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Live Coverage from the Ole Miss vs. Boise State Game at the Georgia Dome

Bleacher Report gave me free range with a live-blog.

Check it out here.



SEC Football: How Will Your Team Do in 2014? Here’s All You Need to Know

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We’ve already got several previews up for Week 1:


But if you’re still not sure what to expect, you should know that we spent 42 days (three days on each team) previewing each of the SEC’s fourteen teams.  Here’s what you may have missed.

2014 SEC Football Team Previews


That’s all I got/




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Week 1 SEC Preview: Missouri on Upset Alert? Cocks or Aggies Replacing More? Florida Meets New Vandals and Much More

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When I first started DudeYouCrazy in 2010, my weekly previews of the SEC were my favorite pieces to write.  Somewhere along the way I got off track on those, but I’m hoping to get back this year.  As it stands, Chad Floyd has already published a thorough college football viewing guide.  I’ll do my best not to step on his toes, but I make no promises.  Additionally, this isn’t the time or place for super-deep analysis so much as it is a breeding ground for snark.  So here we go.


#21 Texas A&M at #9 South Carolina – Tonight, 6 PM on SEC Network

With all due respect to my home state Georgia State Panthers (who played last night), this is the beginning of everything.

  • The beginning of college football games that matter.
  • The beginning of SEC Network coverage.
  • The beginning of life after Clowney for the Gamecocks
  • The beginning of life after Johnny Football for the Aggies.
  • The beginning of “Sandstorm” at Williams-Brice Stadium, because that song is new every year in Columbia.

Truth be told, I’m cooler on both of these teams than most of the world – and that might be a bad thing.

For South Carolina, I still have doubts about sustainability after the departure of Clowney (the best player in the team’s history) and Connor Shaw (best QB—at least at winning games—in school history).  Those losses, combined with the Cocks’ affinity for late season missteps have me somewhat lukewarm.

On the other sideline, how does anyone replace Johnny Manziel?  Not to get sappy, but we’ve never seen another player like him.  He accounted for 9,989 yards of total offense over a two year career and I’m pretty sure he intentionally left that total 11 yards shy of 10k just to screw with us.  If ever a player was built for walking into hostile environment and performing on a brand new network by sticking a middle finger up at everyone watching—both in person and on TV—it was Manziel.  So in a way, fans have already lost.


In any event, the questions with South Carolina are far fewer and less significant than those posed to A&M.  Dylan Thompson isn’t Connor Shaw, but he’s been damn good as a backup and this time last year seemed poised to stir up the kind of QB controversy Spurrier loves to hate to love to hate to love to create to love to hate.  Meanwhile, Mike Davis may be the nation’s best running back not named [Insert Georgia or Alabama running back names here].

South Carolina wins but in the process we learn more about A&M (and who the Aggies aren’t) than we do about the Cocks.


Boise State vs. #18 Ole Miss – Tonight, 8 PM on ESPN

Speaking of teams that might be ranked too high…hello Ole Miss!  Expectations are sky-high for Hugh Freeze’s club this year.  Apparently a few stout recruiting classes and a sixth-place finish in the SEC West get you where you want to be.  For the second consecutive season, Rebels’ fans are chanting about “momentum” and they’ve certainly come a long way—at least in theory and enthusiasm.  But again, sixth place in the division doesn’t get rings.  Let it go!



Ole Miss is talented.  Their one-deep depth chart is damn impressive, but a one-deep depth chart doesn’t have depth and that’s my concern.  Don’t misread me: this is a good team, and it could be a great team (especially if everyone stays healthy and Freeze pulls an upset or two).  But I think a Top 20 ranking is a bit premature.  That being said, I don’t see the Rebels losing until October as a four-game stretch featuring Boise State, Vandy, LA-Lafayette and Memphis seems awfully passable.  More than anything else, that’s what worries me about the Rebs’ lofty preseason ranking.  If they come in at 18 now, where will they be when they’re 4-0?

