Crootin': Number One Overall Target Carted Off The Field

Sweat’n It

Josh Sweat is the number one overall recruit in the country. He is an absolute beast and would be a huge asset to any team. Georgia is on his short list along with Florida State, Oregon, and Virginia Tech. Each of these teams had a bad dream come true this past friday when Josh Sweat was carted off the field with an apparent knee injury. Early reports say that Sweat dislocated his knee cap, but he has yet to have an MRI due to the swelling. If I am Josh Sweat I do not play the rest of the season, no matter the severity, and get back to 100% for the start of a hopefully promising college career.

Here are his current recruiting rankings:

  • Rivals: Number 1 overall
  • ESPN: Number 1 overall
  • 247 Sports: Number 1 overall
  • 2013: 94 tackles, 31 tackles for loss, 22 sacks, 1 forced fumble


Instant Impact

In Jeremy Pruitt’s defensive scheme Sweat would flourish if healthy. Sweat can play the stand up defensive end, and have an incredible impact on the pass rush that seemed to be missing in the South Carolina game. Sweat’s MRI is scheduled for Thursday and they should be able to see exactly what the extent of the knee damage is. He is set to visit Athens this weekend for the Tennessee game, so if you see a big guy with some crutches, make sure you show him what Athens is all about.



Georgia Football: Todd Gurley Has No Shot at the Heisman or Herschel’s Record and Richt is to Blame

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Photo on left- Courtesy of Photo on right - Courtesy of

Photo on left- Courtesy of / Photo on right – Courtesy of

Thirty-two. It’s been thirty-two years since UGA has had a Heisman winner, and that last one was arguably the greatest college football player of all time. Herschel Walker DOMINATED opponents in his three years at Georgia, and how he was able to do it was quite remarkable. Everyone, from the ball boy to the hot dog vender, from the opposing linebacker to the family at home tuning in, knew that #34 was getting the ball almost every play, and still, no one could stop him… In just 3 seasons, Walker rushed for 5,259 yards on 994 attempts (5.3 yd avg/carry and 1,753 yd avg/year) and scored 52 total touchdowns. Oh yeah, statistics back then were only counted for 11 games, whereas now they count for at least 12, but usually 13 or 14. In case you’ve never seen Herschel’s highlights, or if you’ve just forgotten how dang impressive the man was was, watch the video below.

Herschel’s Walker was absolutely unreal, and no Georgia running back has been worthy of carrying #34’s jockstrap, let alone being mentioned in the same sentence as him since the guy turned pro in 1982. Well, almost no one… Now I am certainly NOT saying Todd Gurley is better than Herschel Walker, but I am saying that he is the first Georgia running back that you could even make a case for without committing Bulldog blasphemy. Before you start jumping all over me, just take a minute, watch these, and compare to the previous video.

Freshman and Sophomore Highlights

Clemson Highlights (Gurley’s last until 4:00)

Still think Walker’s highlights are more impressive? Well, you might be right, but you have to admit that Gurley’s are at least somewhat (even if just slightly) comparable. Now, this argument can be made both ways, but I think what Gurley is doing now might be more impressive, just hear me out. Yes, everyone knew Herschel was running the ball, but he also got 30 carries a game on average! Gurley, on the other hand, gets the ball 15.9 times on average and is still putting up comparable numbers (he averages more yards per carry than Herschel did). Also, I will argue (any many of you older folks will disagree) that players are more athletic now than they used to be. Players are way bigger and stronger than they used to be coming out of high school, and so the playing field is much more level. Now I know Walker was built like Hercules, but still, if he played today (not saying he wouldn’t still dominate) there would be many more players close to his size.

So why doesn’t Gurley have a shot at the Heisman or breaking Herschel’s touchdown record??

Simple, Mark Richt. Mark Richt absolutely refuses to create or get behind a Heisman campaign for Todd Gurley, which in today’s day in age, you need if you want to win it. Now I think Todd is very capable of winning the Heisman Trophy as I think he is without a doubt the best player in college football this year, but it just won’t happen. Richt does not care whatsoever about padding Gurley’s stats, as seen against Troy when he took Gurley out after only 6 carries and the score was 7-0 in the 1st quarter. Also, with the talented freshman that Georgia now has, the coaches will continue to cut Todd’s carries. I still think he’ll be in New York come December out of respect, but I just don’t think he’ll be returning with any hardware.

