8:33 Punt Touchback from the 48 D Yet another missed opportunity to pin Bama and flip field position. Any kick for 28-47 yards would have been better.
Q1 4:05 Field Goal D Bama Field Goal Good C A block is an A+ and Giving up a Fake for a TD is an F. This is expectedly average (which is good for Georgia’s Special Teams).
Q1 4:05 Kick Return 20 yard Return to the 20 D I gave a C for a touchback, so this is worse because the return cost Georgia five yards.
Q2 12:23 Field Goal Made Field Goal after TO C- This should have been a B (for sucessfully converting an easy FG and tying the game), but needing a TO following a 26 yard gain on 3rd and Goal from the 35 is inexcusable.
Q2 12:23 Kickoff Alabama return to 24 C+ Come on, baby! Kicking off to the 4 and holding Bama to a 20-yard return. YEAH.
Q2 8:26 XP Defense Alabama Kick Good C Nothing
Q2 8:26 Kick Return 20 Yard Return to the 22 C- Same story as the previous kick return but at least this was fielded outside of the end zone.
Q2 7:34 Punt 32 Yard Punt C- But hey…no return! Bama ball at the 42.
Q2 6:21 Punt Return Touchback C That’s a win.
Q2 4:48 Punt Blocked for a TD F Why?
Q2 4:48 XP Defense Alabama Kick Good C Nothing
Q2 4:48 Kick Return Georgia Ball on the 9 After Penalty F This play gets lost in the shuffle. After Special Teams gives up a TD on a blocked punt, we turn around with a 17 yard return to the 17 (touchback gets you to the 25) and get penalized back to the 9 for holding. Here’s 16 free yards, Bama.
Q2 3:55 Punt Georgia 36-yard Punt D Because of a stagnant offense starting inside its 10, Collin Barber was in a tight spot, but 36-yards didn’t do anyone any favors especially not when Bama still got a short return.
Q2 3:48 XP Defense Alabama Kick Good C Nothing
Q2 3:48 Kick Return Touchback C YAY!
Q2 2:23 Punt Touchback D Why? Again, Mr. 24 Yard Punt picks this one to boom 51 yards? Come on.
Q2 0:49 Punt Return 2 yard Pickup C+ Cleanly fielded and everything.
Q3 15:00 Kickoff 24 Yard Return to 24 C+ Yeahhhhh. Second Half is gonna be swell.
Q3 13:21 Punt Return No Return, Downed at 31 C Sure.
Q3 13:07 XP Defense Alabama Kick Good C Nothing
Q3 13:07 Kick Return Georgia 14-yard return to 14 D- I. Can’t. Even.
Q3 11:24 Punt Bad Punt + Bad Return + Bad Penalty F 40 yard punt from 22 puts Bama at their own 38, nine yard return puts then at their own 47, 15 yard late hit penalty puts them at Georgia 38 for a net punt of 16 yards.
Q3 10:05 XP Defense Alabama Kick Good C Nothing
Q3 10:05 Kick Return Touchback C It’s so hard.
Q3 8:18 Punt Net punt of 25 Yards C- Net 35 is good now I think.
Q3 7:08 Punt Return Fair Catch at the 19 C+ Ball security.
Q3 0:19 Punt Return Out of Bounds + Penalty D Georgia was set to have an out-of-bounds punt at the 32, but a 15-yard facemask brought the Dawgs back to their own 17.
Q3 0:10 XP XP Good C YAY! Extra Point is Good!
Q3 0:10 Kickoff Short kick returned to 29. C- Kick the ball deep.
Q4 13:23 Punt Return Punt out of Bounds at 35 C+ Decent field position thanks to short punt and no penalty.
Q4 11:45 Punt 45 Yard Punt Fair Catch B- I feel great about that.
Q4 7:06 Punt 55 Yard Punt, 23 Yard Return C- Yeah 23 yard returns shouldn’t happen.


That puts the Special Teams’ GPA at something arbitrarily in the 1.6 range. A little below C- average.

That’s bad news.


The good news is that Special Teams isn’t really one-third of the game. At least, it wasn’t against Alabama. Against the Crimson Tide, only 26.4% of all plays were Special Teams. So things could have been worse.



That’s all I got/



Week 6 SEC Preview

Great week for the Dude last week. Never a doubt. Strong showing. I’m the best.