As for this game itself, I’d like to think Boise “magic” has died off.  I remember the pain of the Broncos’ last visit to the Georgia Dome all too well.  Although I’m not an Ole Miss fan or a Rebel apologist in any way, form or fashion, I’d like them to put the Broncos back in their place as a service to the rest of college football.

Ole Miss wins comfortably in a game that we will be covering live from the Dome.


Vanderbilt vs. Temple – Tonight, 9:15 PM on SEC Network

The post-James Franklin Era begins in the least dramatic fashion possible as the Commodores will storm past Temple tonight.  Hopefully that gives way more formally to the Derek Mason Era.

I don’t know quite what to expect out of Vandy this year because Franklin seemed like the perfect counter-balance to everything Vanderbilt was and is, and as a result he hyped up his team to something much better than any of us would have dreamed five years ago.  Mason, meanwhile, is exactly what Vanderbilt was and is—even down to the bowtie.  That may or may not be a bad thing.

vandy way


Fortunately, we’ll have a pretty good idea by season’s end as the talent pool at Vandy remains at an all-time high.

In the interim, Vanderbilt wins against Temple.


Kentucky vs. Tennessee-Martin – Saturday, 12 PM on SEC Network

Out of pur dignity I refuse to talk at length about Tennessee-Martin, so let’s just call this one of Kentucky’s three wins for the year and move on.


Missouri vs. South Dakota State – Saturday, 3:30 PM on ESPNU

Is it bad that I was greatly tempted to pick this game as an upset?  I think it’s bad.

I’ve exhausted this point, but Missouri has a lot of holes.  A whole lot of holes.

The Jackrabbits (not a joke), meanwhile, return a lot.  Austin Sumner, a 6’5, 235 pound senior is back at quarterback.  All he did last year was throw for 3,000 yards and 19 TDs while adding 300 yards on the ground and two rushing scores.  Even more importantly, Zach Zenner, a bruiser of a white tailback is back.  Zenner is the only player in FCS history to rush for 2,000 yards in two different seasons.  Over the past two years Zenner has racked up 4,611 yards of offense and 38 TDs.  Todd Gurley who?

This is real.

This is real.


I’m almost kidding about the upset, but this is a good FCS team.  The Jackrabbits put up 20 against Nebraska last year.  Hell, Georgia didn’t even do that.

Ultimately, Mizzou wins.  But this could be interesting for a few minutes.


#2 Alabama vs. West Virginia – Saturday, 3:30 PM on ACB and ESPN2

West Virginia’s QB came out this week and said he once kissed Nick Saban’s daughter.  I can think of a thousand reasons why I wouldn’t have said that publicly, not the least of which are as follows:

  1. She’s Nick Saban’s daughter.
  2. You are playing Nick Saban’s team.
  3. She’s kind of crazy from what I hear.
  4. She’s Nick Saban’s daughter.

This game wasn’t ever going to come down to kissing and/or family (sorry, West Virginia!), but I really hope that the broadcast team makes it about that.  In fact, I kind of expect they will.

My #HotSportsTake for after the game: Saban Avenges Stolen Kisses on Daughter’s Behalf

Also, Alabama wins.


Arkansas at #6 Auburn – Saturday, 4:00 PM on SEC Network

Nick Marshall isn’t starting.  Gus Malzahn has made that clear.  But unless something else comes out, I still don’t think we know any length for his “suspension,” and unless Auburn isn’t Auburn any more I fully anticipate that suspension will be laughably short.

Part of me wishes the War Eagles/Tigers would play off their own stereotype and parody themselves by winning the coin toss, electing to defer, sending the defense out and then sending Marshall in for the first offensive series once the Auburn gets the ball back.  “We didn’t start Nick Marshall,” Malzahn would insist in his sit-com dad sweater/turtleneck/vest and glasses.  “He did not start the game.  Our defense started the game.  He did not start on defense.  He was part of the second unit to come in.  So, sue me.  Lawyer up, bitchez.”

