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Andrew Hall who never played football, who I’ve been reading for many, many years – Dude, You’re crazy ! Andrew says he is “disappointed and frustrated” in Mark Richt’s 2014 season.


Man. This guy got me.

Originally posted on Georgia Bulldogs' Blog:

Andrew Hall :  Dude You’re Crazy !

Georgia Football: I Don’t Understand Why Everyone is So Damn Mad, I Don’t Even Know Who These Bulldogs Are Yet

37, 12

Above and beyond the ridiculous notion that a 9-3 regular season record and potential 10-win season is unacceptable, I’m struggling to sympathize with Georgia fans right now.

Well, Andrew, you are the Chuck Dowdle of Bulldogs’ fans, aren’t you ?  Lose in blow-out to Florida team who lost 10 of their previous 13 games and who fired their coach the week after to be now 5-9 vs them.  Lose to Georgie tek with the average # 52 recruiting rankings to Mark Richt’s # 9.  Lose to South Carolina as well, who like Florida, neither were ranked for the season by any poll whatsoever.  3 horrible inexplicable losses to 3 teams far less talented…

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Georgia Football: The Only National Signing Day Preview You Need

If you haven’t been reading the “Georgia Bulldogs’ Blog” which is apparently owned by the Georgia Bulldogs, you’ve been missing out.  Thomas Brown, not the former Bulldog running back but the wordsmith extraordinaire, drops knowledge, insight and all around goodness on a damn-near daily basis.

Consider his most recent post, titled succinctly,

National Letter of Intent Signing Date Wednesday 4 February 2015. Under-achiever is not judged – based upon talent here ? Losers of 21 of most recent 25 games vs teams higher ranked than us in AP or Coaches’ Polls for the 7 seasons making up Mark Richt’s entire 2nd half of his career here.

I don’t know about you guys, but I have no respect for blog posts that don’t command block quote indentation when referencing the title.

There are a lot of good points in “National Letter of Intent Signing Date Wednesday 4 February 2015. Under-achiever is not judged – based upon talent here ? Losers of 21 of most recent 25 games vs teams higher ranked than us in AP or Coaches’ Polls for the 7 seasons making up Mark Richt’s entire 2nd half of his career here. (Hereafter: “NLoISDW4F2015.U-ainj-buth?Lo21omr25gvthrtuiAPorC’Pft7smuMR’se2ndhohch.” for short).

The second sentence of the article is particularly poignant as Brown points out, “Always the 1st Wednesday in February, next year 2016 will be on February 3.”

I am very excited about the condensing of the year 2016 into one single day in early February, and I don’t think I’m alone in that regard.

“NLoISDW4F2015.U-ainj-buth?Lo21omr25gvthrtuiAPorC’Pft7smuMR’se2ndhohch.” goes on to speak true wisdom about the Super Bowl, Katy Perry, girl kissing and Sunday morning church.

Super Sunday !  And, I am looking forward to Katy Perry I kissed a girl.  The NFL always decides which songs will be played.  I kissed a girl and I liked it.  I wrote a blog about this with her video when it was announced for Super Sunday.  My preacher hates that term, which is why I use it.  Always get a sermon about every Sunday is Super Sunday.  No.  No, it’s not.

Nothing has called into question the credibility of religion more so than Brown’s blog (which is owned by the Georgia Bulldogs) and it’s insistence that not every Sunday is Super Sunday.

But spiritual significance does not end there in “NLoISDW4F2015.U-ainj-buth?Lo21omr25gvthrtuiAPorC’Pft7smuMR’se2ndhohch.”

Annually, we give all the credit to Mark Richt for the recruits signing here.  And, then it’s blasphemy to even begin to suggest that Heaven Forbid Mark Richt is responsible for teaching the recruits to obey the rules.    Obviously, they who say such folly did not come from our home.  Dad had us obey the rules.  He taught us to obey the rules.  We all know all 7 of us that which is right and that which isn’t.

Annually here after 2007, our recruits are never taught here to obey the rules.

Instead Mark Richt tells them the exact opposite.

“I love you,” Mark Richt exclaims from on high as one-by-one he kicks them off the team.  They tell him in the press that he is turning his back on them just when they needed him most.

Such wisdom from the Georgia Bulldogs’ Blog leaves readers like myself yearning for more.

Tell me more about your father, Thomas Brown.

“Disciplne, Dad teaches, is teaching to obey the rules,” says the master of the “NLoISDW4F2015.U-ainj-buth?Lo21omr25gvthrtuiAPorC’Pft7smuMR’se2ndhohch.” universe.

