Georgia Football: Fall Camp Recap – Reader Poll Dancing

Over at Bleacher Report you can check out my recap of the last week of camp/regular practice.

In the meantime, how did you feel about camp?  Take the good, the bad and the ugly and how would you grade the Bulldogs’ fall preparations?



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Georgia Football: SEC East Foe Getting Back to its 2010 Roots, Will Remain at Top of Division

Those expecting a decline to normalcy for the Missouri football program (like me), have another thing coming.  Sure, the team is missing every nameable star from a year ago outside of a quarterback who completed 51.1% of his passes as a 4-game starter.  But that doesn’t matter.

This team is getting back to its 2010 roots in an effort to stay atop the SEC East.  In 2010, Missouri finished the regular season 10-2 (in the Big 12, of course).  Missouri, led by future NFL Draft (but not NFL) star Blaine Gabbert, were very, very cool in 2010.  Also cool in 2010: The Dougie.

So, it should be no surprise that yesterday (some four years later) the team learned how to do The Dougie.


I can’t wait for the Tigers to join the #Obama2012 campaign in two more years!

Needless to say, go ahead and chalk Georgia’s trip to Columbia, Missouri up as a loss.


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Hard Knocks with the Atlanta Falcons: Hustle Gang

Watching Hard Knocks cover YOUR team is a strange experience. Due to the schedule, you are aware of how the preseason game goes as you watch. Spoilers: the Falcons get their heads kicked in against Houston. And the knowledge of the #BEATEMDOWN to ensue informed every second of the programming and MAY have colored my experience with this week’s episode. Actually, glancing down at the likes and dislikes, I can confirm that the knowledge that JJ Watt and company were going to abuse the Falcons (even though JJ didn’t play a down in the game!) greatly impacted my attitude. Well, you don’t come here for impartiality, you come for the recap, so let’s get to it!


- Hearing Julio talk, he BLEEDS Alabama. And it is in the good section because it needs to be.

- Someone lost a LOT of money years ago learning the money drop game. I imagine they learn that the same way my dad taught me dominoes: over time and very expensive.

- “I don’t know, I f’d up.” Sometimes, honesty is the best policy.

- I like that my quarterback is bad at telling jokes. As long as he remains good at quarterbacking, I don’t need him to display Peyton Manning level comedic timing. Seriously, go watch Peyton’s SNL. He’s annoyingly talented with the jokes.

- Harry Douglas can bowl. WRs can secret handshake.

- Bryan Cox is a national treasure and he should be forced to be the DL coach for whoever does Hard Knocks every year from now on.


- ACL surgery to open the show in case you were eating.

- Stop reminding me about Stephen Jackson’s first injury of many this year.

- It absolutely kills me that Kroy Bierman is a key member of this defense, once again, GTFOMT.

- Watching quarterback drills, Matt Ryan can’t get hurt.


- I’d be terrified if my kid had to try to block JJ Watt too, Bruce Matthews was there in case any serious medical decisions had to be made on the field. Better safe than sorry.

- Knowing that the Falcons get their asses kicked makes the coaches look smarter than they are. That’s just good editing. Coaches are ALWAYS this negative in film, it’s not just super prescient.

- Sam Baker’s injury resulted directly in me taking out 4 straight jokes about him. Any more questions about Clowney’s motor?

- Watching Ryan Fitzpatrick do well makes me physically ill. I’ll always hate Harvard.

- “C’mon TJ, do your thing baby!” Pick six. Well, he did his thing, I guess. And then he threw another, cause WHY THE HELL NOT? Matt. Ryan. Cannot. Get. Hurt.

Well. That was NOT fun. One the one hand, things can’t get worse. On the other hand, that’s what people say before things invariably get worse. The only thing that could raise my spirits? A little food for my soul.

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Looking for Georgia Bulldogs football highlights on your phone? Download the UGA Vault for free from the iTunes App Store. Just click here. It’s that easy.

Georgia Football: Shots Fired! Another School’s Mascot Just Called out Uga IX for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Is Uga Dawg Enough?

Ice is in your court, Uga.




Because It’s Fun to Hate on Notre Dame

Last Wednesday night, Andrew and I spent two of the excruciating late-night hours at the College Football Hall of Fame Chick-Fil-A Museum #First100 event watching Rudy. I’ve never really enjoyed Rudy, as it glorifies a program I loathe as a Southern, Protestant, public school-attending, non-self-glorifying human. The picture it paints of Notre Dame as a cathedral of goodness and opportunity gives me an aneurysm just thinking about it.

The only good thing about Rudy is watching Georgia Tech lose.

Today, an article went up in the New York Times defending Notre Dame for the academic scandal that took down four of its football players. Not that the Domers aren’t used to at least a bit of scandal by now.

- 2010: Prince Shembo sexual assault, the death of videographer Declan Sullivan, Michael Floyd facing no suspension after three alcohol-related incidents
– 2011: Manti Te’o (giggles)
– 2012: Starting QB Everett Golson, academic improprieties

As per usual, Deadspin hit the scandal on the head, and I suggest you read this instead of hearing me blabber a #HOTSPORTSTAKE

It’s an amazing little con, isn’t it? Here’s Notre Dame investigating commonplace academic fraud and somehow using it to distance itself from the rest of the college football-industrial complex. When the Domers don’t openly cheat, they’re saints. When they get caught, they’re saints for owning up to it. They win either way. It’s quite the party trick, like overtone singing or auto-analingus.


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