As for breaking Herschel’s touchdown record, I would’ve said that was possible two weeks ago. Had Gurley’s 54 yard touchdown not been called back against South Carolina, had Bobo let Gurley run it in from the four, and had Mark Richt let him play more than 2 series against Troy, I’d still think Todd would have a good chance. As it stands now, Gurley would needs 16 touchdowns in 10 (maybe 11,12, or 13) games to break Walker’s record. Again, I’m not saying he’s not capable of averaging more than a touchdown a game from here on out, I just don’t think Georgia will get him the ball enough. Or, they’ll do what they frequently do which is let Gurley drive it all the way down the field and let Mason sneak it in or pass it.

I will admit that,though, Herschel was a tad stronger than Gurley coming out of high school.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

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Photo courtesy of
















NFL Football: Week Three GIF Round Up

The UGA Vault is giving away a VIP Game Day Experience for the Tennessee/Georgia game complete with tickets and tailgating supplies! Entering the contest just takes two minutes.  Go here to learn more!


Welcome to your weekly NFL GIF round up. Please stay seated, and keep your arms and legs inside the cart at all times,.

Falcons 56, Buccaneers 14

So much abuse in this game, the NFL is going to claim they never saw the tape.


Cowboys 34, Rams 31

A pick six happened, and Tony Romo didn’t throw it (jk lol, he totally threw one, but this one ended the game).

Washington Professional Football Team 34, Eagles 37

DJacc made a splashy return to Philly, but the Eagles won the fight started by the second GIF, and then they won the game.

DeSean Jackson Scores 81-Yard Touchdown, Taunts Former Team

Big Hit On Nick Foles Sparks Brawl Between Eagles And Washington

Vikings 9, Saints 20

Saints got their first win of the year, but there was no way I was not gonna run this GIF. BAH GAWD, THAT MAN HAS A FAMILY! (Jim Ross voice, of course)


Titans 7, Bengals 33

Titans fans: Andy Dalton is stylin’ on you. That is all.


Ravens 23, Browns 21

I am absolutely giddy at the idea of the Steve Smith Sr. revenge tour vs. the Panthers next week. He may ask to play offense AND defense.

Packers 7, Lions 19

Stephen Tulloch tore his ACL celebrating a sack. It’s not indicative of the game, but it IS indicative of the Lions.

Raiders 9, Patriots 16


Vince Wilfork Pinball Interception Locks Up New England Win

Broncos 20, Seahawks 26

INSANE fourth quarter and overtime, as the Broncos put up a better showing than the Super Bowl, just not good enough. Not the way you want to come back from suspensions/concussions for Welker here.

Chiefs 34, Dolphins 15

Hartline sunk the putt, but the Chiefs won their first game.  CUE KOOL-AID ANDY REID!

Brian Hartline Flagged For Golfing Touchdown Celebration

Steelers 37, Panthers 19

This is an interpretive GIF, wherein Joey Porter represents the Carolina Panthers.

Careful, Joey!

Bears 27, Jets 19

This is who you are Jets
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Bobo’s Sexiest Coaching Effort Yet? Pruitt Proving It? What We Learned from Troy

The UGA Vault is giving away a VIP Game Day Experience for the Tennessee/Georgia game complete with tickets and tailgating supplies! Entering the contest just takes two minutes.  Go here to learn more!

The gruesome twosome of Andrew Hall (@DudeYouCrazy on Twitter) and Daniel Palmer (@dpalm66 on Twitter) done done it again.  Join in for a conversation about Georgia’s inspiring 66-0 win over the mighty Troy Trojans.  How hurt was Todd Gurley in that game?  How bad was Hutson Mason?  Who wants a QB controversy?  Who wants to fire Jeremy Pruitt for that first drive?  Who thought it was classless to shut Troy down like that?  All your troll-y questions are answered.


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LSU Players Got Stomped by the Bulldogs on Saturday, Literally.

The UGA Vault is giving away a VIP Game Day Experience for the Tennessee/Georgia game complete with tickets and tailgating supplies! Entering the contest just takes two minutes.  Go here to learn more!


In college football, there’s a lot of dirtiness that goes on that we may turn a blind eye to just as long as it helps our team to win games.

On Saturday, the Miss State bulldogs marched into death valley and came out with a 34-29 win against LSU. For MSU’s center Dillon Day, he lets his feet do the talking (or should I say stomping?).

The first victim to fall to Day was Davon Godchaux who takes a massive stepping to the stomach AFTER the play was called. I repeat, AFTER the play was called.

So maybe it was just an accident?

Not so fast.

Later in the game, Day spots out Rashard Robinson and decides to jump after the family jewels, which ended up taking Robinson out of the game.


How dirty and classless can you be to stomp on not one BUT two LSU players?

Last year, Day was suspended for half a game after stomping on players in the Auburn game.

How he’s still getting away with this baffles me. It’s insulting to the game of football and it brings the definition of playing dirty to a new low.

Here’s what the young man looks like if you’d like to warn your team to look out for him.



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