So go.  Read the only take on Georgia recruiting that matters.  Read, “National Letter of Intent Signing Date Wednesday 4 February 2015. Under-achiever is not judged – based upon talent here ? Losers of 21 of most recent 25 games vs teams higher ranked than us in AP or Coaches’ Polls for the 7 seasons making up Mark Richt’s entire 2nd half of his career here.

Thank me later.


That’s all I got/


Amarlo Herrera, Bryce Petty, Thomas Dimitroff and Others Talk College Football and NFL Draft

DudeYouCrazy contributor Ashley Barnett went to the Senior Bowl last week and spent some one-on-one time talking to some of the game’s biggest stars.  Here are the highlights.


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Georgia Recruiting: WR Position in Danger?

I don’t know what to make of Georgia’ recruitment of the wide receiver position.

I already regret that wording as it implies that the coaching staff has done something wrong in talent evaluation and pursuit—which I don’t think is the case.  More aptly: I don’t know which wide receivers will sign with Georgia.

I wrote about the position group at Bleacher Report yesterday morning and the situation has already changed with Shaq Wilson’s flip to West Virginia.  In theory, Georgia could still hold on to Terry Godwin (5-star), Darius Slayton (4-star), Jayson Stanley (4-star) and Michael Chigbu (3-star) while adding someone (perhaps 3-star Terrell Chatman).  But at this point, that’s the best  case scenario.

I wrote about the significance of Van Jefferson’s decommitment a few weeks ago and critics bemoaned my “overreaction.”  I get it: Commitments aren’t contracts and they’re subject to change.  But they still hold more often than not.  As such, losing the No. 11 receiver in the country (per 247Sports) was not a good thing then and it’s still not a good thing now.  And my fear at the time (a disconnect between the new coaching staff’s expedited efforts to get to know recruits) could be coming to fruition given Wilson’s defection.

Shaq Wilson, an athlete who could play DB or WR, was going to get a chance at WR at Georgia.  So, the fact that West Virginia “wanted” him at wide receiver doesn’t necessarily equate to an excuse for “understanding” why he flipped.  I’ve said this before, teenage kids should be able to play football wherever they damn please.  If Morgantown made more sense for Wilson, he should be there.  I’m not questioning his decision.  I’m questioning—or perhaps just wondering—what contributed to his decision.  And I’m fearing that there may be something thematic there.

Recruiting is, at least in part, about momentum.  I’m not sure Georgia has much momentum as national signing day approaches.  Godwin is getting the full court press from little-man Nick Saban, and that’s never a good thing.  Auburn is after Darius Slayton in a big way, and he probably hasn’t had time to realize that the Bulldogs have outscored the Tigers 155-57 over the past four years and won nine of the last 13 battles in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry.  Those things make me nervous.

I’m not completely convinced Georgia is in trouble at the receiver position, but if Godwin and Slayton go elsewhere things could get really thin for wide receiver group that returns the following:

  • Just 57 total receptions in 2014 (26% of all Georgia completions)
  • One player with more than six catches in 2014 (Malcolm Mitchell with 31)
  • No players with more than 250 receiving yards in 2014


Godwin, Slayton and others will be counted on to help out immediately.  But Van Jefferson would have been equally depended on.  And given that immediate need, it seems like Wilson would have had a legitimate chance to compete early on as well.


That’s all I got/


UGA’s Flip Chart


Baker and Wilson may very well go, but I think Godwin and Slayton are firm – though the “surprise” of the Auburn visit for Slayton is interesting.

(Personal note: I always wonder how much counterintelligence goes into the recruiting process. Are there spies that just watch where these guys might go? I bet Bama has one.)

To be fair to both sides, I like Buchanan and Chatman to come to Georgia. I think the late pushes under Schotty kind of make sense and with a new OC Georgia isn’t perceived as “late to the table.” Also I find it interesting that McGraw is still viewed as up for grabs. 247Sports actually has him going to Georgia in one article.

Originally posted on College recruiting blog:

We’re one week away from signing day, and it’s setting up to be a wild, wild finish for UGA.

The Bulldogs have already had five recruits de-commit and go elsewhere, but they’ve already flipped five others from other schools. So it’s a draw so far?

That’s a crazy high number, but that’s how modern-era recruiting works I guess.

And what’s even crazier is that UGA is almost guaranteed to do some more flipping in either direction over the next seven days.

Did you realize six UGA commits visited other schools this past weekend? Six? I can’t ever remember that many this close to signing day. But the good news is none of them switched, at least publicly.

On the flip side (no pun intended), UGA has brought in three recruits committed to other school within the last week. And more could be on the way this weekend.

Confused or overwhelmed…

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