Week 5 Game Score Result
Missouri -3.5 Mizzou 24, S. Car 10 WIN
Alabama +2 Alabama Too Much, Georgia Too Little WIN
Auburn -20 Auburn 35, SJSU 21 Loss
Ole Miss -7 LOLOL Loss
Arkansas +6.5 Arkansas 24, Tennessee 20 WIN
Eastern Michigan +44.5 LSU 44, EMU 22 WIN
Vanderbilt +4.5 Vandy 17, MTSU 13 WIN
Texas A&M -7 Texas A&M 30, Miss St. 17 WIN


Week 5: 6-2

Season: 24-17

Now let’s keep the magic magic-ing. All lines as of Thursday early morning. All lines via Caesars Palace accessed Via All games on Saturday.


New Mexico State at #14 Ole Miss, 12 p.m., SEC Network

I think New Mexico State has gotten better each game this year. I don’t know that for a fact because I haven’t seen them play a down, but I think they’re hungry. A lot hungrier, perhaps, than they were in the season-opener against Florida. Close losses to Georgia State (34-32) and UTEP (50-47) and a loss to in-state rival New Mexico (38-29) in a game that was tied in the fourth quarter has these Aggies ready to eat. And by “ready to eat” I mean “ready to lose by fewer than 43.5 points. Also on NMSU’s side: the transitive property. Florida beat NMSU by 48 points but Florida was 28 points better than Ole Miss last week, which means Ole Miss should just be 20 points better than New Mexico State.

My Pick: New Mexico State +43.5


#7 LSU at South Carolina at LSU, 3:30 p.m., ESPN

I’m too lazy to do the research on who’s actually attending this game now that it’s been moved to Baton Rouge as a result of the flooding in Columbia. But emotional implications aside, this can’t help South Carolina. And the movement on the line has been nuts. It opened at 13 and is now 18.5. I think South Carolina can cover 18.5. Thirteen was a stretch for sure. But let’s see some inspired play. Let’s hear Sandstorm at Death Valley.

My Pick: South Carolina +18.5


#19 Georgia at Tennessee, 3:30 p.m., CBS

Do some of this please.


I know players aren’t supposed to pay attention to things like gambling, but I hope Georgia players are insulted by this line. To cover a 2.5 point spread, Georgia could be trailing by 12 points late in the game. I’m struggling to see what Tennessee does better than Georgia. Say what you want about Greyson Lambert but he’s thrown for 40 more yards this season than Josh Dobbs and he’s done that with nearly 30% fewer passes. Jalen Hurd and Alvin Kamara form a talented backfield, but would you take those guys over Nick Chubb and Sony Michel? Georgia is 25th in the nation in passing yards allowed per game, Tennessee is 89th. Georgia’s allowing 123.6 rushing yards per contest; Tennessee’s giving up 171.6. The only way Georgia loses this game is special teams mishaps (all but guaranteed) and issues defending a mobile QB (a possibility). But I can think of 100 ways Tennessee could lose this game.

My Pick: Georgia -2.5


Troy at Mississippi State, 4 p.m., SEC Network

My Pick: Troy +30.5


Arkansas at #8 Alabama, 7 p.m., ESPN

Arkansas is gonna keep this thing tight yall. I’m telling you. That’s all I’m saying because I don’t know if I really believe that. But let’s do this. Road underdogs gonna cover.

My Pick: Arkansas +17.5


#11 Florida at Missouri

Man. This is just what Missouri does. Florida’s cruising along, biggest win in the SEC East (and one of the biggest in the nation, period) so far this year: check. Undefeated record: check. Red-faced prick as a coach: check. Then BOOM. Enter mediocre Missouri to make things interesting. I think Florida’s safe. And I want the Gators safe so as to make the impending Bulldog victory in Jacksonville as meaningful as possible and so as to all but remove the Tigers from contention. But this could be scary.

My Pick: Florida -3.5



That’s all I got/


Georgia Football: Don’t Act Like It’s All Over and Don’t Act Like You Know It Is

Don’t act like that wasn’t a near-perfect game out of Alabama in sloppy conditions.

And don’t act like that’s not about as poorly as we should expect Georgia to play.

And don’t act like Georgia doesn’t lay an egg every season.

And don’t act like an egg-laying against Tennessee, Missouri, Florida, Kentucky, Auburn or Georgia Tech wouldn’t have also yielded a loss.

And don’t act like a non-egg-laying effort guaranteed a win against Alabama.

And don’t act like Alabama isn’t now the favorite in the SEC West.

And don’t act like Georgia can’t still beat a Tennessee team that can’t hold a lead.

