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An Open Letter of Apology to Those Offended by My Open Letter of Response to that One Auburn Fan’s Open Letter of Complaint

Yesterday, I responded to an open letter from an Auburn fan.  Don’t want to read letters?  I don’t blame you.  Here’s the summary: An Auburn fan said on Reddit that Athens was an evil place.  This Auburn fan claims to have been spat on more than 20 times and made other ridiculous claims.  While on hold for a phone call I penned (keyed?) a brief response saying, “I’m sure mean things were said.  That happens. I doubt you were spat on 20 times. I bet your weekend was tainted by the loss.”  Somehow that has turned into me condoning spitting on others and other tomfoolery.


Dear Offended Reader,

You are the vocal minority.  I say that because at the time of this publication more than 40k people have read my article from yesterday.  There are 59 comments on the article, some of which are mine and some of which are not negative.  You might think everyone hated the letter from yesterday, but in reality only about 0.1% of people hated it.

In any event, I want to apologize for a few things.

First and foremost, I want to apologize for not writing something compelling enough for you to actually read.  Based on the comments explaining that spitting is assault and that spitting is classless, you are apparently under the impression that I’m a member of #TeamSpitOnOpponents.  I’m not.  I’m actually on #TeamNoWayYouGotSpatOn20Times.  To quote myself, “I find it incomprehensible that you were spat on more than 20 times—not because it’s surprising, but because there’s no way that is true.”  I apologize for not hooking you early and compelling you to read with some semblance of comprehension.

Secondly, I want to apologize to those who thought I was simply using the letter to bash Auburn and talk trash.  To be fair, that’s what the Auburn fan posting on Reddit was doing to Georgia fans, but that’s neither here nor there.  I thought it was clear that I mentioned recent Auburn losses to Georgia solely as examples of unpleasant road game experiences.  For what it’s worth, if I just wanted to take cheap shots at Auburn I would have also mentioned the Tigers’ 38-0 loss at home to Georgia in 2012.  I didn’t mention that game because I was discussing the disappointment that accompanies road losses.  I also mentioned how much the trip to Auburn last year sucked for the Georgia fans who went, because the game ended in defeat.  I even added a blanket statement of empathy, saying, “I’ve made long trips to road games before only to witness defeat.  It screws up the entire weekend.”  In light of that, I would like to apologize to myself for taking a cheap shot…at myself.

Finally, I’d like to apologize for not believing the story written by this Auburn fan.  I suppose it is theoretically possible that this group was harassed all weekend, subjected to projectile fluid in the form of thrown drinks and saliva and otherwise mistreated.  When I lived for several years in Athens, I never saw that type of behavior.  When I go back for games, I’ve don’t see it either.  But again, it’s possible that these completely innocent Auburn fans drew ire unseen by locals.  I apologize for being skeptical, but as several folks have pointed out, why no contacting of the authorities?  Downtown Athens has more cops than anyone cares to recognize.  People get ticketed for “Pedestrian Under the Influence.”  Not just people, but NFL players.  It is not hard to get a drunk person arrested in Athens.  Why not alert someone other than a glorified message board?  Why not take a picture?  Why not get a video?  I run a website and if that experience has taught me anything, it’s not to believe everything on the internet.  I’ve probably contributed to the general delinquency of the interwebz more than I’d like to admit, but I’m sorry that I didn’t realize an open letter on Reddit was to be taken at face value as the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth and an indictment of an entire town and university.  My lack of awareness is my own fault, I suppose.

But since this story is unequivocally true according to you, the vocal minority,  I’m sorry for not taking it more seriously.  You are right.  These are bad things that definitely happened.  They are reflective of everyone’s experience in Athens.  It’s a miracle that opposing fans and visitors in general ever visit that modern day Sodom/Gomorrah.  Georgia fans need to be better.





P.S. Please share this letter as much as you shared the last one.

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An Open Letter of Response to that Auburn Fan with Hurt Feelings

An Auburn fan had such a bad time in Athens that something hurt his feelings worse than the piss-poor game itself.  He wrote a letter to the internet.  I am responding.

