Georgia Football: Dat Bulldog Defense Tho

#ChubbThumping is now and may forever be my favorite hashtag, but #JustPruitt is making a strong case as of late.

Can’t argue with what the defense has been able to do as of late, and not all of that success is based on turnovers.  I wrote at length about marked improvements here, but the most compelling stat was left out:

Georgia’s last opponents, both of whom were SEC teams at home, have combined for well under 75% of their season-long yardage average and less than 50% of their season scoring average.

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Mark Richt Coach Of The Year, Power Ranking The SEC’s Top Defenses, And More

Year Of The Running Back

Last year we had the privilege of watching some of the most talented QBs to ever play in the SEC. Between a two-time National Champion, Heisman winner, record breaker(s), and Zack Mettenburger, we knew it would be a tough act to follow. Even with the emergence of Dak Prescott, the quarterback position is pretty thin when it comes to future NFL draft picks. Where the QBs are thin, the running back position is LOADED with talent. Todd Gurley, TJ Yeldon, Derrick Henry, Alex Collins, Mike Davis, and those are just the guys who have been here for at least a year. The NFL can thank the SEC in a couple of years, because they are about to be loaded with running backs. Here is how each team replaced their star QBs.

Coach of the Year

Clearly the front runners are from the state of Mississippi, but I believe Mark Richt should get some serious love for the job he has done over the past few weeks. Georgia has not had the best player in the country, and went on the road in the SEC and basically put the SEC East Championship on ice. Mark Richt has done a great job at uniting a team that could have just as easily folded up and given the season away to Mizzou. My hat is off to Richt and Pruitt for the amazing job through the midway point. Here are the favorites.



The SEC as a whole has not been the same on defense the past couple of seasons. LSU does not look like the same team on defense and that is just sad. They were one of the more feared units in the entire country, now they have a hard time stopping the run/pass you name it. Georgia has been a huge surprise this season leading the nation in turnover margin, while losing some key starters off of last year’s team. Here is a power ranking of the best defensive units to this point.



Lary Munson Week: Georgia Topples Florida with Appleby to Washington in 1975

Larry Munson loved the Georgia Bulldogs above all else.  As the late broadcaster’s obituary read, “Indeed, Munson never hid his allegiance to the Bulldogs.”  I had no personal relationship with Larry, just an autographed helmet in my office and a fond recollection of his finest, most animated calls.  But even without knowing the legend, I don’t feel I’m reaching when I say Munson would have loved the 2014 Georgia Bulldogs.  

He would have celebrated the defense’s new-found affinity for “hunkerin’ down.”  He would have joyfully recognized the brilliance of so many young players on the field.  “My God! A freshman!” he might have exclaimed about Nick Chubb.  Or Sony Michel.  Or Isaiah McKenzie. Or Dominick Sanders.  Or Jeb Blazevich.  And Lord knows what he would have had to say about Todd Gurley, but it probably would have nestled somewhere between a broken steel chair, a hobnail boot and sugar falling out of the sky.  In light of this, we decided to spend Georgia’s bye week celebrating Larry Munson along with out partners at The UGA Vault.  Over the next few days we’ll take a closer look at some of his most iconic moments throughout the decades.


Georgia vs. Florida 1975

Larry Munson Week – Appleby to Washington, Georgia Beats Florida in 1975 from The UGA Vault on Vimeo.

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Georgia Football Recruiting: 4-Star WR/TE Commit Talks Dawgs, BIG Time 2016 Athlete Update, and More!

Charlie Woerner - Photo courtesy of 247 Sports

Charlie Woerner – Photo courtesy of 247 Sports

Recruiting Quick Hits


Christian Owens Talks Dawgs

Christian Owens – ☆☆☆☆
Griffin (Griffin, GA) WR/TE

Michael Carvell of the AJC caught up with Christian Owens the other day and found out some good news for Bulldog fans. It had been rumored that Owens was wavering on his commitment because of all the wide receivers that UGA already has committed, but that does not seem to be the case. Christian says that he is solid with his commitment and that he actually likes all the competition that awaits him in Athens because it will force him to step up his game.

Also interesting is that Owens denied the rumors that UGA plans on using him as a tight end. Now I still think he might play a little hybrid once he arrives at Georgia, but only time will tell.

Interview with Owens here.


Charlie Woerner Update

Charlie Woerner *2016 – ☆☆☆☆
Rabun County School (Tiger, GA) ATH

One of the top athletes in the state of Georgia for 2016 is Rabun County star, Charlie Woerner, nephew of former Bulldog, Scott Woerner. Right now, he’s defined as an athlete because he plays tight end, wide receiver, running back, defensive back, and H-Back. He’s a tremendous talent and really seems to have a good head on his shoulders. Woerner has been pretty quiet about his recruitment so far, but most predictions I’ve seen have him going with the Dawgs. This will certainly be an interesting recruit to watch over the next year, and you can bet that the Dawgs are going to do everything possible to land this freak athlete.