And don’t act like Georgia can’t beat Missouri at home.

And don’t act like Florida went from dumpster fire to NFL-caliber team in just five weeks.

And don’t act like Kentucky and Auburn have shown any sustainable threat to anything other than Georgia’s worst.

So don’t act like Georgia can’t win the division despite an embarrassing loss in the first weekend of October.

And don’t act like we didn’t see that as recently as 2012.

And don’t act like we have any idea what this team will be capable of in December.

And don’t act like Georgia didn’t do itself proud on its last SEC Championship Game appearance.

And don’t act like this team can’t have the same ceiling.

Don’t act like the ass-whooping Bama dished out wasn’t disappointing.

And don’t act like we, as fans, are fine with it.

But don’t act like you care more than Georgia’s coaching staff or its players.

And don’t act like a loss means the end of the season.

And don’t act like one of the lessons to be learned from a loss to Alabama is something other than the notion that teams can lose and come back—just like Bama did after a loss to Ole Miss.

And don’t act like Georgia can’t come back.

And please, for the love of all things good, don’t act like Georgia fans deserve better.

And don’t act like another coach in school history has won so many games in his first 15 seasons.

And don’t act like part of why Georgia has lost to so many great teams doesn’t have to do with Georgia playing a lot more great teams lately.

And don’t act like Georgia used to win national titles all the time.

And don’t act like Mark Richt’s character negates his ability to win football games.

And don’t act like he’s not going to win more.

And don’t act like Alabama was ever really supposed to be a win.

And don’t act like when this schedule was announced you fully anticipated a 5-0 start.

And don’t act like Georgia “came out flat” like it did in 2008 against Bama or in 2012 against South Carolina, because the Dawgs held tight for the first 20+ minutes of the game.

And don’t act like the loss yesterday, ugly as it may have been, means anything more than just that—a loss.

And don’t act like there can’t be a shot at a rematch.

And don’t act like a rematch won’t be more competitive.

And don’t act like Tennessee doesn’t matter.


And don’t act like you’re still reading this.



That’s all I got/


Georgia Football: Is Pruitt’s Defense Big or is it Fast? And Why Can’t it be Both vs. Bama?

A lot has been made about the similarities between Georgia and Alabama heading into tomorrow’s game. One point of consensus differentiation is that Georgia’s defense is “fast” and Alabama’s defense is “big.”

Based on last week’s lineup for the Bulldogs, it’s hard to argue with that. Georgia started an average weight of 235.4 pounds with:

  • John Atkins – 300
  • Chris Mayes – 323
  • Sterling Bailey – 282
  • Jordan Jenkins – 253
  • Jake Ganus – 233
  • Leonard Floyd – 231
  • Aaron Davis – 190
  • Malcolm Parrish – 188
  • Dominick Sanders – 189
  • Quincy Mauger – 200
  • Jonathan Abram – 200


But I don’t know that Georgia gives up a ton of functional athleticism by dropping a defensive back (say, Parrish), adding a pass-rusher (Lorenzo Carter), shifting Floyd to the middle linebacker spot and moving Sanders to a corner spot. Sure, that line up is “slower,” in a relay race but I don’t know that a quarterback would feel suddenly blessed by the slowness of the game. I trust Davis and Sanders in one-on-one coverage against an unproven QB whose trying to dodge Jenkins, Floyd and Sanders. I think Ganus can pick up a tight end there and Mauger and/or Abram could file up as necessary.

Against a big, physical Alabama team that kind of lineup makes sense. And don’t be stunned to see big Trent Thompson out there early and often. Hell, I’d like to see him lined up next to Mayes on an obvious running down as Jordan Jenkins comes up behind him as a standing defensive end.

Last week Georgia basically started and played a 3-3-5 for much of the game. This week that could become a pseudo 4-3-4 with Jenkins, Thompson, Mayes and Bailey at the line; followed by Floyd, Ganus and Carter. That’s not a slow defense, folks. And it would weigh almost 260 pounds per Dawg.

This is what I love so much about Pruitt. He’s not just building depth, he’s building usable depth. Floyd can play anywhere on the field. Defensive backs are interchangeable. This is fun.



That’s all I got/


Georgia vs. Alabama: The LEAST Important Game of Mark Richt’s Career

I don’t see what the big deal is here. This isn’t a career-defining game for Mark Richt. It’s arguably the least important game of his tenure at Georgia.