Dear Auburn Fan,

Grow up.

I’m not even going to call into question the validity of your story (though I’m sure that some inconsistencies could be found), instead I’m just going to tell you to move on.

I would expect a Georgia Tech fan or someone along those lines to take to the nerdy corners of the internet and troll Reddit with tales of woe, but I would think an SEC fan would be better than that—or at the very least more accustomed to the behavior allegedly witnessed.

I can guaran-damn-tee your group was hassled in downtown Athens if those with you wore the visiting team’s colors.  You can defend the wearing of Navy and Orange as coincidental and argue that the apparel worn didn’t even feature Tiger/War Eagle/Plainsmen logos all you want.  But don’t be that ignorant.  Show up to Georgia/Auburn weekend wearing Blue and Orange and you’re an Auburn fan.  Show up to Georgia/Tennessee wearing orange and you are a Tennessee fan (or maybe a Home Depot employee).  Proceed to do so in downtown Athens, an alcohol-fueled beauty of a mess, and you’ll get hassled.  The home field advantage extends to the bars.  A few short weeks ago I shouted at Tennessee fans downtown telling them they were not allowed to assemble in public.  This happened.  I have no shame.  They didn’t take to the internet to complain.  Most of them laughed.  Some of them sang “Rocky Top” even louder.  All of them moved on.

Did you have drinks thrown on you?  That’s possible.  But in my experience most folks at college town bars are too busy drinking, dancing, making bad decisions and chasing seemingly attractive people of the opposite sex to waste a perfectly fine alcoholic beverage on someone without provocation.  I can’t recall seeing a time when a bar-goer was so drunk that he or she wasted precious, paid-for alcohol on an unsuspecting party.  That just doesn’t happen.  Not in happy places like Athens.

Were you spat on?  Hell if I know.  But I’ve literally never seen any Georgia fan spit on an opposing fan, and I’ve been around a lot of drunk and obnoxious Georgia fans in Athens, Jacksonville, Columbia, Knoxville, Orlando, Clemson, Atlanta, etc.  I’ve never seen spitting.  Again, I can’t help but wonder what made you so damn spit-on-able.  I find it incomprehensible that you were spat on more than 20 times—not because it’s surprising, but because there’s no way that is true.  I can’t imagine that much saliva coming your way in any scenario north of Baton Rouge unless you were physically on fire and in need of a deluge.

I’m sure you’ve heard from a lot of other Auburn fans who had bad experiences.  I bet that happens when you travel 180 or so miles and see a team you love that was recently a contender for a National Championship get its ass beat by a team that has struggled against the more mediocre teams of the SEC East.  I promise I would have hated every moment of the trip to Athens if I was an Auburn fan.  What’s there to like about a 34-7 tail-whipping?  That surely taints the entire weekend.  I would have hated the last trip (a 45-7 loss in 2011), and the game in 2009 (a 31-24 loss) and that damned blackout game in 2007 (a 45-20 loss) too.  Those outings sound generally miserable.  I’ve made long trips to road games before only to witness defeat.  It screws up the entire weekend.

And I’m sure I could find a handful of Georgia fans that hated their trip to Auburn last year.  I bet Auburn fans weren’t the most welcoming in the world—at least not all of them.  But if I trounced around downtown Auburn (is there such a place?) bars wearing Georgia colors, I wouldn’t be doing so looking for hugs.  If I was obnoxious enough to draw a few dozen spitting sessions, I’d go to a different area of campus.  Either way, I sure as hell wouldn’t take to Reddit looking for sympathy.

Grow up.  Move on. Maybe find less obnoxious friends to take to road games.  Maybe stop being so offensive yourself.  Maybe don’t attack entire fan-bases as an attempt to gain more hospitable treatment.  Just a few suggestions.




[Update: 11/18/2014, 10:40 AM] Apparently this letter annoyed people.  Here’s an apology.

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Todd Gurley’s Career is Over and I Blame the NCAA

Dude’s Note: This article was written at 1:30 AM and after dranks as now-confirmed reports of a torn ACL began to surface.  Pardon it’s brevity and know that a more comprehensive evaluation of Gurley’s career is forthcoming.