Interview with Woerner here.


Dawg Commit, Justin Young, Update

Justin Young – ☆☆☆
Grayson (Loganville, GA) SDE

Justin Young has been playing well beyond his 3-star rating this season, and many believe a fourth star may be coming soon. He’s been terrorizing opposing offenses this year and is only a few sacks away from breaking Robert Nkemdiche’s (Ole Miss star) single season record. Young says that he is very solid with UGA, and he doesn’t plan to take anymore visits to other schools. I truly believe that Young is one of the most underrated players in this 2015 class, and I could see him being an absolute star once he arrives in Athens.

Interview with Young here.

Junior highlights here.


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I Now Believe the SEC West is Overrated- The Week 9 Power Rankings

Having grown up a fan (I don’t believe in conference solidarity) viewer of another conference, I understand the hand-wringing associated with the perceived ‘SEC media bias’ that exists to prop up the conference versus the other power-5 players. While I don’t think it’s some grand conspiracy to protect ESPN’s investment in the SEC Network, I do believe that members of the SEC tend to get the benefit of the doubt.

After beating former #8 LSU, Mississippi State vaulted (hey, that’s the name of our sponsor! click to download!) from unranked (they should’ve been ranked in the preseason anyway, but I digress) to #12. Then #3 after beating a Texas A&M team which achieved a high ranking by– you guessed it– dumping a top-10 SEC team in week 1.

On the flip side, it seemingly takes forever for the pollsters to adjust downward for SEC teams. South Carolina survived near-losses to ECU and Vanderbilt (VANDERBILT!) before dropping out of the top 25. An LSU team that needed a miracle to beat Flo-by-God-rida is inexplicably back in the top 25 (remember how they lost to Auburn?).

I have found a trend that I’m going to investigate further. SEC teams (and moreso the West) are a lot slower to drop than teams from other conferences. Michigan State dropped 8 spots after going to Eugene and leading Oregon for most of the game in week 2, yet Auburn’s de-pantsing against #CLANGA cost them four spots.



1) Ole Miss: Another week, more self-vindication for jumping on the Ole Miss bandwagon while everyone was feeling MSU. Still third in the nation in YPP on D behind Stanford and Louisville.

2) Alabama: As I said last week and this week, I tend to lean on Ole Miss and Alabama to be the tops in the SEC West because of how the schedule plays itself out. And then Alabama put the final nail in the “Texas A&M is good” coffin, and we all enjoyed having one less thing to worry about.

3) Mississippi State: The best thing the Bulldogs have going for them is my intense (yet unintentional) apparent hatred for them. I just don’t believe yet, as I’m even LESS impressed with the LSU and A&M wins than I was a week ago.

4) Georgia: Up one spot into the fray of the national top-5 teams, Georgia cruises into the bye with two solid road wins against… without… you know the deal. That’s what good teams do, and Georgia may be the most confident team in the league heading into the stretch run.

5) Auburn: Really excited to see them (hopefully) fall off the map in November. In the ‘that is kinda nuts’ category, assuming the four teams above hold serve, Auburn will play four top-10 teams for their SEC road games this year.


6) LSU: In sticking with the theme of the initial diatribe, how high would LSU jump in the polls were they to beat Ole Miss this weekend? 13?

7) Texas A&M: This says a lot about how bad the SEC East is, and nothing more…

8) Kentucky: A team that just lost 41-3 to LSU is almost in the top half of the league on the strength of having wins in the SEC and not wanting to prop up Arkansas. Go figure.

9) Arkansas: Bret Bieliema don’t need no proppin’ up. 0-4 and still a threat, and still hypothetically the second best team in the SEC Easy.

10) Missouri: Can we rehash this one more time? Mizzou won a game (by 29 points, mind you) in which they:
– totaled 119 yards of offense
– threw for 20 yards and 1.1 yards per attempt (Palmer was right, Maty Mauk is bad)
– had 8 more penalties than their opposition

That’s what happens when you return a fumble, interception, kick, and punt for a touchdown. Their three scoring ‘drives’ (one TD and two FG) totaled 63 yards in 24 plays. Lord.


11) South Carolina: They’re the actual second-best team in the East, I think, but with a loss to Tennessee could easily miss a bowl. Thank God they get to play Clemson at the end of the year.

12) Tennessee: Serious question: is there an SEC win on UT’s schedule? They finish up with Bama this week, @South Cack, Kentucky, Missouri, and @Vandy (oh yeah, they get to play Vandy.) Scratch that.

13) Florida: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

14) Vanderbilt: If ever there was justification for a collegiate relegation system…


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