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Graphic Post: The Atlanta Braves and the Most Important Baseball Story You’ll Read All Year



After a long, unintentional hiatus – I’m back.  At least for now.  Pardon my lack of progress.  In the meantime, here’s an extra hot sports take (or delivery as it may be).


The Atlanta Braves play baseball this time of year, and that matters to me because I enjoy cheap pizza delivered right to my doorstep.  While I might not watch a complete nine inning game all television all year, I will enjoy the fruits of harvest when the Braves’ bats are hot.


Because every single time the Braves score six or more runs Braves fans—and non-fans alike—can get an entire order from Papa John’s for half-price the following day.  Seriously.  Here’s how that discount works:

  1. Order online or via the Papa John’s App with the coupon code “Braves6″.

That’s it.

But what does this discount mean for your wallet?  Take a look at this…




But do the Braves every score six or more runs?  Yes.  Yes, they do. They’ve done it several times this year already.

Pizza not to scale.

Pizza not to scale.


Stay pizza-y, my friends.


That’s all I got/



NBA Playoff Preview Pod – Get It While It’s Hot!

Daniel Palmer (@dpalm66 on Twitter) and Chad Floyd (@Chad_Floyd) resurrect the podcast to preview the NBA Playoffs.  You’ll thank them later.


Be sure to download and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here.

Stream online via Spreaker, or check it out on Stitcher Radio.

Georgia Bulldogs Recruiting: Is Mark Richt’s New Recruiting Tactic a Rip-Off?

In a word…YES!

Lost in the hullabaloo of these little portraits Richt has been sending to recruits is the fact that HE STOLE THE IDEA FROM ME!

When I was in a heated recruiting battle over the internship services of Chad Floyd last summer, I sent him this.  I think the picture speaks for itself.


Real original, Richt.

Real original, Richt.



That’s all I got/


Georgia Bulldogs Football: Cornerback U?

The cornerback position in Athens is quite crowded all of a sudden.  Don’t misread me: I’m not necessarily saying the cornerback position is great, much improved or even a half-step better for the Dawgs.  I don’t know that yet.  But I do know this: It’s crowded.

When last season ended Georgia seemed to have two serviceable cornerbacks: Damian Swann and Shaq Wiggins.  Brendan Langley started a few games before largely disappearing (except for in the absence of Wiggins on occasion).  Devin Bowman played some snaps.  But this was a two man race for two spots.

Now, Jeremy Pruitt’s arrival and his ensuing insistence on open competition has created a bit of drama.  Langley, by most accounts, is poised to start opposite of Swann.  This means Wiggins, arguably Georgia’s most aggressive corner, is resigned to backup and nickel packages – in theory.  Meanwhile, J.J. Green who showed his athleticism as a running back in 2013 is making a name for himself as a corner.  Hell, he led the team in tackles in the first scrimmage last Saturday.

If Green’s performance and Langley’s leap-frogging of Wiggins tell us anything, it may be this: Georgia has a crowd at cornerback.  And for a unit that struggled mightily in 2013 but is not under the tutelage of an up-and-coming secondary coach who happened to be a part of the past three BCS National Champions…a crowd is a good thing to have.

I wrote a little bit about this position battle over at Bleacher Report, but the position battle is only part of the story.  The plot will thicken when we see how well that crowd develops.  I’d love to see Pruitt establish Georgia as Cornerback U.


That’s all I got/


DudeYouPodcast Triumphantly Returns to talk about….

How I Met Your Mother.

Yes. That. Happened.

Be sure to download and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here.

Stream online via Spreaker, or check it out on Stitcher Radio.


Daniel Palmer (@dpalm66 on los tweetos) and Andrew Hall (@dudeyoucrazy) discuss arguably the most mediocre sitcom to last nine full television seasons, How I Met Your Mother. Spoilers abound, but if you didn’t think Ted was going to eventually meet his kids’ mother and still end up with Robin you were playing a fool.






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