What does beating Alabama mean? I mean it’s a win. But all a win against Alabama means is that Georgia is better than Alabama. And right now, the polls and Vegas already think Georgia is better than Alabama. Is the statement folks are looking for from a statement game simply one that says, “See everybody was right about us! We’re better than the team we were supposed to be better than!” I don’t think this is a statement game at all.

And last time Nick Saban’s team lost, it fell from No. 2 to No. 12 in the polls. Another 10-spot drop puts Bama at 23rd. Hell, the Crimson Tide might fall even further. So who gives a damn about beating a team that might not even be ranked?

Richt was once 1-0 against Saban-coached Bama teams.


For Georgia to win a National Championship (now that game would matter), at least five things need to happen:

  1. Georgia needs to win the SEC East.
  2. Georgia needs to win the SEC Championship Game.
  3. Georgia needs to receive the likely bid into the playoff.
  4. Georgia needs to win a national semifinal game.
  5. Georgia needs to win the National Championship Game.

Those things are unarguably sequential if normalcy prevails.

Does beating Alabama help Georgia in the SEC East? No, not really. I mean sure, conference wins matter. But if this helps achieve that goal then the most important game of the season will happen again when Georgia plays Auburn. And if winning the East is the first step to a Natty, then the rest of the steps don’t matter and games against SEC East foes count as doubly important victories. South Carolina was the most important game of the season…at least thus far.

But we can keep going. Does beating Alabama win Georgia an SEC Championship? Not in October. In fact, beating Alabama all but eliminates from SEC West contention the one team in the West that we would know Georgia was better than (Alabama).

Does beating Alabama get Georgia a playoff bid? Not directly. Sure, it matters that Georgia needs to win a heavy majority of its games, but in that light last week’s game against Southern mattered because Georgia needed to win that one too. As far as raw wins and losses are concerned, this is just the most important game of Richt’s week.

And obviously, this game does nothing for beating another opponent in a semifinal or final.

This game means absolutely nothing. I’m being more than a little bit facetious here, but this is worth noting.

The Chubb storyline might be the most important of the day.

Georgia fans have put Mark Richt into a box and created a no-win atmosphere. If Georgia beats Alabama tomorrow—and I think that possibility is possible (that’s why it’s a possibility)—how quickly are we going to dismiss the win against an Alabama program that’s “not what it used to be” or that’s “barely or not even ranked?” My guess is we discount that game the second we see Georgia struggle against another opponent, which is bound to happen because football is a hard game and it’s a long season. And we’ve already seen this happen on a smaller scale. Heading into the South Carolina game, very few fans felt confident about the Dawgs taking on an obviously down Gamecocks team.

The win was a blast, but the narrative shifted from “Oh we are gonna win this game” to “It feels great to beat South Carolina” to “Hahahahaha Spurrier” to “Yeah but South Carolina sucks” awfully fast. And that “We ain’t done nothing yet” mentality showed its ugly head when Georgia wasn’t winning by 100+ points against Southern in the first half. If Georgia beats Alabama then everyone—even us as Bulldog fans—will immediately downgrade the Crimson Tide and if Georgia does anything less than a four Touchdown victory in Knoxville next weekend it will prove that we “still don’t know if Georgia’s good or not, the Bama game meant nothing.”

And Georgia could lose to Bama still. And Georgia could beat Bama and find someone else to lose to. That happens in football.  It’s worth noting that six of the last nine National Champions lost at some point. LSU lost twice in 2007. So losses do happen to good teams—especially good teams that are still breaking in new offensive schemes, a new quarterback and adjusting to real opposition for the first time.

Georgia’s probably going to lose sometime this season. It might be against Alabama; it might be against someone else. In the grand scheme of things, a loss to Alabama is the easiest to come back from. After all, Alabama isn’t an intra-division foe (like Tennessee, Missouri, Florida and Kentucky) a long-standing rival on the field and in recruiting (like Auburn) or a a little-brother in-state program that should always be beaten (like Georgia Tech). To be sure, a win helps the cause and a loss hurts. But unlike some of the games listed above, a loss to Alabama doesn’t doom the Dawgs or otherwise indict the program.

In that regard, this is just another game. Hell yes we want Georgia to win. Hell no we don’t want Georgia to lose. But it’s another game against another good team.

And to put my blogging money where my mouth is: win, lose or draw vs. Bama, I think the game at Knoxville next weekend is more important. And the fight in Jacksonville is suddenly looming quite large.


That’s all I got/



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