2014 Mississippi State Bulldogs Preview Podcast

Andrew Hall (@DudeYouCrazy on the Twitterness) and Chad Floyd (@Chad_Floyd) gather together to discuss the most interesting college football team in the entire SEC. On opposite day.  That’s right, this is the 2014 Mississippi State Bulldogs football preview.


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2014 Mississippi State Bulldogs Preview: We Have To Go Back To The Island

Dude’s note: This preview isn’t following the typical team “flow,” because that just doesn’t seem right.  As you’ll read in this preview Mississippi State is not interesting enough to merit a comprehensive sub-headed article.  To be fair, that’s not an indictment of the Bulldogs from the west.  Rather, it’s a rude way of saying, “Mississippi State is what it is.”


As the television series “Lost” came into its own back in the day theories abounded.  Lostapedia became a thing, philosophers who had long been forgotten became suddenly relevant, people went deep.  The first and perhaps most prevalent theory was that the island that Jack and Co. were on was purgatory.  It was some type of after-life middle-ground that was equal parts disruptive and disrupted.

Dan Mullen is on that island.  His Mississippi State teams beat inferior opponents.  They lose to superior opponents.  Only once in Mullen’s five years in Starkville have the Bulldogs posted a win total outside of 7, 8 or 9.  Never has his team won more more than 4 or fewer than 2 conference games.  Bread, butter and cowbells.  That’s Mississippi State.

The interesting question about all of this, however, involves Mullen.  Just how good of a coach is he?

On one hand, he’s never won 10 games during his tenure.  The only other program in the SEC West to fail to achieve double-digit victories in a season during that period is Ole Miss.  On the other hand, how much can we really expect from Mississippi

Where this gets fascinating, is when we think about Dan Mullen on a boarder scale.  If Mark Richt were canned at Georgia, would Mullen even be considered over a guy like Kirby Smart who has zero head coaching experience?  What kind of job can a guy with a .563 winning percentage at Mississippi Freakin’ State get?  What if that guy has gone .563 at MSU at the peak of the SEC’s dominance?  Shouldn’t that guy be capable of something bigger at a better program or in a less taxing conference?  But how does Mullen get that job and does he even want it?

Well, the purgatory theory didn’t last too long on “Lost.” Time travel, smoke monsters and beards got in Jack’s way.  Something needs to throw Mullen off that track too.  I just can’t figure out what that would be.

As it stands, I fully expect Mississippi State to blow through UAB, Southern Mississippi and a road game (not a type) at South Alabama.  Tennessee-Martin and Kentucky will be wins and I’m betting the Bulldogs take down Vandy too.  everything else on the schedule looks like a loss.

Dan Mullen might need to get off the island so that he can go back to it.  Either way, we might hate the ending.


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Ex-Georgia Tech signee Myles Autry said he talked with UGA’s Mark Richt


I’m about this noise.

Originally posted on College recruiting blog:

Myles Autry (right) with his brother after committing to Georgia Tech on ESPN cameras on signing day (AJC)

Myles Autry (right) with his brother after committing to Georgia Tech on ESPN cameras on signing day (AJC)

Myles Autry, who signed a football scholarship with Georgia Tech but requested a release from the Yellow Jackets this week, said he talked over the telephone with UGA’s Mark Richt on Friday.

“Coach Richt told me he called Georgia Tech’s compliance to see if I got an official release and to see my restrictions,” Autry told the AJC on Saturday. “He found out that I was a free agent, so we talked yesterday. He basically said that he wants to look into my situation more.

“He asked which prep school I’m going to so they can look into it. Basically, he wants to keep in touch with me.”

The 5-foot-9, 175-pound wide receiver from Norcross High School said he both requested and was granted an unconditional release from the letter of intent…

View original 705 more words

Georgia Football: Crucial Member of Dawgs’ Defense Arrested, Will Miss Clemson and South Carolina Games

Davin Bellamy was arrested early Saturday morning and charged with Driving Under the Influence. While the moral and “life” implications of such an offense are more important, you don’t read my site for that. So, I’d be remiss to not point out that Bellamy will be suspended for 20 percent of the season – or the first two games against Clemson and South Carolina.

This two game suspension will hurt the Bulldogs more than the dismissal of Jonathan Taylor earlier this week. A few weeks ago, Bellamy was listed as the top backup to Jordan Jenkins, a player who will be playing with his ears pinned back in Pruitt’s defense. Bellamy was going to get significant playing time this season. And to be fair, he still may. Just not against talented Clemson and South Carolina teams.

He will be missed and the onus is now on incoming freshman Lorenzo Carter to be ready from Day 1. Pressure is on.

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Georgia Football: Position Groups in Need of Answers

In some regards, this is nothing new.  But I ‘m thoroughly intrigued to see how the depth chart shakes out at:

  • Cornerback
  • Safety
  • Offensive Guard


We know D-Swann will be back to occupy a corner spot, no matter how non committal Pruitt may be.  Swann has started games in each of his first three years in Athens and every game over the past two seasons.  The other spot (and nickel spot) seems fairly open.

The safety spot should feature Corey Moore and Quincy Mauger (both played a respectable amount and started several games in 2013), but J.J. Green may also be a factor there now.  Additionally Reggie Wilkerson and Tramel Terry could work into the rotation.

On the offensive line, the questions aren’t as open-ended but it will still be interesting to see how the rotation shuffles.

Read more on these three position groups here, but which area concerns you most?


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