Georgia Football: Plays of the Week

In case you were out doing hoodrat things with your friends all last week, here are the five most-read Georgia stories you may have missed.


  1. The SEC had a peculiar excuse for poor officiating during the Georgia/South Carolina Game.
  2. More bad news for Georgia’s special teams units.
  3. Can Georgia flip a top Bama commit?
  4. Is Georgia at risk of losing an elite offensive line commit?
  5. Would you let Richt coach your son?


Other top reads:



Nick Saban The Banker, Mississippi State Center Stomps On LSU Player, And More


Nick Saban: Financial Advisor 

Whether it is coaching football, or giving sound financial advice, I will listen to Nick Saban. He even tries to crack a smile, and for that I give him an A for effort. In the commercial Saban gives advice to a girl thinking about spending 750 dollars on a dress, which is chump change to Saban who gets 7 million a year from Alabama. Either way I am happy that Saban took the time out of his busy schedule to help out a confused girl. Here is the full commercial.


Mississippi State stomped LSU on saturday. Ironically, so did State center Dillon Day who literally stomped on a LSU defender during a play. This is the same Dillon Day who was suspended for half the year last year for another stomping incident, and this one looks even more blatant than last years. He probably should have been kicked out of the game, but either way MSU literally and figuratively stomped the Tigers in the daunted Death Valley. Here is the full video.

College GameDay Signs Galore 

I do not hold any validity in what the GameDay guys say about my team, or really any team they decide to pick. I do enjoy watching and reading the signs that fans come up with, and the guys at have compiled the best from week 4. If they could come up with the most inappropriate Jameis signs from this past week, because there were several that caused some fans to leave the premises. Here is the full list of signs from week 4.




UGifA: The Best GIFS and Vines from UGA’s Destruction of Troy

Confession: I didn’t watch much of the game yesterday.

No, it wasn’t because I was watching soccer (my team got kilt). I went to a beer festival, got a very pleasant day-drunk going, and sang “You’ll Never Walk Alone” in the middle of a crowd of people with a guy in a Liverpool jersey.

Anyways, all that to say that there aren’t all that many GIFs for this week because I didn’t really know what the best moments to look for were. So I scrapped together what I could and you can find the rest of the gagillion TD’s we scored over at whatever sports site you use to see real highlights.

However, before we begin we need to talk about this Braves fan right here.

I mean, I’m half convinced that this guy and his popcorn bucket would be more entertaining than the current Braves starting lineup. In fact, I’m fully convinced of that.

On to the foobawl GIFs!



Ok, now my shenanigans are done. Let’s talk about this “game.”


Troy made it look like they were going to be the typical “play down” opponent that UGA fans have come to loathe more than life itself. They drove the ball particularly well on their first drive, but whiffed on a pretty easy field goal.

Do I have a GIF of this?


Why do I mention it?

Well, because the drive seemed to piss off the Evil Richt Machine and then…



Evil Richt be mad….

From there the slaughter was on. (yes, I know that Agamemnon loses the battle in this clip. Shuddup).



Like a whole, whole lot. This particular scamper is my absolute favorite though. Let’s take a look…

Best I can tell this is Greg Pyke trying to do his best version of the Bush Push but it turned into…..well….I don’t know what the hell he’s doing there.

Anyway, Sony had three TD’s and looked real, real good.



This Isaiah McKenzie kid just might be something real. First off, let’s talk about the courage it takes to attack a bouncing ball like that when you know people are bearing down on you at full speed.

Second, let’s talk about the fact that no one did anything illegal on this play even though Isaiah did the classic “I’m cutting everywhere and the only place you can block people is there back right now!!!” maneuver.

Third, let’s talk about the exquisite dive-trip combo the Troy player does right on the SEC logo about midway through this GIF. It’s delicious.



But I like to think it is pronounced this way…

Either way, those dudes were doing a bunch of them.

Blah, blah, blah we scored a lot. You get the idea.