That doesn’t really matter though, Arkansas is too one dimensional to contend with a much better team.  Auburn wins.


#16 Clemson at #12 Georgia – Saturday, 5:30 PM on ESPN

I’m coming at this one hard tomorrow.  For now here’s a teaser: Dawgs Win!

Also, we’ll be covering the game all day long so follow along.


Florida vs. Idaho – Saturday, 7 PM on ESPNU

Vandal (n.): a person who deliberately destroys or damages property

Typically when the word “vandal” is involved within a Muschamp-y context we’re talking about Florida’s offense.  But that unit is supposed to be better in 2014 as a third coordinator in three years will teach some old gators new tricks and be right at least twice a day.  That’s Florida’s philosophy on offense.

This game’s different though because the Vandals of Idaho are coming to The Swamp.  In theory, Florida shouldn’t have any trouble with Idaho.  But in theory, Florida should contend for national championships instead of losing to Georgia Southern.  So we literally have no idea what to expect any more.  Yes that was last season, but the man in charge then is still the man in charge now.

The Vandals were terrible in 2013 and I think we can count on the same level of output this year.  Florida wins.


Mississippi State vs. Southern Mississippi – Saturday, 7:30 PM on SEC Network

Thank goodness for the SEC Network, am I right?  Without this television revolution the nation’s most passionate college football fans would miss out on seeing Temple, Tennessee-Martin, Arkansas and Southern Miss play on opening weekend.  Those four teams combined for five wins against BCS level opponents in 2013 and one of those wins was one of the powerhouses in question (Arkansas) beating another (Southern Miss).

How bad is/was Southern Miss? The Golden Eagles went 0-12 in 2012 before opening 0-11 in 2013.  Oddly enough the team won 12 games in Larry Fedora’s final year with the program in 2011.  Ellis Johnson (a former DC at Miss State, S. Car and now at the head Auburn’s less-than-stellar defense) turned 12 wins into 0 in his lone year as the head coach in 2012.  Todd Monken improved the team infinitely by turning 0 wins into 1 win last year, and apparently that was enough for him to keep his job.

Mississippi State should be good, (wait for the *but rant) and will cruise by Southern Miss.  This won’t be a contest.

*But why is Dak Prescott getting Heisman hype?  Bleacher Report’s lead SEC writer, Barrett Sallee, tabbed him as a dark-horse candidate for college football’s grandest of all individual awards.  Vegas has his odds in the Top 10 among QBs and Top 20 overall.  Outside of a name that sounds like the beginning or end of an electronic device company, what’s Dak got?  His QB rating was 126.6 last year which should negate any of his dual-threat-ness.  His total offensive output in 2013 was roughly 267 yards per game and he averaged 2.27 scores per game.  He wasn’t “underrated” last year because of star QBS in the SEC like Murray, Manziel, Mettenberger and McCarron.  He was overlooked because his production was mediocre statistically.  And sure, it shouldn’t be all about numbers, but the offense he leads is downright unimpressive.  The Bulldogs averaged fewer than 23 points per game in SEC play.  Say no to Dak.  Say it early, say it often.


#13 LSU vs. #14 Wisconsin – Saturday, 9 PM on ESPN

I say this year-in and year-out, but LSU’s need to replace playmakers never presents a major concern.  Sure, the Tigers are without a lot heading into the season.  But that’s kind of the case every year.  Last year LSU won 10 games and beat eventual conference champ Auburn despite losing eight players to the 2013 NFL Draft and having five more players sign free agent deals.

LSU can consistently win 10 ball games in the most competitive division in college football.  Circumstance does not matter.  We can’t necessarily say the same thing about Wisconsin because the Badgers have struggled at times against elite opposition.

LSU will be an elite team in 2014.  That can be expected.  LSU will likely win this football game, but the main attraction may prove to be Wisconsin running back Melvin Gordon.  A trendy All-American pick, it will be interesting to see how Gordon holds up against an LSU defense that is used to the best RBs in the game.