Unless Todd Gurley comes back for his senior season, his collegiate career is over.

It didn’t end how he wanted it, with him hoisting a national championship trophy after a magical junior campaign.  It didn’t end how we wanted it to end, with him on the football.  It didn’t even end how the NCAA wanted it, with him behind metaphorical bars, racking up a lifetime worth of community service for writing his name.  It just ended.

And now for the second time in two years, a Georgia legend’s career has been cut short, shredded alongside a knee ligament.  But this doesn’t feel like the Aaron Murray situation.

When Murray went down, it was almost fitting.  The perennial do-gooder plagued by bad luck, Murray was always destined to get hit late on his final play.  He was destined to go out against a bottom-feeder like Kentucky in a game in which he didn’t even need to play.

But Gurley wasn’t supposed to go out like this.  He wasn’t supposed to race to a Heisman Trophy campaign lead position by mid-season before missing four games because of antiquated NCAA legalism.  He sure as hell wasn’t supposed to return, dismantle the Auburn Tigers and watch his career slip away in garbage time.

But the greatest tragedy of all this is the context with which Gurley’s time at Georgia will always be framed.  My memorandum should just read something along the lines of, “Oh no! This sucks! I hope Todd gets well soon.  While at Georgia, he ran for a ton of yards and caught a lot of passes too and scored in bunches.”

Instead, his career—his final year at the very least—will forever be defined by the one “what if” that is more painful than what if he hadn’t gotten hurt?

What if the NCAA wasn’t such a complete disaster?

And the scary part is, I don’t know how to answer this hypothetical.  Sure, Todd Gurley would be the Heisman Trophy frontrunner.  That much is easy.  But things get dark when you begin parsing the end of Gurley’s season with its NCAA-induced interruption.  I can’t sit here and tell you that Gurley’s prolonged absence (43 days between games) contributed to his injury.  But I damn well can tell you he wasn’t in better game shape because of that layover.  For all my “his legs will be so fresh” jokes, the fact remains that he didn’t face live contact, live cutting or a live workload for 11.8% of a calendar year, beacuse the NCAA refuses to adapt to a modern era.

Gurley was visibly gassed and often seemed a quarter-step slower on Saturday.  Maybe I’m alone in that sentiment, but I don’t think I am.  And while we probably shouldn’t make the assumption that his suspension caused or contributed to his injury, that jump to conclusion isn’t any more absurd that the NCAA itself.

Todd Gurley broke a rule.  We’ve been over that a thousand times.  But that was a victimless crime.  Now, Gurley stands to lose money if he slides in the NFL Draft, and for what?  So that an NCAA member institution can defeat another member school in a game that may very well have no impact on conference or national titles.  I’m throwing this injury on the NCAA.  And I’m sentencing Mark Emmert to 100 hours of community service, because I have every bit as much authority to do so as he does.

A few weeks ago, I wished that Gurley wouldn’t come back to play for Georgia.  Now I wish that wish had come true.


That’s all I got/


Georgia Special Teams to Roll Out New Strategy for Kickoff Returns, Fan Participation Needed

Last week was a comedy of epic proportions on the kick return front.  Yes, Isaiah McKenzie returned two kicks (one kickoff, one punt) for touchdowns.  But perhaps his greatest accomplishment was surviving a brutal attack from fullback Quayvon Hicks, who seemed dead set on disrupting the return game by looking at the football and nothing else.

Recognizing the benefits (?) of this chaos, UGA Special Teams has a new strategy.



That’s all I got/




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Serious Questions: How Good are Georgia’s Freshman? Why Did/Do People Think Kentucky is Good? How Excited are You to See Gurley?

Andrew Hall (@DudeYouCrazy on Twitter) and Daniel Palmer (@dpalm66) get together to rehash the beauty that was Georgia’s ridiculous dismantling of an allegedly up-and-coming Kentucky squad.  The offense looked fantastic, the defense looked better, special teams was…good and bad?  They wrap up the conversation by taking a sneak peak at Auburn and talking Gurley’s return.


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