Faton Bauta, i.e. the name that will cause Uncle Verne’s head to explode if it ever happens that Bauta plays in a game that Verne is calling, had a nice little 4th quarter. Here’s a picture of him after running for a TD. I couldn’t post an actual GIF because no one GIFs a sad game like UGA v. Troy. And I didn’t DVR it. Anways, picture.




Yeah, I was in the Redcoat Band for about a year and a half, and I can tell you that when you’ve played the fight song this many times it can get a little tiresome. Do you, drummer man.


Well, that’s it. This game had lots of TDs but not a lot of GIFs. We do what we can.








Georgia Football: How the Troy Game Hurt Todd Gurley’s Heisman Chances

Know what Sony Michel’s game on Saturday reminded me of?  Todd Gurley’s first game.

Sure, both opponents (Troy yesterday, Buffalo in 2012) were outmatched, but wow.  I wrote at length about this topic here, but I think the emergence of Michel helps Georgia’s offense but hurts Gurley’s Heisman campaign.

Bottom line: Georgia isn’t going to work Gurley to his maximum capacity.  And as effective as he is even with limited carries, it’s kind of hard to argue against that notion.  Especially, when someone like Michel (or Nick Chubb) can produce at a high level.  Michel is no Todd Gurley, but he’s even more versatile and he’s a nightmare to defend.  So why not use him to spell Gurley?

It’s hard to quantify this theory, especially because every carry requires a different work load.  But let’s pretend for a second that the following is 1. measurable and 2. true:

  • Todd Gurley is capable of 15 carries without showing any residual signs of wear and tear.
  • He’s capable of ten more carries at 90% capacity, ten more still at 80%.  After that, he’s reduced to 70%.
  • Georgia needs 40 carries.

If Gurley gets that whole load his average utility would be about 88.75% of capacity.

Again, even typing this is ridiculous because there are innumerable variables involved.  But a broader point needs to be made and these arbitrary numbers work.  So, if Georgia can get a player who produces somewhere between 85% and 90% of what Gurley does at his best, there wouldn’t be a noticeable step back over a prolonged period.  In other words, if the offense can run at 90% capacity when Sony Michel is in the game, then he needs to be in the game on occasion.  This is especially useful if Gurley’s 15 carries (the ones in which he is 100%) can be spread out and used when the opposing defense is declining because of fatigue.

I think this principal—whether you understand it, agree with it or already stopped reading—will be at work throughout the year.  Accordingly, I think Gurley’s carries will be limited.  No one will argue that Georgia is better when another player is on the field in stead of Gurley—at least not in that general of terms.  But this raises an interesting question.  Why do so many willingly believe that Georgia’s offensive coordinator (the guy who just put up 66 points and whose team is averaging a smidge fewer than 50 points per game this year) is leaving the man who is obviously his best player off the field to the detriment of his team?  Why is the idea of a fresh running back in the fourth quarter so hard to understand?

The running back by committee is accepted around the country, but not by Georgia fans.  Get used to it.  Michel just joined the committee.


That’s all I got/




It’s never too early to get ready for the next game!  Some of the greatest plays in Georgia history came against the Tennessee Volunteers.  Get ready for the matchup with the Vols by watching those highlights for free on The UGA Vault.  Click here to download it for FREE!

Georgia Football: Secondary Struggles Become Primary Concern, Special Teams Units Rally

The Secondary:

Good News: Lots of guys are capable of playing back there without a drop off.

Bad News: There’s no drop off because no one is consistently good.


Good News: Georgia’s secondary is forcing turnovers.

Bad News: Those are happening after long completions or at the end of long drives.


Moving on.


Special Teams:

Missed field goals are so last week.  Now, double-punt-returners is the move.

Also, free drinks for the ladies—at least some of them.


Who You Got?

I wrote about each Georgia unit here, but what unit stood out to you?



That’s all I got/




It’s never too early to get ready for the next game!  Some of the greatest plays in Georgia history came against the Tennessee Volunteers.  Get ready for the matchup with the Vols by watching those highlights for free on The UGA Vault.  Click here to download it for FREE!


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