Tennesee vs. Utah State – Sunday, 7 PM on SEC Network

Sign # 943 that Tennessee is Back, Y’all! – a Sunday night football game on opening weekend.

I’ll let the Vols slide from here out, but you should know that a number of my DYC colleagues have the Volunteers on upset alert.  Nothing would take the ugly orange wind out of some ugly orange sales quite as quick as an ugly big, embarrassing orange loss to Utah State.  And spoiler alert: Utah State isn’t half bad.  The Aggies won nine games last year and four of their five losses came to respectable football programs (Southern Cal, BYU, Boise State and Fresno State).

This is the kind of team that could—in theory—take advantage of a Tennessee team that is totally back but doesn’t totally have any offensive or defensive linemen back.  QB Chuckie Keeton, who threw for 3,373 yards in 2012, is back and ready to build on an injury-shortened 2013 campaign that saw him complete 69.4% of his passes while throwing 18 TDs and just 2 INTs in 5.2 games.

But again, Tennessee wins this.  Right?  I mean Tennessee is back.


Other Games of Interest – Top 25 vs. Top 25

Oh there aren’t any?  All the Top 25 vs. Top 25 games on college football’s opening weekend belong to the SEC and their weak-ass scheduling practices?  That can’t be.  But the SEC needs to play tougher schedules!!!

If you hate the SEC for its “weak” schedules, please remember this weekend.  The following ranked SEC teams are playing ranked opponents:

  • South Carolina
  • Texas A&M
  • Georgia
  • LSU

There is no ranked vs. ranked game this week that doesn’t feature the SEC.


Randomly Selected and Not Analyzed Upset Pick of the Week

SMU over Baylor.


Have fun this weekend and enjoy the action.  For what it’s worth, we’ll be covering pregame festivities at the Chick-Fil-A Kickoff  Game between Boise State and Ole Miss beginning today at 3 PM, so follow along on the Tweets for that.  Additionally, we’ll have all day GameDay coverage on the site on Saturday.


That’s all I got/



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Georgia Football: Bulldogs’ Special Teams Coach Tries to Chug a Beer, Fails Miserably, Amusement Ensues

Last weekend, Chad Floyd was challenged to the #DawgNationCBC.  The goal: Raise awareness for Georgia’s impending battle with Clemson.  The means of achieving said goal: Chugging a beer.

Chad survived, as we knew he would, and went on to challenge me.  I survived and went on to challenge Jason Smith (who’s ignoring the challenge!!!) and the mythical UGA Special Teams Coach.

That led to the following Twitter exchange…



Then this morning — at a strangely early-to-be-drinking-on-a-Thursday hour — this happened.


If the video there doesn’t load, it’s also right here.



That’s all I got/



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Georgia Bulldogs: T. Kyle King Stops By to Talk Georgia/Clemson Rivalry History

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As I mentioned earlier, I’ve got a longform piece up on Bleacher Report examining the historical significance of the Georgia/Clemson rivalry.  One resource that was extremely helpful to me for this project was T. Kyle King and his book Fighting Like Cats and Dogs.  Fortunately, this gave me the perfect opportunity to have Kyle (the first Georgia blogger I followed) on for a podcast.  So here you go.


T. Kyle King (@TKyleKing on Twitter) joins Andrew Hall (@DudeYouCrazy) to discuss Mark Richt and the current state of the Georgia Bulldogs football program.  As is most appropriate, the conversation shifts to the upcoming Georgia/Clemson game, and the rich history of the rivalry as explored in King’s book, Fighting Like Cats and Dogs.


Be sure to download and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here.

Stream online via Spreaker, or check it out on Stitcher Radio.




Looking for Georgia Bulldogs football highlights on your phone?  Download the UGA Vault for free from the iTunes App Store.  Just click here. It’s that easy.




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